George Soros... Catalyst Behind "Occupy Wall St." Which is Openly Endorsed By American Nazi Party and Communist Party USA
FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter Between Canada, US, Mexico Must Be Viewed in Context of Bilderberg/ CFR Member Soros Effort to Collapse the Dollar and to Either Usher in Martial Law, or Keep Obama in Power...FDA Commissioner Hamburg is Directly Involved With This Orchestrated Shadow Government Directed Effort to Crush America and Destroy Health Freedom.... What We CAN DO TO STOP THIS!!
IAHF List:
I need your assistance in emailing this alert to the list of alternative medical newsletters, websites, and radio programs listed at the end so that IAHF's urgent health freedom message to stop FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter and to stop Soros efforts to destroy America and to usher us into the Bilderberg Group/ CFR's planned NAU Dictatorship can be rapidly snowballed via as many venues as possible! IAHF also needs urgent donations to be able to attend the Weston Price Foundation's Conferernce in Dallas TX November 10-14th.
We're trying hard to get the attention of Dr.Joseph Mercola and others who will be attending the conference in the hope of having a round table discussion on this from which more widespread awareness of these interrelated threats can be more widely disseminated. Mercola's ceo is currently reviewing my information, but you can help to get his attention (see below).
Most of the out of work people currently swelling the mobs of demonstrators who are part of "Occupy Wall St." don't know anything about this man, they don't realize the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party officially and openly endorse this less than spontaneous uprising, so we need to educate them: see the proof here:
Soros grandiose efforts to usher in the New World Order and to force an economic system on the world that would crush America while empowering the UN and International Monetary Fund has been well documented by the Wall St.Journal.
Soros made billions out of the European Currency Crash of 1997
Organizations that joined the Occupy Wall St. protest received $3.6 million from Soros "Open Society" Foundations
He's trying now to do the same thing to America that he's done all over the world, collapse the economy for his own benefit under false pretenses. He used "rentamobs" to catalyze the Occupy Wall Street Movement. He publishes the "Occupied Wall St.Journal", a newspaper handed out to demonstrators to inculcate them with spin. He controls more than 30 media outlets.  the better to spin this story and to maniulate the minds of those who don't make the effort to see through the propaganda.
Please alert more people to listen to the radio show I did about FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter on Ron Paul Revolution Radio. Hear the archived show HERE and please forward it widely!
I am busy reaching out to Mike Adams, Gary Null, Joseph Mercola, Julian Whitaker, William Campbell Douglass, Jonathan Wright and others who can help generate more awareness of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the Sleeper Issue I have been struggling to call to more widespread attention for the past 6 years since being the first in the world to identify it as the covert means the shadow government is using to destroy our access to supplements. With
We're living in very dangerous times! Look at the photo above of George Soros. Does he look healthy? Does he look like someone you can trust? He is a cunning, Machiavellian shark like individual who, like all Bilderbergs, has made money his God. Like his close friends the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, Soros is highly skilled in the arts of deception and manipulation. He is a master of currency manipulation who has made billions by crashing numerous other currencies, now he's got the US Dollar squarely in his cross hairs.
The Bilderberg Group, of which he is a member, and the CFR have long been trying to crash the dollar so as to force us into their planned North American Union collectivist dictatorship. Now they're very openly attempting to do this right under our noses, but the will fail if this email gets widely enough circulated, so please forward it!
Right now we're being blocked from getting congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter by the Oversight & Investigation Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee being awash in Pharma PAC donations. As an insurance policy, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) has been bribing key members of the Subcommittee by sending them on all expenses paid 3 day vacations to Turnberry Isle Golf Resort in Aventura FL where all they have to do is sit through a Pharma lecture. This was one of the mechanisms the Rockefellers used to get Obama"care" through our corrupt congress.
The first thing we must do is generate awareness of the TCC threat. Not enough people and groups are focused on it at all, the whole industry is focused on the threat of FDA's NDI Guidance document, while ignoring this. I explained why in a previous alert. There are compromised people and groups in our health freedom movement who are on the side of the Rockefellers who are trying to steer pharma's opposition in ways that do less harm to them and blunt our ability to defend ourselves.
I am one person with no staff.
Please help me try to get my alert out to these alternative medical doctors who have newsletters with many subscribers, or big websites they need to help us get this message out or we won't be able to awaken enough people in time:
1. Joseph Mercola, DO
2. Julian Whitaker, MD  "Peggy Dace" <>
3. Jonathan Wright, MD
4. Gary Null
5. Dr.Leondard Coldwell
6. Dr. David Williams
7. Dr.Al Sears

There are many more that we can also do but I'm feeling exhausted and want to get this out now. If you have others you want to add tothe list please contact me by email with the names and contact information. I am contacting all of these, but sometimes busy people only pay attention if a lot of people say the same thing.

Your donations will help me get to the Weston Price Conference in Texas November 10-14 where Mercola will be the keynote speaker. I hope we can generate enough awareness prior to this conference that we can organize a round table discussion at it.

Please donate to IAHF via PAYPAL or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.,
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Please help awaken as many people as possible to the Bilderberg Group/ CFR scam being orchestrated in our streets right now under the name "Occupy Wallstreet". Please help awaken as many people as you can to the fact that these people are being used and Soros and the Bilderberg Group intend to destroy our country. If they can trigger martial law or keep Obama in power, they will have accomplished their goal and we will lose our access to dietary supplements because DSHEA would be destroyed via the ushering in of a North American Union modelled after the EU. The FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter is the sleeper issue we must alert people to before its too late.  UN Agenda 21 is whats driving all of this.If enough of us work together, we can stop this evil agenda! Thank you for your help!