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Acorn Clients: Important Notice for Email Retention Rule Changes


Most Acorn hosting clients use the Rackspace email system for their email services.  If you know that you are not using Rackspace for your email services you can ignore this email.  On June 8, 2021, a max number of retention days will be set for emails in the Spam and Trash folders.  Any emails in the Spam folder older than 14 days will be removed.  That is the default setting for most clients.  Any emails that are in the Trash folder older than 30 days will be removed.  There currently is no automatic cleanup on the Trash folder so many clients will most likely have emails over 30 days old in this folder.  We recommend you review these two folders, especially the Trash folder.  If you wish to keep any of these emails move them to another folder so they are not automatically removed by the system.  Once they are removed they can not be recovered.  Any email that you delete will only stay in the Trash folder for 30 days.  Once it is 30 days old the system will automatically permanently delete it.


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