Richard Herring Newsletter
June 2016
Shoot! Where did 2016 go?
Hi all
Time rushes by and I am only 13 and a bit months from my 50s. It's terrible news for me, but at least I know what my 2017 Fringe show will be about (if I go to the Fringe and have not died of old age).
I will not be at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, for the second year running. It's the first time I've missed two in a row since 1991.
Anyway here's what's going on instead.
The new series of RHLSTP starts recording on June 6th (and I imagine the podcasts will start rolling out on about June 15th). I've got some great guests confirmed and some tantalising possibilities. We've still not quite worked out how we're going to pay for the filming, but suspect we will do one big kickstarter for both of this year's series. But on top of that, all badge donations for June and July will go towards the deficit (both the monthly and one off donations - please consider bunging us a couple of quid if you can afford it) as will the money from the DVD of me interviewing myself (so if you haven't got that yet, then please consider purchasing it - also has some secret backstage interviews with guests).
Here are the guests that are confirmed (plus one that isn't 100% confirmed)
6th June Iain Lee and Tony Law (selling fast)
13th June Doc Brown and Lauren Laverne
20th June TBC (in negotiations with big US name)
27th June Vic Reeves + TBC (SOLD OUT)
4th July Nish Kumar + TBC
11th July Graham Linehan (not confirmed) and Sofie Hagen
18th July TIM MINCHIN! and Russell Kane (selling very fast)
25th July TBC
And you'll be able to download the shows for free as usual on British Comedy Guide, iTunes, Youtube and vimeo.
Happy Now?
Thanks to everyone who has already come to see Happy Now? It's been my most successful show in terms of ticket sales and I've really had fun with it. The DVD is being worked on right now and should hopefully be out in the next few months.
But there's still some chances to see it live.
10th June Peterborough
And a new September date has just been added.
9th September Stratford-upon-Avon
I have started putting together some of the scripts for the new series (though as before much of it will be written on the week)
Again we will plough ticket money back into production costs, so if we can sell out the live shows then we can do more and better stuff for you.
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best.
Because I am the best.
That's the clear implication.
The complete tour should be announced in a week or so, but you can see a few of the dates and previews already in my gig guide.
I will no doubt send out another email about this this month.
As usual I will be giving out a free programme at all the shows. And you have the chance to get your name in it, get a limited edition signed programme and give some money to Scope.
If you want all these amazing things then go to my new justgiving page and donate at least £15 (you can give less but you won't get the above benefits). The more you donate the bigger your name will appear. Then email me your address (even if you've done so before) to and I will send out the signed programmes as soon as they are ready.
I have no time limit on this yet as I am not planning on having the programme ready until the autumn dates.
You can also buy quarter, half of full page ads. Contact me for rates.
Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker
Unbelievably Me1 Vs Me2 snooker has been invited to participate in Tempting Failure, a celebration of Transgressive Performance Art (where other participants will be cooking their own excrement and cutting themselves). If you want to see a few frames of me playing myself at snooker (as well as said poo cooker), then book for the 28th July. Details are here.
I love you
Richard Herring