IAHF List:

Aaron Mitschke is a disabled Iraq War Vet on the IAHF list from western Washington state who fully grasps the importance of bring the troops home, and he knows that Ron Paul is the only candidate who can be trusted when words come out of his mouth. Ron Paul really will bring the troops home in the most expeditious way possible and Aaron urges all of you to help us help Ron Paul.

Aaron suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from Improvised Explosive Devices going off around his Tank near Baghdad and he's taking a course in holistic nutrition in an effort to heal, and also so he can one day become a naturopath and help others using micronutrients.

He has seen the hypocrisy of the war first hand and realizes that its just a scam being run by Bush, Cheney, and Haliburton and he realizes that its intended to bleed our country dry- to break our economic backs so they can break the dollar and force us into a North American Union Dictatorship patterned after the EU, but we don't HAVE to just sit back and LET it happen, in fact we're FOOLS if we do that because a LOT is at stake here- like ALL of our most deeply cherished FREEDOMS- read on for a complete explanation and please stop sitting on your hands!!

Aaron gets all of this which is why he's spent $400. to order a big pile of Ron Paul bumper stickers, and its why he's very happy to join me in making calls to registered voters in Iowa to alert them to the August straw poll, in fact he's interested in helping me assemble a group from Washington to do a road trip to Ames Iowa so we can HELP with the straw poll. Please help Aaron and I alert more people!!


(You can join us in making calls to registered voters in Iowa by sending an email to calliowa@ronpaul2008.com  and provide them with the following information:
Your Name and e-mail address

Your location (City, State)
How many people you are responding for (ex. 12). Please enter "1" if you are volunteering alone on this.
Approximately how many calls you think you and your group can reasonably handle in about one week's time. (ex. 150)

Although Aaron was in the Army National Guard, he understands the wisdom behind the SEALS motto which is "Move, Adapt, or DIE" and he's not ABOUT to sit on his hands like some deer caught in the headlights, and we ALL need to follow his lead and get BUSY ourselves, after all, making a few phone calls while following a phone script is EASY, and we damn well better do it given whats at stake..... read on..... 

Aaron realizes that Ron Paul is the only person on Capital Hill who can consistently be counted on to safeguard our access to dietary supplements, in marked contrast to Hilary Clinton who has vowed to repeal DSHEA, and who receives mega donations from Pharma- and thats by the admission of Michael Moore who has even become disgusted with her.

Ron Paul is going to soon be introducing legislation soon to counter FDA's new Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations which threaten to drive all small vitamin companies out of business by forcing them to comply with mountains of needless red tape. FDA defines "small" companies as those having "500 employees or less", so that will take in a lot of fairly large companies including no doubt some of your FAVORITE companies. Byron Richard's wrote this article about that situation: http://www.newswithviews.com/Richards/byron36.htm

For several years Ron Paul has been the ONLY person on Capital Hill to consistenly assist us in addressing the CODEX threat, and you can see him in the documentary film WE BECOME SILENT about the Codex issue at http://www.welltv.com


People, watch this short video "Exporting the Ron Paul Revolution" http://www.rescue-us.org/ronpaulrevolutionhome.htm Those of you who know me realize that I'm not playing games when I tell you that I HATE the Republican and Democrat parties. I HATE them because they're EQUALLY CORRUPT, and they've BOTH abandoned any thought of CARING about the Constitution, about the concept of SERVING we, the People of this once great country. They've all whored themselves out to the "Special Interests" and the WORST of the lot are Hilary Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, and Romney, so I oppose them with every fiber of my being, they make my blood boil. 

Ron Paul is the only member of congress who receives grass roots donations from all 50 states, he will not accept his congressional pension when he retires, and he pays money back IN to the Treasury every year in a PERSONAL effort to help balance the National Debt, something he is VERY conscious of. He is like Kennedy was in that he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, and he's dead SERIOUS about that too, and THIS is why the Republican Party HATES him so much- to the point of wanting to BAN him from all the DEBATES!!

Ron Paul is a Republican on paper, but in reality he's a Libertarian. He has stated on National TV his reasons for running as a Republican and they have to do with campaign finance laws which make it prohibitive for any third party candidate to have a chance in a national election.

Ron Paul has a head of STEAM behind him right now, and he's in third place in terms of Republican fund raising behind Giuliani and Romney, but his grass roots support CAN MAKE UP FOR IT!!!! I know that deep down, and so do the Las Vegas Oddsmakers who have bumped him up into the TOP TIER of candidates based on his solid showings in the polls, (which the mainstream media has attempted to bogusly explain away- see http://www.ihateronpaul.com/


Sue Ford and John Mecca have both escaped from CIA MKULTRA Mind Control and they're both attempting to warn the world about the intentions of the Ruling Elite to force us into a Global Totalitarian State, a literal Prison Planet in which they intend to literally HIJACK our BODIES and our MINDS as part of a eugenics based, totally EVIL population control/ societal control agenda.

Sue wrote this book under the pen name "Brice Taylor" http://www.amazon.com/Thanks-Memories-Memoirs-Kissingers-Mind-Controlled/dp/0966891627  http://educate-yourself.org/mc/nwomcbturireview.shtml  and I heard her speak in North Carolina years ago where I bought her book which I couldn't put down, I read it through in one sitting which took all day.

A few months later I serrendipitously received an email with her email address in the cc line, but wasn't sure it was the same Sue Ford til I emailed her and confirmed that it was. We communicated for a few months and then she invited me to her home in South Carolina to visit for a few days which I did in order to learn as much as I could about what she'd been through.

People, I'm telling you straight up, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with the moral courage to square off against this freedom destroying CIA agenda. Believe it or not, via MKULTRA Mind Control, the CIA has the ability to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, and put thoughts directly into your mind- they can do it via implanted microchips and via directed energy in the form of microwaves and their plan is to do this to us all.

They've been incrementally moving us in this direction via a series of carefully calculated psychological operations ("psyops") including the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911 which are events that were calculated to usher in more and more intrusive measures such as biometric identifiers ostensibly to provide us with "security".

John Mecca was targetted by the CIA because he was angry when the Department of Defense stole several of his patents. He was subjected to MKULTRA Mind Control, but had the technological sophistication necessary to both understand it, and to break free of it. He's working very hard to try to warn us all about it so please see his site at http://www.us-government-torture.com

If you go to this part of his site, and scroll down 2/3rds, you''ll see a list of micronutrients which specifically interfere with implanted chips and directed energy, so this is another reason for the UN Codex Commission's efforts to ban our access to micronutrients: http://www.us-government-torture.com/KIT.html

Right now, I feel pretty disgusted with most of you on the IAHF list, because thus far, only a handful of you have stepped forward to help with the Ron Paul Campaign. There is no excuse for your apathy. There is no excuse for any of you to sit on your hands, and the only conclusion I can come to is that most of you are lazy, and in denial about the things I'm trying to tell you.

If you are in denail about MKULTRA, perhaps you should read these articles:

The Mind Has No Firewall- US Army War College  http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/98spring/thomas.htm




Did you realize that during the Revolutionary War only about 5% of the US population actively participated in the Revolution?

Well its true, and we owe those people a lot. We owe them the respect to keep the grand experiment called America going! We don't have to make the sacrifices they made to do that either, all we have to do is send an email to calliowa@ronpaul2008.com  and ask the Campaign to send us names and phone numbers of registered Iowa voters and a phone script. How much easier could it be?

Is there any GOOD reason why you can't spend a couple hours making calls to urge these people to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll in August? You don't have to organize a convoy of people to go to Ames to help out the way Aaron and I are trying to do, but can't you at LEAST do that? Is it TOO MUCH to ask for preserving your most CHERISHED personal freedoms???

I've been all over the world doing this health freedom work, and I've been to countries like France and Germany where consumer access to dietary supplements is extremely limited. I live on the Canadian border and shop in their health food stores where there are tons of products they're not allowed to sell.

I don't WANT to live in a North American Union patterned after the EU Dictatorship, I want to KEEP living in America, but the America I grew up in no longer exists and that is INTOLERABLE to me!


I don't like living under the 4th Reich, and I want to kick Bush and Cheney's ass. I want to throw the Department of Homeland Security into the SEA, and I want to get RID of the Patriot Act, the REAL ID Act, and all the OTHER intrusive BS that these tyrannical pond scum are trying to lay on us, but I need your HELP to do these things- theres real strength in numbers, and right now, Ron Paul's numbers are growing like a Tsunami about to be unleashed on the stinking Republican Party pond scum leadership.

I don't like not being able to feel proud of my country. I was an Eagle scout, and grew up in a Navy family. I marched in my high school marching band and played a lot of sports. My father was a Navy Captain, and he didn't risk his life in WW2 fighting in the South Pacific for any of this crap thats happening now. He must be rolling in his grave. I know in my heart that if he were alive today he would be pulling for Ron Paul, so in the memory of Captain Richard Hammell, I am dedicating this message to all of you.

He risked his life for this country. He went ashore on Japanese occupied islands from rubber rafts from submarines on moonless nights to set up radar, radio, perimeter guard and he and his men were bombed relentlessly by Japanese planes. None of that would have happened if a piece of shit Illuminati scum bag named Franklin Delano Roosevelt hadn't allowed Pearl Harbor, a forerunner to the 911 psyop to happen.

We had broken the Japanese code, but Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to get us into the war. My dad knew all of that before he was shipped out to the South Pacific, and if he had been alive when 911 happened, he wouldn't have fallen for any of the lies being hammered into people's consciousness by mainstream news sources, he'd have seen it for the psyop that it was and he's want to be right alongside Aaron trying to bring the troops home from Iraq.

Dad was a cold warrior after the war, and he was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Shipboard Anti Missile Systems as an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Labs where he did defense contracting, but he had a wrestling match with his conscience because deep down in his soul he realized at some level that he was being used by the military industrial complex, by the Illuminati swine who seek to enslave us.

He flipped out and landed in a loonie bin, and when he emerged, he was stripped of his top secret military clearance and he finished out his career doing ordinary engineering, stuff that couldn't hurt anyone.

Ron Paul's love of peace would resonate with him, and I know deep down in my soul that if dad were still alive, he'd want to bring the troops home and he'd want to put them were they belong: on the Mexican border so we can stem the tide of illegal aliens, because if we don't do that, we will cease to exist as a nation. We're already bankrupt. We can't afford to be all things to all people.

PLEASE!! Send that email to calliowa@ronpaul2008.com  and PLEASE provide them with the following information:

Your Name

Your e-mail address

Your location (City, State)
How many people you are responding for (ex. 12). Please enter "1" if you are volunteering alone on this.
Approximately how many calls you think you and your group can reasonably handle in about one week's time. (ex. 150)
And please let me know if you are helping to do this and to urge others to as well!
I also urge you to PRAY for our country, because right now ALL of our most deeply cherished personal FREEDOMS hang in the balance..... If you live in Washington State, and want to be part of a caravan of people to travel to Ames Iowa together for the Straw Poll on August 11th, please let me know http://iowansforronpaul2008.blogspot.com/2007/07/q.html It would be a lot of fun, a chance to make some life long friends. You'd get to meet Aaron Mitschke, one of the best people on the IAHF list!  
I'd really like to thank the handful of you who have distinguished yourselves by heeding the call and stepping forward to help, and I feel certain that some more of you will also want to step forward to help once you really ponder the things I'm saying here because theres SAFETY in numbers, but there is NO SAFETY if you sit on your hands like a deer caught in the headlights. There is NO SAFETY in sticking your head in the sand pretending everything is normal in this country when you know damn well its not. 
I hope no one is offended by anything in this email, I don't know any other way to really express the depth of my feelings on this matter and its important to me to really come from the heart. God bless us all and keep us safe.
Your Friend,