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There are so many topics to write about and expand on, but for this edition of the farm news I am going to focus on what makes my day one to reflect on and be happy it was.

My mornings begin very early (my choice) I love watching the sunrise, being keenly aware of all the daily sounds one by one as they begin to stir. The neighbor’s tractor, the wildlife scurrying to get back to safety after a night of foraging Oh… the birds waking up with song is such a lovely treat.

I also look forward to the people I will encounter during the course of the day.

A lovely neighbor who rides his bike daily never fails to yell out how beautiful the gardens are. Each time it seems as though it’s his first time seeing them …he must be a very happy man ~ he is bouncing back from health issues…so, I suspect he is very aware of the beauty around him.

Keeping It Local~

We have re-dedicated to keeping it local this year. From what we eat to the new plantings in the gardens, as totally local and with-in 100 miles of our location as possible.

This gives us good access to raw honey, pecans and berries, free range eggs and chickens, organic/pasture raised beef, and last but not least our own organically grown vegetables and herbs. Eating locally and ‘In Season’ is a perfect plan for a balanced system.

Native plants are better suited to their location and they attract the native wildlife-even the most bothersome ones bring something good to the show.

Tip….to lessen the invitation of local wildlife into your gardens at night--water in the early AM, most often they are seeking moisture instead of food. This also applies to insects.

Fence your gardens if you have real threats.

We find placing the low level -LED -lights throughout the gardens will ward off most critters. Plus, it adds a touch of magic to the night-time view.

The Menu~

Some healthy choices for people and pets to share:

Plain Yogurt--and for your pet a Tablespoon will calm and restore balance to the tummy.

Filtered Water--your pet will suffer from tap water just the same as you.

Sardines--A source of healthful omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Fishy treats are always welcome by your finicky cats and omnivorous dogs.

Olive Oil--add a few drops to your pets food and he/she will benefit greatly.

Just Because~

When I wander over and around the grounds, I carry wildflower seed in my pockets-any place that looks at all inviting…I scatter a handful, some reward us, and some don’t. It’s the wait that brings the joy, and the ones that do produce…double joy!

A Tradition To Carry On~

The Kentucky Derby sets the standard and marks the official start of Julep season.

All across the south Julep cups (Sterling) always, come out of their resting place and for a few weeks the ritual is enjoyed as a ‘Right of Passage.’…and feel free to wear your most favorite hat while sipping.

For those who don’t drink the bourbon…this is a delicious substitute.

Make your Southern tea as usual and omit the sugar…instead us ½ cup raw honey and 1 Tablespoon fresh grated ginger-garnish with lemon slices and serve on crushed ice.

The summer months are going to be active ones at Sage Hill…stay tuned for festivities!

Sunday is Mothers Day and my eldest sons birthday…we will celebrate.

Happy Mothers Day to each and every one of you.

Always grateful for your participation and feedback.

Bea and Mike Kunz…keepers of the farm-gate…..

Sage Hill Herb Farm
32 Old Petersburg Pike
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