Hi everyone,

As Alison said on Sunday, the wheels aren't coming off the Bills' bus -- the bus is sitting on the side of the Cross Bronx Expressway, stripped to the bone. The rusted hulk of the 2005 season will hopefully result in a major overhaul of the team. If anything, we're in for an interesting off-season!

Here is some important information regarding the remainder of this season and the none-too-soon-to-arrive offseason:

This Saturday's game against the Broncos kicks off at 8:30 pm. The Harp will have the game on, but please be advised that the Saturday entertainment (DJ downstairs, band upstairs) starts at 9 pm.

The Harp will be closed on Christmas Eve, 12/24, and thus will not be showing the game against the Bengals. This is the first time since the club was formally started in 1991 that a game will not be televised at our bar. After discussion with the Harp management, we feel that given the holiday and the state of the team, it's just not worth staffing the bar that day.

Finally, the game against the Jets on New Years Day will be shown at the Harp. Kickoff is at 1:00 pm. If you're in town, come on down and raise a toast to the new year and a new front office!

As for the offseason: We're planning on getting a group together for one of the Sabres/Bruins games at the Gahhhden in March. We will be announcing the plans on this mailing list soon after the new year. We're also planning on a draft day party this year, seeing as how we're likely to have a high pick.

Have a joyous, healthy, and safe holiday season. Go Bills!