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Recently I had a call from someone on the IAHF list who had been so badly traumatized by a message from the controlled oppostion group that calls itself "The Natural Solutions Foundation" that she was in tears, unable to sleep, and she was in real need of some calming down.

The message from NSF that she had reacted to was a recent one clearly calculated to scare the hell out of people talking about an alleged government plan to kill us all with weaponized bird flu, and it strongly urged people to go to NSF's online store to buy products for people to protect themselves from the alleged coming killer plague. NSF also urged people to sign up to join them at their survival retreat in Panama. (Shades of Jim Jones Acid Coolaid Debacle in Guyana?)

This woman was beside herself with fear til she saw a notice in a yahoo group which alerted her to the fact that NSF is a controlled opposition group whose hallmark is rampant sensationalism, distortion of facts, outright lies, and a long history of trying to disrupt the health freedom movement via any means possible.

They've been exposed by IAHF, the National Health Federation, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and other allied health freedom groups world wide as people who none of us trust or will work with for several years. This person directed her to me, so she called me, and I explained that NSF was run by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, the former Director of US Army Intelligence, a man whose reports used to go directly to the CIA, and from there, to the White House- and by his psychiatrist wife, Rima Laibow.

I directed her to the information about NSF at Paul Taylor's article A Modern Major General Exposed?  http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/THE_FOUNDATION/Events/codex-moderngeneral.html  and to IAHF's information which exposes NSF as a controlled opposition group: http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3312735.htm

If you are receiving NSF's so called "alerts", I urge you to unsubscribe from their list, and please don't forward them or you'll be playing directly into the CIA's hands. These people are bad news. They're formally trained in Neurolingustic Programming, the Delphi Technique, the Semantic Differential, and many other tactics of psychological warfare and disinformation. The pretend to be "on our side", but the reality is that all they ever do is work against us.

When they were unable to manipulate the making of film maker Kevin Miller's anti Codex film "We Become Silent" www.welltv.com  (they didn't want him including information about how Codex is being ushered in via regional harmonization), they sued him. By suing him, they blocked him from being able to come out with an updated version of the film that could have alerted people to the dire need to push for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, which is how Codex is being ushered in to North America: http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm

Once I got the distraught woman calmed down, I urged her to take an epsom salt bath, and gave her information about an ionic liquid magnesium product that I've found to be very calming (www.biofrequencyconsulting.com I told her that none of us can know with any total certainty how events in the USA will play out in the coming months, but that no useful purpose is served by getting so worked up that we can't sleep or think straight so as to figure out rational solutions and practical ways to protect ourselves. 

When she called back again the next day after getting caught up on her sleep, I was able to explain to her about the chemtrails and the things all of us are doing by working together to try to protect ourselves from the toxic weaponized nano particles that are being sprayed on us- explaining that while the threat of bird flu was theoretical, the threat posed by chemtrails was REAL, and happening NOW. I discussed this with her in a calm, matter of fact way devoid of hype which she appreciated, and directed her to my archived alerts on this subject here: http://www.ymlp167.com/pubarchive.php?jham  and explained that she could sign up for the IAHF list here www.iahf.com

I told her I have a lung infection stemming from allergies and chemtrails and explained that many of you have been helping me find solutions (and I'm very appreciative) and that I've been passing this information along to all of you so that we can work together to fight back.

While there is no way this woman could even consider going to Panama due to having to care for her elderly parents, I did tell her that there was a possibility that we could be under martial law at some point due to our crashing economy, and that it wouldn't be a bad idea to calmly, rationally, figure out a contingency plan along with her boyfriend in case the need should arise to be in a safer location than their current one. They're now doing just that in the state where they live. 


My lung infection is almost gone, and so is the bronchitis. All of your input has been helping. Especially helpful has been this oil of oregano http://www.thevitamincentre.ca/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TVC&Product_Code=oasis&Category_Code= and ionic silver. I have yet to try the MMS someone sent me but will tomorrow. Many  of you have written that you've found it helpful for a variety of ailments. See http://jimhumble.biz/

On tuesday I have an Omron Nebulizer coming http://www.portablenebs.com/, and I intend to use it to spray a very fine pressurized mist of ionic silver mixed with oil of oregano and some organic sulfur deep into my lungs in an effort to kill the last remaining infection.


We can all thank IAHF subscriber Scott Whitaker, ND, author of the new book MEDISIN http://www.medisins.net/ for calling this information to our attention as it explains the driving force behind the Chemtrails. I encourage all of you to read this book, its a wealth of valuable information that could help save your life and that of your family as we grapple with the biological attack we're all under right now.

Howard T. Odum, a marine biologist at the University of Florida, who is a member of the Club of Rome, was quoted in the August, 1980 edition of Fusion magazine, as saying: "It is necessary that the United States cut its population by two-thirds within the next 50 years."
He didn't say how this would be accomplished.

Doesn't it give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling to realize that your death, and mine and that of your whole family and all your friends has been coldly calculated by the Rockefeller's Club of Rome? You'll get the whole lowdown on these wonderful plans to snuff us all out by reading this

They announced everything via Reports such as "Global 2000" where they openly announced their intention to divide the world up into 10 regions, then to combine them all together into a Global Totalitarian State. AIDS, EBOLA, CODEX, CHEMTRAILS & ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL are just 3 of the nice little surprises they planned for us all, so it gives me a great feeling that Creator put IAHF in a position to monkeywrench their terroristic plans by helping people UNITE WORLD WIDE in opposition to their evil collectivism.


You'll be very glad to know that Clifford Carnicom, the intrepid activist who made the documentary film "Aerosol Crimes"
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2815320198655156407, has succeeded in culturing the CIA's nanopathogens from spit test samples* in petri dishes so they can be studied more easily and so we can best figure out how to deconstruct them and defend our lives from these genocidal killers. See:

When I sent this information to Dr. Ian Revson on Saturday he thanked me saying this news "made his weekend". Here is what he had to say:

"This is a fantastic piece of news.  You just made my weekend.  I am making contact with several people regarding the new pieces of information.  The fact that we can now culture the pathogen means we can rapidly accelerate development of potential therapy.

The reason is as follows:

1) In culture, a specific concentration (ug/mL, ng/mL) of a therapy can be tested for inhibition of growth or direct toxicity to the pathogen. 

2) After doing a culture with both the therapeutic substance we are testing (say, colloidal silver) at various concentrations vs. a control growth, we can determine what is known as MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration).

3) After determining MIC, if we know anything about the oral, intravenous, or intramuscular pharmacology of the therapy we are testing, we can calculate a specific dose required for a human based on mathematics such as volume of distribution.  In other words, if we can determine a specific concentration that kills the pathogen in a cell culture, we can extrapolate this to determine the required dose to achieve the effect in the human body

The fact that we can determine a specific dose required in human is crucial.  At this point, we have no idea how much colloidal silver is required, or how much MMS is required, or how much paromomycin is required, etc.  But since we can now culture this demonic 'life-form', now we can determine the required human dose of a therapy to interrupt the pathogen's life cycle.

I would like to suggest the following candidate therapies in cell culture based on my own research:

Colloidal/Ionic Silver
Essential Oils (rosemary, cloves, tea tree, cinnamon)
MMS (chlorine dioxide)


If you are new to the IAHF list, or haven't yet done a chemtrail spit test, please see the simple instructions to do one here: http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=1203532

Most people on the IAHF list are testing positive to this test and have found that it has precipitated out the nano fibers that are being sprayed on us. I encourage you to do what I did if you find this- try to get the fibers photographed through a Dark Field Microscope and email them to me. We're relaying them on to some microbiologists who are helping us anaylze them better and to deconstruct them to better help us protect ourselves.

One person on the IAHF list who suffers from really bad Morgellons disease and who has her own Dark Field Microscope feels that the nano pathogens are intended to weaken us all and to aggravate any medical weakness we might have. I agree, and they can also kill us outright.

The person who freaked out due to NSF's sensationalism re bird flu later emailed me this far more reasonable alert by Lorraine Day, MD which we should all be aware of because if enough people read it, they'll refuse to accept any vaccination the Fedstapo might try to force on us for so called "Bird Flu"- see How One Wicked Nation Can Kill Millions Around the World With One Lie!! http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/birdflu.htm


Someone sent me an article which speculates that the Fedstapo might try to do something to impose martial law around "the end of September" because that is when the end of the fiscal year occurrs for the government.

While it is true that thats when the end of the fiscal year is for the goverment, and while its true that the government is bankrupt and the dollar is going into rapid decline with more and more banks failing, none of us has a crystal ball either.

All we can do is take basic steps to try to protect ourselves the best way we can depending on our circumstances, and we must pray, meditate, exercise, and do things to keep trying to improve our health such as doing the cleanses outlined in a previous recent alert. There is no point in freaking out over any of this since we can't be certain if anything will happen.

To guard against possible widespread banking collapse- It wouldn't be a bad idea to put only keep just enough money in the bank to pay bills with, and to put any savings you might have into food, gold, silver, and supplements that can help you protect against chemtrails.

The way to protect against ANY sort of flu, be it conventional flu or Avian flu is just by maintaining a somewhat alkaline Ph and by using supplements such as vitamin C, ionic silver, and oil of oregano to strenthen your immune system. Gary Tunsky's book "The Battle for Health is Over Ph" is a good guide: http://www.amazon.com/Battle-Health-Over-pH/dp/0972063617 

It does appear that the Fedstapo may be practicing for Martial law- for example see this You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvhSGb4AFaU&feature=related  It shows a Militarized US Forrest Service "Tactical Team" terrorizing the annual Rainbow Gathering in western Wyoming in July where the Feds unleashed Tasers and Paintball guns shooting pepper balls at innocent hippies who were only trying to commune with nature.

It certainly seems from how they stomped this innocent old lady inside her home after Katrina that we may be in for a rough ride, but its nothing we can't prepare for either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-taU9d26wT4

The Club of Rome and their friends in the Lucis Trust may have an agenda to kill 9 out of 10 of us for population control purposes, but they were also very arrogant when they announced this intention openly to all of us allegedly "useless eaters" via the Georgia Guidestones (See this You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG5TMCrOTIM

What can we do in the face of this madness? We can first take a few deep breaths to calm down. We can take epsom salt baths and use ionic magnesium to stay calm. We can exercise to stay calm, and we can methodically simply plan contingencies- safer places to go to. The best thing is to go to a safer place and STAY there if you can, but not everyone can due to jobs, families, etc.

In that case at least consider what it could be like if the Feds were keeping you holed up in your house. Do you have some food stockpiled? What about water? What about supplements? What if they come wanting to round you up and ship you off to one of these concentration camps that Kellogg, Brown and Root have been so busy building to put anyone into who resists or opposes the New World Order: http://www.issuesandalibis.org/campsc.html 

I maintain that we can push the New World Order's timetable BACKWARDS, that we can MONKEYWRENCH all of these plans by exposing them, even as we prepare for them. When the NWO loses their element of surprise, that just might stall them, and enable us to keep getting the truth out in order to derail their plans, much as we're seeking to deconstruct the nano particles in the chemtrails. My point is that we're NOT defenseless, and it is pointless to allow ourselves to become paralyzed with fear, because thats what THEY want, and thats what NSF tries to instill in people, but IAHF sees through their tactics.

It seems FEMAS got a few hundred thousand plastic coffins stockpiled in rural Georgia all ready for our corpses, but we don't have to go along with this program http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNuBHZlB0sY&feature=related must do our best to awaken anyone who will listen while doing our best to prepare. Show these coffins to members of congress and let them know they're for THEM if they don't start impeachment proceedings immediately against war criminals and traitors Bush and Cheney!

The only Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who weren't rounded up and shipped off to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps were those who refused to disarm. So never let 'em disarm ya!

We must push with everything we have for impeachment of Bush and Cheney:

Impeachment Hearing Action Page: http://www.impeachteam.com

While simultaneously taking steps to prepare for the possibility of martial law. We can take steps to protect ourselve from chemtrails and a bird flu pandemic that could be caused by vaccinations for bird flu, since bird flu itself is a hoax. (The so called Spanish flu in 1918 was caused by vaccines, those who didn't have them survived.)  It is not possible for anyone to tell the difference between ordinary flu and bird flu by symptoms, but the way to protect ourselves is with information such as Lorraine Days and by doing the basic things to alkalinize and to protect our health as described in this alert and in other recent IAHF alerts.

There is safety in numbers. Please forward this alert after first removing the unsub link at the bottom. Anyone can sign on to the IAHF list at www.iahf.com