Co+op Deals Begin April 5th!
off Broad St. @ Caudill St.
 Monday - Saturday
8:30am - 7:30pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm
San Luis Obispo's Neighborhood Market & Member Owned Co-Op
April 5, 2017
In This Newsletter:
Weekly Produce Specials
Produce sales start each week on Tuesday. Here is a link to the current sale.
Nearly all of our fruit and vegetable specials are certified organic; the rest are pesticide free.
We do not sell conventionally grown produce at the Co-op.
Our produce is Farmers' Market fresh with convenient store hours!
Co+op Deals Start Wed, April 5th!

We’re excited to bring you yet another benefit of the Co-op’s membership in National Co+op Grocers (NCG): our new Co+op Deals! This is a twice-monthly sales flyer and it replaces our previous monthly flyer. With Co+op Deals we will be able to offer many more discounted items each month. Please note that some of the flyer items will not be available but any items from our main distributor, UNFI, can be special ordered. Our team members are happy to help you.

The current Co+op Deals can always be viewed on our website, along with Co-op Basics info and our Weekly Produce Specials.

We know you will save more than ever with the everyday low prices of Co+op Basics and the special discounts offered by the new Co+op Deals.
Look for these shelf tags for big savings!
Our Featured Vendor: Templeton Hills Beef
Grass Fed and Grass Finished
We are proud to offer local, sustainable, and naturally raised beef from Templeton Hills Beef. Here at SLO Natural Foods Co-op you can find their ground beef, sirloin steaks and tip roasts, brisket roasts, and beef riblets. From April 5 – April 18, Grass Fed and Grass Finished Ground Beef from Templeton Hills Beef is on sale for $8.99 lb., (reg. $9.99 lb.).
Templeton Hills Beef partners Will Woolley and Alton Emery are fourth and fifth generation California ranchers (Alton here in Paso Robles), but it wasn’t until 2010 that they saw an opportunity and decided to go into business together raising grass fed and grass finished beef.
Will Woolley, Darian Buckles, Katie Emery, and Alton Emery.
Photo courtesy of Templeton Hills Beef.
Grass fed and grass finished means that their Angus cattle graze the hills of Templeton and Paso Robles for their whole lives and are not ‘finished’ before market on grain in a feedlot. Alton and Will manage their pastures by utilizing rotational grazing. The cattle are periodically moved to fresh pasture, which mimics natural behavior and is better both for the cattle and the land. Their grass fed and grass finished cattle are not given any hormones or antibiotics.
The North County butchers who harvest the steers are strictly small-batch, and only process one or two animals per day. This procedure is not rushed in any way, and when the meat is ground it comes from a single animal; it is not a mixture of many animals, like commercial ground beef. The butchers are USDA inspected and certified and the meat carries the USDA label as well.
The benefits of grass fed, grass finished beef are many. It is much more humane for cattle to live and finish on pasture than to be finished on grain (not a natural food for cattle) and in overcrowded feedlots, conditions that lead to widespread use of antibiotics. The land also benefits because rotational grazing allows the pastures to rest and recover, and not become overgrazed. For people, grass fed and grass finished beef is lower in saturated fat and calories and higher in many nutrients including good fats like Omega-3 fatty acid, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Vitamins A and E.  
If you are new to cooking with this leaner beef, know that it requires less cooking time. When converting recipes from conventional to grass fed beef, Alton and Will recommend cutting the cooking time by about 40%; you can always cook longer if needed.  For tips on proper thawing, seasoning, and cooking, as well as many tasty recipes, be sure and visit the Templeton Hills Beef website.
Co-op Board Meetings: You're Invited!
We encourage Co-op Member-Owners to attend the monthly Co-op Board Meetings, now being held on the first Thursday after the 18th of each month. Each meeting opens with a public comment period so if you would like to speak, please arrive a few minutes early. Meetings begin at 5:30 PM and are now being held at the SLO County Builders Exchange (address and map below). 

We hope you will come and get to know your Board and learn about your Co-op's doings and plans for the future. This is a great way to be informed, share your ideas, and get involved.
We currently have two open seats on the Board. If you are interested in serving, you may download an application via the link on this page. If you have any questions, please call or come by the Co-op.

Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, April 20 at 5:30 PM
SLO County Builders Exhange
153 Cross Street, Suite 130, SLO (map here)

Questions or comments? Please contact us
Upcoming Events
Meet at the Jack Creek Farms, a fifth generation working family farm.
Part of the free Advice to Grow By series, presented by
SLO Master Gardeners. Spring Plant Sale to follow.
Please register for free workshop, SLO.

Earth Day, Sat, April 15
Branch Mill Organic Farm and Retreat Center
Live music, food & libations, yoga, farm tours, workshops, raffles and more!
$5/adults, free for kids.
5:30 PM at the SLO County Builders Exchange,
153 Cross St, Suite 130, SLO (map here).
Members are encouraged to attend; public comment period
at the beginning of each meeting.
March for Science activities and Teach-ins, Green Car Show,
Eco Marketplace, Kids' Zone, Action Alley, and more!
Morro Bay Kite Festival, Sat-Sun, April 29-30
Fun, Free, Family Event!
Self-guided garden tour in Los Osos, Morro Bay and Cayucos.
$10/person, proceeds benefit community educational projects.
HopeDance Events, April 1-30
Films, discussions, gatherings.
Hear from local food and farm business owners, sample their food,
network with others to enhance the local food system.
Oak Creek Commons, Paso Robles.

Local Vendor Fair
at SLO Natural Foods Co-op
Sat, May 20, 2016
11am -3pm
More information coming soon!
Thanks for reading and being a Co-op Member.
Your support of the store supports local sustainably grown food, farmers, and non-GMO standards.
If you've any questions or comments about the newsletter,
SLO Natural Foods, 2494 Victoria Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401       805-544-7928