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While you are all enjoying the last warm sunbeams of 2013 we like to remind you we have two major events coming up soon!

VNV NATION - Transnational Tour 2013 @ Zappa (Next month & Tickets going fast!) and 

BIMFEST 2013 (in less 3 months, 80% sold out!). 

BIMfest hardcopy tickets are available at Fat Kat Records / Wool-e Shop & FNAC 

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BodyBeats Productions & Trix present:
Vive La Fête  
Danny Mommens loves 80's dark wave. Els Pynoo is fascinated by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Together they constitute not only a couple but also Vive La Fête. A Synonym for horny French happy new wave with a slight twist. Last year their seventh full album, "Produit de Belgique" was released and later this years we can expect some more new material!
The afterparty BodyBeats will be provided by DJ BORG (The Klinik/The Juggernauts) who will spin some of the coolest New-Wave, Alternative and Electro tunes for you! >Facebook Event<  
01.11. VNV NATION - Transnational Tour 2013 @ Zappa - Antwerp - B

BodyBeats Productions presents:
VNV NATION - Transnational Tour 2013
VNV Nation have climbed to great heights, in recent years, earning themselves a place among the top names in Alternative Music. Their last album "Automatic" (2011) reached #8 on the German Album Charts and was followed by sold out shows throughout Europe and North America.
They return with a new album "Transnational" (out Now!), followed by a world tour that kicks off in Germany.
Never content with fitting in any category, their sound ranges from melodic energetic beats to indie-electronic-anthems to emotive ballads and beyond. Their live shows are legendary, attracting fans from across the musical spectrum, to a performance that is pure energy and positive emotion.
Don't miss out on them! Order your tickets now on www.bodybeats.be!
Let your friends know you are attending the show >Facebook Event<  
20 + 21.12. BIMFEST 2013 with The Young Gods & AA! @ Trix - Antwerp
BodyBeats productions, Peek-a-boo Magazine & Dark Entries present

Less then 3 months to go and we will be kicking off our 12th BIMFEST edition! This year we are proud to have Arbied Adelt! headlining on the 1st and The Young Gods on the 2nd day. BIMFEST wouldn't be BIMFEST if we didn't have loads of other interesting artists playing. Just take a quick look/click on at the postert! Do we need to say more?. Still, if some bands might not sound familiar to you, feel free to check them our on our website www.bimfest.be and you will be surprised!
Attention! Due to circumstances beyond our will BIMFEST 2013 will this year be held in the smaller venue of Trix! Max. capacity 450!!! 80% already sold!!!
So secure your ticket now & save money at the same time!
Some more up-coming Body Beats powered events!

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And a grasp of even more things to come ...
05.10.13  Vive La Fête + DJ BORG @ Trix - Antwerp - B 
11.10.13  The Klinik and many more @ Maschinenfest / Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, D
01.11.13  VNV NATION - Transnational Tour / Zappa - Antwerp - B
02.11.13  Absolute Body Control @ Scheune - Dresden - D
06-08.11  DJ Skullscraper vs DJ Borg @ Wroclaw Industrial Festival - Gothic Hall, Wroclaw, PL
11.10.13  The Klinik @ Maschinenfest / Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, D
19.10.13  Dive / Tallin, Estonia
08-10.11  DJ Skullscraper vs DJ Borg, Industrial Fest / Gothic Hall, Wroclaw, PL
23.11.13  The Juggernauts + Implant + Monolith @ MUK - Giessen - D
29.11.13  The Juggernauts + Dive + DJ Borg vs Skullscraper@Reithalle Strasse E, Dresden, D
30.11.13  The Klinik + Radical G. @ Rock Cafe, Prague, Czech Republik
01.12.13  The Klinik + Radical G. + First Aid For Souls @ Vörösyuk Kékyuk - Budapest - HU
07.12.13  A Split-Second + Crash Course In Science @ Defcon / Drome - NYC - USA    
20.12.13  BIMFEST day 1 with a.o. Arbeid Adelt!, The Klinik, Lescure13 / Trix Club - Antwerp - B
21.12.13  BIMFEST day 2 with a.o. The Young Gods, B-movie, 6comm / Trix Club - Antwerp - B
22.02.14  Dive @ E-tropolis Festival / Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, D
28-30.03  Dive @ Out of Liner Weekend 2014 / Berlin, Germany
25.04.14  Absolute Body Control and many more @ DMF Festival, Munich, D
07.06.14  The Klinik and many more @ Wave Gotik Treffen / Agra, Leipzig, D 
09 06.14  Absolute Body Control, Wave Gotik Treffen / Theaterfabrik, Leipzig, D
19.07.14  The Klinik & many more @ Castle Party, Bolkow, PL
06.09.14  Dive @ Xelabaration Festival, Oslo, Norway                  
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
So, musical & party friends, thats it for now ... But there's is still more to come!
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