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Meanwhile don't forget, next month we have two cosy exclusive Bodies & Beats events at the Antwerp Fetish Café AND our International EBM day featuring SUICIDE COMMANDO at De Casino!:
Friday 10.02 Ritual Howls + QEK Junior (playing set 1)+ DJ BORG
Sunday 12.02 Zanias + QEK Junior 
(playing set )Sunday 12.02 Zanias + QEK Junior (playing set )+ DJ BORG
Friday 24.02 International EBM day with Suicide Commando, Fïx8-Sëd8, No Sleep By The Machine, Kalt & DJ BORG

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Out now!  THE JUGGERNAUTS - FEAR EP (CD/Digital) Out Now!
BodyBeats Productions & The Juggernauts proudly present :


Finally! The wait is over! Belgian contemporary, uncompromising and hard hitting electro band The Juggernauts strike hard again! Six years after their renowned debut album “The Juggernauts Are Coming” the helmeted rejuvenators of the classic Electronic Body Music sound unleash their brand new six track EP FEAR! Six great unreleased tracks driven by pounding drum machines, rumbling low frequencies, rousing sequencers, Industrial noises and bittersweet synth melodies accompany head and voice BORG while he shouts all the anger, cynicism and social criticism out of his system. Six tracks of which four brand new songs and two breathtaking remixes of the title track. Make no mistake, the Fear C-19 EBM remix by BORG and pumping Fear Club remix by True Zebra can truly be considered as genuine standalone songs!   
Reviews > Peek-a-Boo Magazine: 9/10 -  Dark Entries Magazine: 8/10  
10.02 RITUAL HOWLS + QEK JUNIOR @ Bodies & Beats @ Fetish Café
BodyBeats Productions & Fetish Café proudly present the return of:
Fetish Café - Antwerp
Bodybeats Productions, Fetish Café & Swamp Booking proudly present the February passage of Ritual Howls at the Antwerp Fetish Cafe. Rituals Howls are gearing up for their latest release via Felte Records. Ritual Howls create a cinematic blend of twangy industrial-rock that could fuel a post-apocalyptic dancefloor. A collaboration between Paul Bancell (vocals, guitar), Chris Samuels (synth, samples, drum machine), and Ben Saginaw (bass), the Detroit trio create expansive arrangements sculpted with masterful production. The band are reissuing their ten year old self-titled debut album on Felte this year with plans for a fifth album in mid-2023. 
Support: QEK JUNIOR (Minimal Wave, D) Playing set 1
After Party with DJ BORG 
12.02 ZANIAS + QEK JUNIOR (set II) @ Bodies & Beats @ Fetish Café
BodyBeats Productions & Fetish Café proudly present the return of:
Fetish Café - Antwerp
We at BodyBeats are proud to announce ZANIAS is passing by Antwerp once again for another VERY EXCLUSIVE & VERY LIMITED CLUB concert!
Since 2014, Zanias has existed as the unrepentant creative venture of Alison Lewis, born in Australian, raised in Southeast Asia, and also known for her vocal work with Linea Aspera, Keluar and a record shelf’s worth of collaborations with the likes of Black Rain, Ancient Methods, Dax J and I Hate Models. As the sole custodian of Fleisch Records she spent many years attuning herself to Berlin dancefloors through the timely collision of techno and electronic body music, but her true passion is for understanding the modality of emotions through songwriting. Sound is her psycho-spiritual catharsis, expressed through an intense and ethereal vocal performance, evocative melodies and heavy rhythmic components. With dark synth sounds at the fore, a pop sensibility commands the structure or her work, while authenticity and vulnerability subsume the core.
Support: QEK JUNIOR (Minimal Wave - D) Playing a totally different set as 10.02!
24.02 International EBM day 2023 @ De Casino - St.Niklaas - B
BodyBeats Productions & De Casino proudly present:
De Casino - St.Niklaas - B

 That's right! 24.2. International EBM Day is coming ... again! As the title already suggests this will be a day on which we will celebrate one of our beloved music genres, Electronic Body Music! A dark but pounding music style, maybe not invented as such, but most definitely best fine-tuned and exploited by our national EBM icons Front 242. Don't expect Kraftwerk, DAF or the aforementioned pioneers, but a fine selection of their legacy! So mark your agenda and come celebrate Electronic Body Music with us and your like-minded souls! 
Of course, our resident DJ BORG will provide the afterparty with some pounding Electronic Body Music!
11.03 Dive & The Juggernauts @ EBM Blast @ Der Cult - Nurnberg - D
BodyBeats Productions, Radio Z Schwartzfunk & Der Cult proudly present:

11.03.23 EBM Blast @ Der Cult
With live concerts by:
We are proud to say The Juggernauts are returning to the renowned Nurnberg club Der Cult! Together with the legendary DIVE they will unleash their pounding Belgian beats on the EBM blast night's audience!

15.03 VNV NATION - Electric Sun Tour @ De Casino - (Last 100 Tictets)
BodyBeats Productions, Neuwerk & De Casino present:
VNV NATION - Electric Sun Tour 2023 
Support: Traitrs

We’re very excited to announce BodBeats Production will host VNV Nation with their “The Electric Sun Tour” . Once again they promise us an incredible live show of sound, light and passion. If you’ve seen VNV Nation live on tour or at a festival, you will know how full of energy and emotion the shows are. The audience and the band aim for unity, two halves building one live experience together, with everyone singing or dancing. VNV Nation will be joined on the tour by Traitrs, from Toronto, who’ve been gaining a strong following through their intense, ethereal and beat driven live shows across Europe and North America. VNV Nation’s next studio album “Electric Sun” will be a symphony of melodies and beats, orchestrating its sound to a level that listeners to VNV Nation haven’t yet experienced !
Afterparty beats will be provided by our resident DJ BORG! 
25.03 The Juggernauts & more @ La Zone - Liege - B
BodyBeats Productions & Carré Noir proudly present:

25.03.2023 @ La Zone

Live concerts by:

We are proud to say The Juggernauts are returning to the renowned Liege underground club for the third time! Together with Causenation and Dark Minimal Project they will unleash their pounding Belgian beats on La Zone's audience!

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21-23.04 The Juggernauts @ Dark Malta Festival - MLT

04 - 06.05 The Juggernauts + Motor!k
@ OOLW - Berlin -D
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