IAHF LIST: Its "Do or DIE" Time. ANH needs $20,000 in donations, and I'm pulling out all the stops to get that money to them for the pivotal legal battle that will MAKE OR BREAK our future access to dietary supplements WORLD WIDE.

I'm going to be in court on January 30 in the High Court of Justice, London England to witness the WAR IN THE COURTROOM!!

This promises to be a HISTORIC BATTLE between the monolitic cretins from the Pharma Cartel and the forces of good in the world.

The Alliance For Natural Health NEEDS YOUR URGENT DONATIONS via their secure server at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Someone from the midwest emailed me to express her supreme frustration with sleeping people who fail to grasp how the American supplement industry has been set up for destruction from within via the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations.

She wanted me to send her a ton of information that I have already been providing for the past several years- which is well summed up in the interview which Greg Ciola did with me in this months cover story on The Health Crusader Magazine.

I urge you all to print out copies and give it to the owners and managers of every health food store within driving distance of your homes. Download this information from http://www.thehealthcrusader.com/pgs/CrusadorNewsletterJan04.pdf and from the article in the July issue of Life Extension Magazine about the ANH Lawsuit which you can download from http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html

To help fill in the gaps I'm doing as many radio shows as humanly possible, see below and pass it on- not sure what else to say folks- this is for ALL the marbles:

http://wwfar.com/ is the corrected url for First Amendment Radio.

Yesterday I sent out a message with an incorrect url. It had been told to me wrong on the phone by the show host, but someone on the IAHF list just pointed out the correct url, and I thank Will H. for that.

Also, if you want to listen by satellite it can be heard on the Satellite that's taken the place of Galaxy 9----Galaxy 13 Transponder 16 Audio 7.70

I will be on the air later today on Liberty Forum with host John Bryant on First Amendment Radio at 4PM - 5 PM west coast US Time; 5PM-6PM Mountain, 7PM-8PM Central; 8PM-9PM Eastern; 1AM-2AM UK Time; 3AM-4AM European Time. Rest of the world please calculate accordingly or listen to the archived program on the web.

FOR MONDAYS SHOW- I'll be the guest of Joyce Riley on The Power Hour http://www.thepowerhour.com from 7am-8am west coast time; 8am-9am mountain time, 9am-10am central time; 10am-11 am eastern time; 3PM-4PM UK Time; 4PM-5PM European Time- rest of the world please figure accordingly, or hear the archived program.

FOR RADIO LISTENERS- The Power Hour can be heard via satellite and also short wave- as well as LOCAL STATIONS:

Satellite: Satellite:
G1, T17,
5.58 narrow band
G9, T2, 7.3 narrow band

Short Wave Live: These Frequencies: WHRI 9.840 and 9.495 megahertz
And 13.595 megahertz

Local Stations:

Rochester: WASB, WRSB, WMJQ
Dade City, Florida, WDCF
Alcoa, TN WBCR
Delhi, LA. KGGM
Adrian, MI 99.3, Radio Free Lenaway
Independence, MO KCXL
Arizona Free Radio Tucson 90.9 FM
Florida WTCL-AM 1580, Chattahoochee
Georgia WYKC-AM 1270, Cartersville
Illinois WINI-AM 1420, Murphysboro/Carbondale
Rochelle, WRHL- AM 1060
Louisiana KMBS-AM 1310, Monroe
Massachusetts WPEP-AM 1570, Taunton
WNSH-AM 1570, Beverly
Missouri KDJR-FM 100.1, St. Louis
New Hampshire WMVU-AM 900, Nashua
North Carolina WDLX-AM 930 "NewsTalk", Washington
WBZB-AM 1090, Raleigh
WADA-AM 1390, Shelby
Nevada KXTO-AM 1550, Reno
Pennsylvania WLYC-AM 1050, Williamsport
WQXA-AM 1250, York
South Carolina WABV-AM 1590, Abbeville
For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
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