A couple of weeks ago we announced that Adrian Recordings were gonna release en EP with our new artist Alice Boman and sent along with that the opening track “Waiting”. A lot of things has happened for her since then. The response has been overwhelming. This is just a quick note saying that now is the full EP released:
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Skisser by Alice Boman
Spotify: Alice Boman
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/adrianrec/sets/alice-boman-skisser/s-FqBp2
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/artist/alice-boman/id634172775?uo=4

The EP is named “Skisser” because that is exactly what it is. (Skisser is sketches in Swedish) The song ideas were recorded in Alice’s home just so she could remember them. They were never meant to be heard by anyone but here they are never the less. Alice Boman sings her low- key pop songs with as much force as fragility. A Billie Holliday for the 2010s century, without the jazz. In June, Alice will enter Studio Möllan in Malmö, to record what will be yet another EP. This will be the first time she does a studio session and by her side she has the rhythm section from This Is Head, Tom and Adam. Expect results from this session upcoming fall.
Read an interview in sixeyes: sixeyes.blogspot.se/2013/05/interview-alice-boman.html
Now forgive our modest brag:
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“Waiting” – Rotation P3
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