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If you will be attending the meeting on Monday, February 20th, please RSVP to 

January 2012


Table of Contents

·      Calendar – GIG of Central Arkansas

·      Meetings are at the Heart Hospital Annex Building

·      Donations

·      Gluten Free 101

·      Sharing information *please send recipes, reviews and more*

·      News from GIG of Northeast Arkansas – Jonesboro

·      News from GIG of Northwest Arkansas – Fayetteville, A New Branch!

·      News from GIG of North America – Annual event; GF certification

·      Children’s Corner – Internet safety for children

·      Getting to Know You – GF stories from our group

·      Dempsey Bakery – a note from Paula

·      Gluten Alert – Stuffed Clams

·      Survey: Gluten in medications – please participate

·      Restaurants – we need reviews

·      GF foods – New and improved mix, Udi’s new products

·      Recipe Corner – Brown Rice and Chicken, Green Beans, Personalized cereal mix, Easy Brownie Recipe, Sweet Potato Cornbread

·      Gluten Free Journeys from the Internet

·      Articles and Abstracts: CD and kidney stones



Calendar for GIGCA


February 20, 6-8pm – A manager from PF Chang’s will talk about the precautions they take to insure your meal is gluten free. A tasty treat will be served. To make sure there are enough servings for everyone, please RSVP for this meeting. Email you RSVP to


Meetings are at the Heart Hospital Annex Building

Please feel free to bring in home baked or store bought foods you would like to share with the group.


Each month Drug Emporium is kindly donating GF food for us to try. 


This room is located in a building behind the main hospital. When you drive in from the stoplight, you will be facing the hospital. Go to the right. When you come to the stop sign, go left.  This takes you behind the hospital.  The building with the Fireplace Room will be on the right with a sign that says ANNEX. There is convenient parking in front of the building and we can ignore the HR ONLY parking signs as it is after hours.


Arkansas Heart Hospital

1701 South Shackleford Road

Little Rock, AR 72211


Going south on I-430, take exit 5 and turn right onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


Going north on I-430, take exit 5 and turn left onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


For questions contact

Anne Luther                                                                                                                                      




Make checks payable to GIGCA. Please send donations to our GIGCA treasurer, Terri Murdoch. You can call or email Terri if you have any questions.


Terri Murdoch

11 Berwyn Dr

Little Rock, AR 72227  

Phone: 501-312-1689



Gluten Free 101

Gluten Free 101 (GF101) classes are held on demand. For more information on classes in Little Rock contact Anne Luther at 501-681-5544. 


LaDonna Brock is available for GF 101 in Hot Springs. She can be contacted by email at or by phone 501-262-4299



Sharing information

We would love to hear from you. The newsletter is much more interesting with your input.  Here are some subjects that would be of interest:

1) Recipes

2) Product reviews

3) Restaurant reviews

4) Information on GF traveling

5) Your story

6) Anything you would like to share with the group


 News From GIG of Northeast Arkansas (Jonesboro)

The Gluten Intolerance Group of Northeast Arkansas meets at the Mt Carmel Methodist Church, 4000 Southwest Drive, Jonesboro.  


February 11, 2012, 10am to noon -- Lisa Jones will be speaking. She is an independent consultant with Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products. Lisa works with Dr. Hendricks.


For more information contact:

Barbara Feeser (Group Leader)    (870)935-4515

Gale Pierce (Secretary/Treasurer)   (870)539-2591


Barbara Feeser was interviewed on TV. You can watch the interview here.


News from GIG of Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville)

Wonderful news! There are now 3 GIG branches in Arkansas. Please give a big welcome to the newest member of our family.

New group name: Gluten Intolerance Group of Northwest Arkansas

Contact Info:  Dana Ward

First meeting will be held February 25, 2012, place is TBA

Please email Dana to get on the email list and for more information!

You can find them on Facebook too!


News from GIG of North America

GIG's Annual Event is now the Health & Wellness Experience


Come explore the various activities we offer during this event.  Find out about living a healthy, balanced, positive, gluten-free life. Visit all of our health screening booths, hands on activities and our presenter areas.  If you are following a gluten-free diet, or want to know more about it - this event is for you


Learn about your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density, blood sugar and more.  Also learn practical tips for living gluten-free and balancing your life for better health. Explore the exhibit hall, and network with others living the gluten-free lifestyle.  Join in the Path to Health Game through the hall and enter to win prizes.


The Health & Wellness Experience will be held in Seattle at the Sea-Tac Doubletree Hotel on June 16, 2012.  We will have more information coming very soon!


Did you know that the Gluten Free Certification Organization, a GIG program, has certified more that 6000 products in 5 countries? Look for their logo, a GF inside a circle. Check out their website to see what products and companies have been certified to <10ppm gluten.


 Children's Corner by Sherri

Comments or questions about The Children's Corner?  Contact Sherri at


This will return in 2012.


Do you need an app that will keep your children safe from pornographic videos on YouTube? Carlyn Talty of  Healthy has found two that seem to work better than the filters available on YouTube.  Gube can be used by the very young through grade school. Weet Woo is just for older children. These can be put on computer, iphone and ipad. She also mentions 2 apps that were disappointing.


Do you have a Kindle Fire? When first launched there were no parental controls of content. Amazon has since added in a control. Carlyn talks about 3rd party apps that will make the device even safer.


Healthy is a great site. Not only are there GF recipes, but you will find lots of kid stuff there too. 


Getting to Know You

Each month we will feature one story from a member of our group. In order for you to get to know us better, we will start with the board members. I know that everyone has a story to tell. Please write it up and send it to Please let me know if you want to be anonymous or if your want to have your first or last name used.


Our first story is from our new President, Sherri Clay.

About seven years ago, I walked into my first GIG meeting feeling like a deer caught in the headlights. As a baby I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, but my mother sincerely believed the doctors were wrong.  I spent the next fifty years having seemingly unrelated health problems such as breast cancer and autoimmune disease. The straw that broke the camel's back was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). After years of knowing where every bathroom in town was located, I started praying for an answer.  


One day, a health newsletter came in the mail and before I threw it in the trash, I read the line that changed my life.  It simply said, "If you had been diagnosed with IBS, consider giving up wheat and gluten".  Those words literally jumped off the page!  That same day I stopped eating bread, cereal and pasta.  The only problem was that things didn't get better, so now I felt deprived for nothing.



Then I met Anne and she told me that I was probably getting hidden gluten.  My first thought was, "Great, now I have to give up more foods."   But that led me to our meeting, which led me to the help I needed to get the hang of the gluten free diet.  My health started improving. The rosacea and the brain fog I didn't realize I had, went away.  The IBS episodes subsided, unless I got cross- contaminated.  Plus, I had a new passion; to help others figure out that their health problems might improve without gluten.  (Some people were appreciative and others, not so appreciative!)  It seemed right to give back, so I served on the GIGCA board and now have agreed to become its president because I know that no food, not even a Hostess Cupcake or a Shipley's Doughnut, is worth eating if it hurts your health!    



Dempsey Bakery

The bakery is now serving sandwiches for lunch every day.  We will offer two types per day.  We will offer a vegetarian version and one with meat.  They are very tasty and hearty. 

Paula Dempsey


323 S Cross St

Little Rock, AR

(501) 375-2257

Be sure to “like” Dempsey Bakery on Facebook to get notifications of what is new and last minute specials. You will also get to see pictures of the scrumptious treats.


Gluten Alert 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 3, 2012 -Price Chopper Supermarkets is issuing a voluntary recall on 'Gourmet Stuffed Clams' from its seafood departments with a scale code of 209181. This product is being recalled due to the fact that it contains milk, wheat and eggs, three known allergens, which are not listed on the store generated ingredient label.

The stuffed clams were sold chain wide in Price Chopper seafood departments between September 30 and December 30. The label was updated on December 30 to correctly reflect all of the ingredients contained in the product.


Survey: gluten in Medications

Last November, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) announced that it would conduct a first-of-its-kind research study on gluten in medications, funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NFCA, partnering with St. John's University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, is conducting this research in two parts. The first part of the study is happening now: a survey of the celiac and gluten sensitive populations.


NFCA urges all people who are following a gluten-free diet to participate. Participants will be asked about their experiences taking medicine. They will also be asked to share information if they think they might have had a gluten-related reaction to an over-the-counter or prescription medicine.


Results from the survey will guide the second phase of the study: our team will test some of the medicines identified in the survey to see if they contain gluten.


This critically needed preliminary research aims to validate or nullify the anecdotal adverse experiences associated with gluten in medications that have been reported by people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. It is a first step to determine if more investigation is needed which may lead to additional research, labeling, and safe use guideline initiatives. More information about the Safe Use Initiative can be found at  


We are looking to generate as MANY responses as possible to strengthen our research. We need YOUR help in this effort. We ask that you circulate this message and invite all those who are gluten-free to complete this survey. You also can use the attached article in your organization’s newsletter.


To participate in this survey, please go to survey takes between 4-15 minutes to complete. It closes on February 28, 2012.


To learn more about Phase One of our Gluten in Medications research, visit NFCA’s website:


Questions? Contact Nancy Ginter at or at 215-325-1306, ext. 101. Many thanks for your consideration and assistance.



The NFCA Team





Please send in your restaurant reviews to share. If you find a restaurant that is not on our list of restaurants with GF menus, please le me know.


Next month there will be a review of the local pizza places that serve GF pizza. Please send me reviews and comments.


You can email me at


GF foods

Barbara reported that Hodgson Mill cookie mix, new and improved.  “They are wonderful.”

Have you found a new favorite GF food? We would love to hear about it.


Udi’s bread is a favorite of many. They have announced they are now making three frozen pizzas: Pepperoni, Three Cheese and Margherita. Two other new items will be Brownie Bites and Vitamin Fortified Muffin Tops.  You can ask your stores to carry these.


If you go to Udi’s website, you can sign up for their email with special offers, recipes and news. When you sign up, you will also get a $1.00 off coupon.



Recipe Corner

Please send me your recipes to share. 


Brown rice and chicken casserole from Barbara


Spray 8 x 8 bowl


Put in bowl:

I can Swanson chicken broth

3/4-cup brown rice

1 yellow, red or orange bell pepper, cut up

1 rib of celery cut up

Cajun seasoning to taste, more is spicy, we like Zatarain

4 or 5 thawed chicken tenders cut in half

Sprinkle more seasoning and stir a little

Only salt is in broth and seasonings.

Cover tightly with foil, cook at least 1 hour at 350 F until liquid is absorbed

Serves 4



Green beans everyone likes submitted by Barbara


In a wok or skillet 2 tbls olive oil

1/2 large onion sliced thin


Drain 1 can of French cut and 1 can of regular cut green beans  and add to wok

1/4 tsp Cavendars Greek seasoning

Stir all together


Cook over rather hot heat until onions are transparent, 6 or 7 minutes,

add more oil and seasonings if needed. I taste to see/

Could add sliced mushrooms.

Serves 4


A great idea from Barbara – make a personal mix of your cereals!


Cereal Mix

Breakfast.  I do not like soggy cereal and like variety so I came up with this.  


In a gallon plastic jar (I painted flowers on mine) add a layer of each of these

·      GM GF Rice Chex

·      GM GF Cinnamon Chex

·      Raisins

·      GM GF Corn Chex

·      Slivered almonds

·      Envirokidz Panda Puffs

Repeat until jar is almost full, this is a little sweet, add other sweet GM's if wanted.

Shake around until mixed, every bowl will be a little different and it doesn't get too soggy.

Add your favorite fruit and milk or milk replacement.


How about a cornbread with a “twist”? Karina Allrich kindly gave me permission to share this one with you. Karina has been blogging and posting recipes as The Gluten Free Goddess for many years. Be sure to check out her website for other wonderful recipes.  She has also put together an e-book of her favorite 45 recipes.


Easy Brownie Recipe from Lee

1/3 cup butter or oil

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

4 to 6 T cocoa

3/4 cup g/f all purpose flour

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup chopped nuts, if desired

1 tsp g/f vanilla


Cream butter and sugar.  Add eggs.  Mix by hand, Combine flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa and add this to first mixture.  Add vanilla and nuts.  Mix.  Spread into greased (use a little butter or oil) pan or iron skillet. 


Bake 375 for about 25 to 30 minutes.


If desired, can frost with 1 1/2 T cocoa, 1 T milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp butter, and 2/3 cup sifted powdered sugar.  Mix, and spread on brownies while warm.

I prefer mine not frosted.




Sweet Potato Cornbread

This turned out to be the best gluten-free cornbread yet- slightly sweet and moist, with a tender crumb.

3 large organic happy free-range eggs
1/2 cup extra light olive oil
3/4 cup sweet potato puree (pumpkin will also work well)
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
1 cup organic stone ground cornmeal (I used Arrowhead Mills)
1 cup Pamela's Ultimate Baking Mix - or your own flour mix with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and a good pinch of sea salt added
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of sea salt

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease the bottom of a 7 or 8-inch cake pan and dust it with cornmeal. I used a Springform pan.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs till frothy, and add the oil; whisk to combine. Add the sweet potato puree and whisk well. Add the brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and pie spice and whisk to combine.

In a separate mixing bowl whisk together the cornmeal, flour mix, baking powder, and sea salt.

Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, add the dry ingredients into the wet; and stir by hand just enough to make a smooth batter. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan.

Bake on a center rack in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes or so, until the cornbread is firm to the touch and golden. Check with a wooden pick, if necessary; if it emerges clean, the cornbread is done. [Remember, Dear Reader, I bake at high altitude, so please use your own tried-and-true guidelines for baking times.] Cool the cornbread in the pan- on a wire rack- for ten minutes. Remove from the pan and cool. Serve slightly warm, if desired. Wrap and freeze leftover slices. Slice leftover cornbread and grill it a little light olive oil. Scrumptious.

Makes 8 servings.


Recipe ©2005-2011 Karina Allrich



Everyone has a story – Stories from the Internet

Here is one woman’s story how she finds out that gluten is causing multiple health problems and her journey to better health. I caution those who are told to do a gluten challenge as this woman did. I know two people who had a difficult time recovering from such a challenge even though the results were negative for celiac disease. That is why, if you want to be tested for celiac disease, it is important to get those test before giving up gluten.


Articles and Abstracts

Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2012 Jan 4. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2036.2011.04968.x. [Epub ahead of print]

Moderately increased risk of urinary stone disease in patients with biopsy-verified coeliac disease.

Ludvigsson, JF, et al


Department of Paediatrics, Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden; Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.



Urinary stone disease is a mal-absorptive disorder that is a significant health problem because of its high prevalence and incidence. However, there are few population-based studies on the risk of urinary stone disease in patients with coeliac disease (CD).


To examine the risk of urinary stone disease in CD.


Population-based cohort study. Using small intestinal biopsy report data from 1969 to 2008 obtained from all Swedish pathology departments (n = 28), we identified 28 735 patients with CD (equal to Marsh 3: villous atrophy). Patients were then matched for gender, age, county and calendar year to 142 177 reference individuals from the Swedish general population. We used Cox regression to estimate hazard ratios (HRs) for future urinary stone disease and conditional logistic regression to calculate odds ratios (ORs) for urinary stone disease before diagnosis of CD. Individuals with urinary stone disease were identified through the Swedish National Patient Register that contains data on inpatient care, outpatient care and day surgery.


During follow-up, 314 individuals with CD and 1142 reference individuals developed urinary stone disease. This corresponded to a 27% increased risk of urinary stone disease in CD [95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.12-1.44]. CD patients had an absolute risk of urinary stone disease of 107/100 000 person-years (excess risk of 23/100 000). Risk estimates were similar in men and women, and did not differ according to age at CD diagnosis. Conditional logistic regression found that patients with CD were at a slightly increased risk also of prior urinary stone disease (OR = 1.19; 95% CI = 1.06-1.33).


In this study, coeliac disease was associated with a moderately increased risk of urinary stone disease both before and after coeliac disease diagnosis.