He’s one of the masters of glitch, minimal and dub-techno, throwing in some rambling warehouse beats once in a while but now we can tell that he’s also a bit indie. We are super excited that the Danish producer Mikkel Metal has made time to mix together a smooth, sweet Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes. Mikkel has cherry picked the best twinkling tracks from Adrian Recordings 2010 and mixed it together to fit our sharped edged snowy landscape.

Mikkel is world famous for his work on labels like Kompakt and Echocord and right now he has a new EP out on Spanish label Avantroots.

Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2010
2nd Advent

By Mikkel Metal

Bit-Rate – 320 kbps
Duration – 50:06
File Size – 114,7 MB
Artwork – Markus Slivka - http://www.slivka.se/

Track list:
1. Boeoes Kaelstigen – Euratom
2. This Is Head - 0013
3. MF/MB/ - Heat Like This
4. Familjen - Viggo
5. Andreas Tilliander (feat. New Moscow) - Caught in a Riot (Kite Remix)
6. Familjen - Det var jag (Krazy Fiesta remix)
7. Dmitry Fyodorov - Thinking of Space (Mikkel Metal Remix)
8. Andreas Tilliander - She Don't Cry (Minilogue's Inca Dub)
9. Dmitry Fyodorov - Centralia Detour
10. This Is Head - 0011 (Harald Björk Remix)


Direct link to MP3: http://www.adrianfiles.com/Mikkel_Metal-Adrian_Recordings_Advent_Sunday_Mixtape.mp3

Link to zip with music and info: http://www.adrianfiles.com/Mikkel_Metal-Adrian_Recordings_Advent_Sunday_Mixtape.zip

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/adrian-recordings-advent-sunday-mixtapes-2010-1st-advent-by-mikkel-metal
Get the tracks - http://www.klicktrack.com/adrian