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Alice Boman – Skisser / Remixed
Artist: Alice Boman
Title: Skisser / Remixed
Cat#: arweb 165
Release date: Nov 7                     
Label: Adrian Recordings
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1. Waiting (1987 Remix)
2. Waiting feat. NATTEN
3. Skiss 2 (Summer Heart Remix)
4. Waiting (Kalter Remix)
Live- With Sarah Blasko
29-Nov: The Deaf Istitute Manchester (UK)
01-Dec: Assembly Hall - London (UK)
02-Dec: The Wardrobe - Leeds (UK)
Just out of nowhere Alice Boman emerged on the scene. Debuting this spring with an EP called Skisser, (Sketches in Swedish) Skisser, because that was exactly what it was. The EP contains songs which Alice recorded in her home, just for her to remember and they were never meant to be heard by anyone. Then, once Adrian Recordings heard them, time stopped and we just knew that we had to let other people listen. Since then it’s been going fast. As late as this spring, she hadn’t done one single show, now she has already toured with Matthew E. White, been in both England and Spain and heard her songs being played in one TV-show after another. The demand for her music was so big that her debut EP was re-released on vinyl, including a bonus track, this fall.
Awaiting to record some new songs Alice’s let other artists join and interpret her songs. Instead of spending money on famous artists remix them we let people we personally find interesting crawl in under the skin of her songs. This is the result, the EP ”Skisser/ Remixed”.
1. thelineofbestfit.comTrack of the day - Premier
1987 is Victor Holmberg, a true renaissance man, known from artists as Faye, Say Lou Lou and the producer-duo Montauk, and also a widely hired video-producer. As 1987 he released the hypnotic R’n’B single Ocean earlier this year. Here he transforms Waiting to a dark urban anthem.
2. interviewmagazine.comFounded by Andy Warhol in 1969. Interview with Alice and premiere of remix.
NATTEN is a kraut based in Stockholm, dance orchestral which relates deeply conceptual to the flow of the music. Often with a trumpet in the foreground and, from time to time, with a guest invited. In this case, Alice Boman.
3. PSL – Swedish National Television Blog
Summer Heart is in the forefront of the Swedish accent of chill wave that lately have been gushing out of Sweden.
Kalter is a Malmö-based producer which one has been able to hear in the duo SOM  and as a drummer in many different constellations. Finally Jocke himself gets in the producer chair and released his debut album ”Darling”. Here he treats us to a Four Tet’ remix of Waiting.
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