Senator Bernie Sanders I- Vermont

IAHF List: Its 10:13 am Pacific time, 1:13 PM Eastern time, and in my headphones I'm listening to elevator music from CSpan2 waiting for the Senate to vote either for or against the Cochran amendment which would be a "poison pill" that would kill the Dorgan Amendment that we WANTED to pass (which passed earlier today).

The Dorgan amendment allows Americans to import drugs from other countries. I just watched Senator Sanders give an impassioned speach on behalf of poor Americans in which he pleaded with the Senate to vote against the Cochran amendment. He talked about taking busloads of poor Vermonters over the border to Canada, and dramatically recounted observing women with breast cancer who were unable to afford the high price of Tomoxifen break into tears upon seeing that they could buy it for one tenth the cost in Canada.

Please call the Senate RIGHT NOW to say you SUPPORT the Dorgan Amendment, and OPPOSE the Cochran amendment.

(Bush will VETO S.1082 if the Cochran amendment does not pass, and THAT would veto the WHOLE BILL which we NEED to happen to PROTECT DSHEA. We were unable to find ANY Senator with the courage to stand up to the Pharma Cartel to introduce our desired amendment that would have removed the terms "FOODS" and "FOOD INGREDIENTS" from the bill. Senator Durbin did pass an amendment pertaining to food safety that could have language in it that hurts dietary supplements, but whatever they passed isn't available on the web to view.... this is not democracy..... we're clearly living in a POLICE STATE.

Call the SENATE NOW via the Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121 and ask to speak with your SENATORS!! The LIFE you SAVE could be YOUR OWN!! Tell your Senator to vote NO on the Cochran Amendment on S.1082!! Majority Leader Reid says he wants to complete work on S.1082 This Week.