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The Eulogist TERRY GAMBLE in Conversation with Martha Conway
The Eulogist
Tuesday, January 29th at 7 PM

Terry Gamble's third novel, The Eulogist, was more than a decade in the writing. This is understandable, as she's tackled two enormous subjects: family dynamics and slavery in the years before the Civil War. Set along the Ohio River in the first half of the 19th century, the Givens family has suffered terrible losses since emigrating from Ireland. As each sibling comes of age, they find their own path, and evolving attitudes to the institution of slavery in their new homeland.

As it happens, Martha Conway, author of The Underground River, knows a thing or two about this time and place. We are thrilled to be able to host these two talented women in what is sure to be a fascinating conversation!

The Rule of Law
Wednesday, January 30th at 7 PM

We are so excited to welcome back John Lescroart! Whether you're a long-time fan of his Dismas Hardy series, or you're brand-new to his mysteries, please join us to see why he's called "the master of legal thrillers." In this latest installment, Dismas's faithful secretary is acting strangely. Does it have anything to do with her brother being released from prison? Things come to a shocking head when she's arrested as an accessory to murder. Needless to say, Dismas is her last, best hope.

John is a charmer, and this is guaranteed to be an entertaining evening!

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