Richard Herring Newsletter
Bargain books
Just a quickie
Because of the publication of the new Emergency Questions book in October, we are having to take our own Emergency Questions books off sale to avoid confusing the easily confusable British public.
So we're having a big stock clearance/push to raise funds for the podcast by selling the original Emergency Questions book and the Christmas Emergency Questions book for HALF PRICE. Only £5 each. And all that money will go into the pot to help us pay for the filming of series 14 of RHLSTP
You have only a week if you want to get your hands on these books, which are bound to be collectors' items once the new book of 1001 questions (700 never before published in book form) comes out and is a huge mainstream smash. You can walk around with your original books, proving once and for all that you are a cool kid.
The new book is available to preorder at Amazon, but will soon be up for preorder at Go Faster Stripe, so why not hold on and give your money to Chris Evans (not that one) rather than Ian Amazon who has loads of the stuff.
OH FR*G I'M 50
The tour is nearly over. Just 14 more gigs to go. This weekend I am in Chippenham and Birmingham. Worth booking ahead for the Newcastle late show, Bristol and Warwick Arts Centre too.
I think this is the best thing I've ever written, so we'll keep pushing to get it made.
If you want to move over to this renewable energy company, who don't tie you into a contract and are probably cheaper than your current provider, plus get a £50 credit for both you and me. Then sign up using this link. It turns out to be a good way to pay back for the podcasts, without personally having to pay and almost certainly saving money. Plus there's no contract so you can leave any time and they will buy you out of your current contract. And they use renewable energy. It's a win for us all.
Thanks to everyone who has been to see the tour. The Queen Elizabeth Hall gig was especially amazing.