John Hammell in Limo (2nd From Left)   Marc Emery (2nd from left) Posting RP Sign in Vancouver BC Canada to Stop NAU & CODEX

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At midnight on Saturday night a cold drizzle fell as a sleek black limo cruised up to the "END CAFE" in Vancouver, BC Canada and 8 Revolutionaries clambored on board after stuffing the trunk full of Ron Paul signs, staple hammers, rope, and banners. An IPOD was plugged into the Limos sound system and actress/singer Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song" empowered them to complete their mission:

They hit the whole downtown core of Vancouver, even hanging a banner off the top of the Cambie Street Bridge. Some of them jumped aboard the Sky Train and deposited RP literature into boxes from which train schedules are dispensed. Newspaper boxes on the streets had Ron Paul posters displayed showing through their windows and were stuffed full of literature. Signs were stapled to wooden walls and poles, and taped to metal poles. The Bus Depot was hit, both inside and out.It was explained to puzzled onlookers that "An American Election is Too Important to the World to Leave Strictly Up to Americans" Vancouver is home to numerous American citizens, expatriots, as well as American tourists-- and many of them who saw our stuff would no doubt tell their friends back in the States- thereby increasing RP's rapidly growing name recognition.

I was part of this motley Vancouver crew, as was the infamous Marc Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, a man who the US DEA wants to extradict to the USA to stand "trial" from which they'd bury him UNDER the jail. (1) A diehard Libertarian, Marc and I share the view that no government has the right to tell us what we can or cannot ingest into our bodies, be it dietary supplements or anything else. Marc and his wife Jodie have a very powerful vested interest in stopping the North American Union. For Mark, an NAU would mean being put in prison for Life. For the rest of us, it would mean being microchipped, and being tracked like dogs by Cray Supercomputers as the ruling elite seek to cull our numbers and force us into a literal Prison Planet(2)  Additional photos from the Vancouver BC Ron Paul Tea Party Meetup along with video footage can be seen at and

And see this one:


Although I'm active in the Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver BC Ron Paul meetup groups, time constrains often block me from getting to their functions- so some friends of mine and I just started a Ron Paul Meetup group right here in Point Roberts  Today I drove all over the Point in my friends Pickup truck onto which we created a float with huge laminated Signs reading "Google Ron Paul- Champion of the Constitution- President 2008" Underneath we have the word "Revolution" with EVOL backwards so people can "see the LOVE". We knocked on doors, and many Yard Signs were quickly put into yards as we explained what was goin' down.


Although we didn't really need any additional motivation beyond the threats of Codex, the NAU, and being Microchipped- we were unwittingly assisted in our crusade by Whatcom County GOP Central Committeeman John Robinson who declared to the Bellingham Herald that "Ron Paul is a Trojan Horse" and who sounded an alarm via the article that "if regular Republicans didn't want their Party taken over by Paulites they better get involved" (3)

(I maintain a shred of hope that if I can persuade Mr.Robinson, (a Huckabee supporter) as well as other leaders in the Whatcom County GOP to view Alex Jones superb and very timely documentary film END GAME and to develop an awareness of the ruling elite agenda to destroy America by reading Daniel Estulin's best selling book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group that they'll see the light and grasp that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate with even the REMOTEST chance of being elected in '08.

With Ron Paul being the only candidate who is not a CFR member, if Robinson wants to hold fast to even a shred of credability inside the Whatcom GOP, he's going to have to stop supporting Huckabee who would just continue on with Bush's clearly failed policies- which is why he has zero chance of being elected. With 68% of Americans opposing the Iraq war- its a no brainer to realize that no pro war candidate has any chance to be elected:, but somehow this obvious fact hasn't registered with Mr.Robinson, or with countless other GOP leaders at the local level nationwide. Its therefor up to US to get active in RP Meetup groups in order to BRING this message to their meetings the way I and a growing number of people around the country are.


Ron Paul broke John Kerry's single day fundraising record yesterday when he raised more than $6 Million on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and already the mainstream media is continuing to try to downplay and spin this monumental achievement to try to contain Paul who the CIA has plans to execute if his support continues to gain momentum. (4,5)


The last time the Republican Party faced a situation like it does now was back in 1964 when Barry Goldwater ran against criminal warmonger Lyndon Johnson and lost. LBJ and his wife "Ladybird" were the chief shareholders in the Sea Land Corp which transported munitions to Vietnam, and Ladybird was the chief shareholder in the company that recycled brass shell casings- so they had plenty of reason to keep the war going.

Hitlary Clinton is no different. She is every bit as corrupt and as conniving as Johnson was, if not more so. Clinton ordered the mass murder of the Branch Dividians at WACO via Vince Foster- see this 13 part You Tube video of all the people who Hillary murdered here  also see

Hitlary and Bill (who are both bisexual) screwed my friend Sue Ford who was a CIA MKULTRA Slave. Sue, who I have met, revealed this in her book written under the pen name of Brice Taylor Thanks for the Memories- The Truth Has Set Me Free

I spent 5 days visitng Sue Ford in South Carolina a number of years ago in order to pick her brain about her experiences as a CIA Sex Slave and Information Courier. She was very fortunate to break free of them and risked her life to sound an alarm that all of us had damn well better heed- because electronic mind control is NOT science fiction, its all too REAL:

All the people who viewed Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" and have been conditioned like puppets to blindly line up behind Clinton due to her desire to foist Universal Health Insurance off on us had better ponder the following things:

1. Watch this documentary film "DEAD MEAT" about the failed Canadian so called "Health Care" system:  Also see all OTHER information at

2. Grasp that the Clinton so called "Health Plan" would result in government intrusiveness about your medical history being taken to frightening new depths of intrusiveness. All of your medical records would go into a centralized government database including your DNA, fingerprints, iris scan, blood type- the better to KILL you by. Executive Order 13292 would be used to quarantine everyone in the event of an Avian Flu pandemic and anyone who doesn't submit to any injections the Fedstapo decides to impose on us could be shot dead or incarcerated in a Haliburton Prison Camp:


Unless you don't mind being Microchipped and robbed via Codex of your access to dietary supplements via the NAU, unless you don't mind 2008 being a repeat of 1964 in which criminal warmonger LBJ defeated Barry Goldwater, you will roll up your sleeves and get to work- either via an existing Ron Paul Meetup group, or by a new one that you can easily create in just 20 minutes work via

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to REPEAT history.

The Bilderberg Group has it all figured out: They're fixin' to insert Hitlary on us. They inserted a total moron as Dictator in the last so called "election" in order to set the stage to install Hitlary NEXT. They gave us 8 years of Republican dictatorship, then 8 years of Democrat Dictatorship, then 8 years of Republican Dictatorship, now they're fixin' to give us 8 years MORE of Democrat Dictatorship from which they figure they'll rip our country totally and completely apart and force us into the NAU TOTAL DICTATORSHIP & Microchip us along the way.

Aaron Russo did his best to warn us about all of his (See interview of him discussing his meeting with Nick Rockefeller who tried unsuccessfully to recruit him to join the CFR:

Lets not play this game, folks. People from all sides of the political spectrum are waking up in DROVES because they GRASP all of this, but we don't HAVE to accept the script. We're not stupid, and we're not blind, but they sure do think we are.

I can't wake up all all the myopic GOP leaders at the local level nationwide by myself. Thats a way bigger job than any one person can handle. Some of these dinosaurs don't even use the internet so are sorely limited in their ability to access information necessary to connect the dots on whats going on around us.

Your help is needed to turn them around. Your help is necessary to show them the patterns that all of us on the IAHF list have grown accustomed to by now from years of examining them. Please let me know what you are doing or will do to help.  

Please let me know if you have a DVD RW drive on your computer and if you can burn copies of END GAME and other films in order to dispense them to GOP leaders at the local level so they'll start seeing a big enough picture to realize why they should be behind Ron Paul.

(References below this pitch:

I realize the Holidays are Upon us, and that you just dug deep to contribute to the Ron Paul Tea Party, but if you appreciate the obvious effort that went into the Vancouver Tea Party and the generation of this alert, please kick in something, even if its only $5. or $10 bucks to let me know you're with IAHF: paypal: Bigger donations will help us pay for the gas to export this Revolution nationwide- we have built a float on the back of a pickup truck and your donations will help us drive it all over the Pacific NW- I'll send photos of this Float to anyone who kicks in $25 or more  IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA.



(2) , The Mind Has No Firewall:

(3) "Some Republicans fear support for presidential hopeful stymies party goals"