World Famous In The Red Records are very please to announce new releases from HAUNTED GEORGE, WOUNDED LION and THEE OH SEES for May..
In addition to ATP Festival (7th May) THEE OH SEES have confirmed headline UK shows for June.
24th May 2010
WOUNDED LION                      s/t 
HAUNTED GEORGE                  American Crow
31st May 2010 
THEE OH SEES                       Warm Slime

American Crow
Release Date: 24th May 2010
Label: In The Red
Formats: CD/ LP
“Haunted George’s music rings with a doggerel atmosphere, a recording value that rivals an old beaten transistor and a mood where getting your soul sucked out of your eye sockets by a roadkill coyote under the spell of a poltergeist might be a good time.” —Victim of Time
Weird George. Uncle Ya Ya. Skullface George. Graverobber Steven. He’s known by many aliases. Haunted George, under his Christian name Steve Pallow, was a member of The Beguiled, Satan’s Cheerleaders and The Necessary Evils in the ’90s. Around the turn of the century, he retired from society to the Mojave Desert, where he spends his time building caskets, collecting exotic roadkill, making podcasts that have to be heard to be believed and creating nightmarish music. Exploring the one-man band format out of sheer necessity, he has recorded dozens of songs (many of which are abstract/ noise recordings under the name Snuff Maximus) on a 1970s-era mono cassette recorder with a condenser mic. His compositions are creepy dirges that call to mind bits of American folklore, the extraterrestrial, the supernatural and murder. In other words, a bad trip.
To date he has put out two albums of home recordings, Panther Howl and Pile o’ Meat, on the Hook or Crook label, as well a handful of singles. About two years ago, Haunted George added ex-Necessary Evil Jimmy Hole to the “band” and started making more regular live appearances. His music remains sinister and unsettling, though it now has more swing and rocks harder. The decision was made to enter a real studio to put down his latest batch of songs with his new, expanded line-up. The result is American Crow:
Fifteen tracks dealing with witches, decomposition, murder, death, donkeys, buzzards and roosters. In the hands of lesser talents, such subject matter would come off as kitchy or contrived, but Haunted George is the real deal. His music is a paranoid, altogether disturbed aural hallucination—each drum thud the lockstep of a weary fella who’s lost himself in the twilight of the uninhabited desert, every space between beats a sparse landscape devoid of humanity, rife with fear and exaggerated panic.
This is the only horror rock that matters.


1. Theme from Dark Shadows, 2. Shed of Doom, 3. Weeks in a Casket, 4. American Crow, 5. Big Chief Woodenhead, 6. Hit You with My Hammer, 7. Buzzards Ate His Flesh, 8. Black Rooster Squall, 9. The Aliases of Haunted George, 10. Mad Witch, 11. Spanish Donkey, 12. Witch Girl from the North, 13. The Tomb, 14. Then You Die, 15. Ghoul Doll 
Release Date: 24th May 2010
Label: In The Red
Formats: CD/LP
 “The LA-based quintet slams down the perfect prescription for your raw pop addiction with heavily contagious songs that break down the sophisticated strut of rock ’n’ roll’s simplest parts.” —Victim of Time
Los Angeles gets a bad rap. The city is known for shallow glitter, brutal cops and urban unrest—and sure, the stereotypes are sometimes accurate, but there are also lots of everyday folks, living unpretentious everyday lives. It’s also true that Los Angeles is famous for a healthy underground music scene, both in the past and in the present. Take the everyday folks and drop them into an underground scene and you get something like Wounded Lion, a great no-frills pop band that sounds fresh, regardless of  their notable classic 70’s American powerpop references; inspired by The Velvets, The Cramps, The Clean and The Vaselines (as well as Credence Clearwater Revival and Kleenex),
Wounded Lion are regularly seen at Los Angeles haunts such as Mr. T’s Bowl, The Smell, The Scene and Spaceland. Their hum-inducing, toetapping tunes wiggle their way into your brain and have you singing their choruses at the supermarket.
The band’s formula is relatively simple: shambling, alternately silly and poignant songs that bend and twist timeless pop hooks. The bass and guitars belch out raw distortion, lending the music a primitive quality, but a whimsical sensibility elevates the abrasiveness to a jubilant level. Wounded Lion write pop songs that celebrate the unrefined, dispensing with ego and tapping into the primal areas of the brain.
Wounded Lion Tracklist:
1. Hungry?,, 2. Creatures in the Cave, 3. Dagoba System, 4. Hunan Province, 5. Carol Cloud, 6. Hanging Ancient Circles, 7. Belt of Orion, 8. Pony People, 9. Black Socks, 10. Silver People, 11. Omar Walk, 12. Crunchy Stars


Warm Slime

Release date: 31st May 2010
Label: In The Red
Formats: CD/LP
“Thee Oh Sees incorporate the oft-referenced Nuggets stuff in a way that feels reverential….. This is like meat and potatoes prepared by a master chef—totally familiar but utterly delicious.” —Pitchfork
“quality goo-goo muck!”  Mojo
“an exhilarating racket ..not unlike The Cramps playing the Radiophonic Workshop songbook. Recommended” Uncut
“neck-throttlin’, mic-chewin, garage pysch…. “ Vice
“the quartet take squalling guitars, suffering drums, two throats and aim ‘Help’ squarely at your gut…” NME
The ridiculously prolific Bay Area band Thee Oh Sees are back with another full-length long-player. Warm Slime is guaranteed to please fans of their whacked-out garage / psych / punk jams.
Recorded by Sacramento sultan of sound Chris Woodhouse, Warm Slime carries on in the same tradition as the group’s previous In The Red release, Help, showcasing their more electrified and rocking side, in comparison to other recent home-recorded releases. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the mind-bending title track, which clocks in at nearly 14 minutes and takes up the entirety of the album’s first side. It’s a psychedelic epic of “Inna Gadda Da Vida” proportions! John Dwyer’s guitar playing is at its quadraspazzed best here, and the vocal interplay with Brigid Dawson gives it a B-52s-at-their-least-cheesy-crossed-with-the- Troggs vibe. The results are stunning.
07- May          Minehead      ALL TOMMOROWS PARTIES
01-Jun             Manchester    Deaf  Institute
02-Jun             Newcastle      Clunny
03-Jun             Glasgow         Captains  Rest
04-Jun             Leeds                          Brudenell
05-Jun             London           Luminaire
1. Warm Slime, 2. I Was Denied, 3. Everything Went Black, 4. Castiatic Tackle, 5. Flash Bats, 6. Mega-Feast, 7. MT Work

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