IAHF List:
Satchel Paige once said "Never look back, somethin' might be gainin' on ya!" Well right now, all of us are being confronted with raw, naked, unadulterated evil on a level unprecedented in the annals of world history- but the GOOD NEWS is that we're NOT powerless to stop it!
In this alert, I'm going to provide you and your family with some of the most powerful weapons IAHF has ever unleashed against the Bilderberg Group, UN, and the satanic families who seek to force us all into a global totalitarian state under electronic mind control!
The first thing I'd like to warn you about is that you and your family are under being assaulted under a staggering load of toxic chemicals that is being dumped on all of us for population control purposes. In this video, you can see a KC 135 Jet Tanker plane being filmed by pilots flying above it as it sprays a massive load of toxic chemtrails containing arsenic, barium, strontium, aluminum, iron, zinc, and mycoplasma....
In this video you can see that aluminum levels in our air, drinking water and soil are now 400% above the safe level... hikers on formerly pristine Mt.Shasta in California can no longer safely melt snow for drinking water due to all the heavy metals being sprayed on us, and sperm counts are plummeting due to all the arsenic being sprayed on us...
In this documentary film, "What in the World Are they Spraying?" you are shown a very clear picture of whats going on and since knowledge = power, I hope a lot of you will watch it in order to warn everyone around you, especially since I'm also about to arm you with information that can not only help you counteract this toxic assault, but its going to help you be HEALTHIER than you've ever been DESPITE it!
Can you think of a better way to flip the bird to these smarmy UN Bilderberg Bastards than to live a very long, healthy, cancer free, Alzheimers free, Mental illness free, Arthritis Free, Diabetes Free life DESPITE their BEST EFFORTS to induce all of these illnesses and more as they seek to make us all slaves?
Trust me, its better to be pissed off than to be pissed on! I speak from experience! Years ago, I once had to contend with a microcosm of the sub human element known as psychiatrists in a toxic environment that was my own private hell- a place darker than the darkest most Stygian depths of abject hell- a place called Brigham 2.
There were people on Brigham 2 who had given up. They shuffled listlessly down the 40 yard long corridor like zombies moving in slow motion, massively drugged on staggering doses of neuroleptic drugs as wardens in white coats stared out at them from the nurses station windows taking notes on clipboards....
There was a huge Jamaican guy on that ward whose favorite past time was ass kicking, and he kicked mine, but I got even, and I'm about to tell you how to get even with the biggest bullies on the planet, the Bilderberg Group, that smarmy pack of nadless shadow gummint scoundrels who jerk the strings of the UN and governments world wide as they seek to bludgeon us all into submission so they can microchip us....
Their tools are many. They use chemtrails, HAARP, microwaves and more.... but now... they've MET THEIR MATCH!
IAHF has finally found the ultimate weapon to help us all sidestep Codex, sidestep the Bilderbergs, sidestep the UN, the FDA, and all the other elements of coercion and we've coalesced our message in a way that I'm sure has got some people in very high places very worried!
Now, we've got THE ANTIDOTE to ward 'em all off and to make our CELLS STRONG and IMPERVIOUS to their sacrilegious unbridled evil!
Now, we've got THE ANTIDOTE to make our cell membranes more PERMEABLE so we can help ourselves get LOTS of healing OXYGEN into our cells and to FLUSH OUT all this toxic CRAP that's being sprayed on us!
Some of you, a lucky few who were wise enough to heed the advise I gave you in my last alert will be receiving the antidote to the poison soon in the mail because I just shipped out the first batch today by priority mail!
You'll be glad to know that now you can sign up for autoshipping each month!
The rest of you need to pull your heads out of the sand though and fast before you unwisely allow any more damage to be done to your bodies and minds!
By having the balls to unleash THE ANTIDOTE Has Hammell gone mad? Have I gone round the bend? Are the men in the white coats imminently gonna be comin' for me to scoop me up?Will the swat team be sent to my house???
Will the FDA, the FBI, and the full power of all the Alphabet Agencies on Earth now be unleashed on me for having the temerity to provide you with THE TOOL you MOST NEED to fight back with? If you've been to this site before, you'll be glad to know that I've been improving it over the past few days (and with your help and ideas I can improve it even more! Are any of you skilled at SEO optimization? I need help to boost this site on google! Help me get more traffic to it! Lets work together on it!
I've added this new section on detoxing for example! I've added this new section providing more information about chemtrails.
Will I be carted off to the first FEMA camp the moment martial law is unleashed by the Obamination and his UN/Bilderberg minions?
Did you know that a move is afoot by the collectivist Obamatrons to sick UN poll watchers on us to try to rig the 2012 election?
Stay tuned, sports fans! Its not over til the fat lady sings, and even THEN its not over! When hell freezes over we will fight on ICE! Don't have a plentiful supply yet of the antitdote? Better do something about that before supplies run out!
** A portion of proceeds will be used to make a badly needed updated version of the film "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom" and will make it possible for IAHF to rise above inflation and to keep the Whatcom County Sherif's office from selling my house at auction for unpaid taxes...
Of course, if you already have the antidote and just want to donate to IAHF we'll also welcome your generous donations here  or, you can always send a check or M.O. by snail mail to us at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA.... the life you save.... could be.... your OWN!