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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
November 17, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Church Point Plan of Management Passed By Council!

Hi Everybody,

After almost 30 years of struggle over various plans for Church Point, a significant milestone was passed last night with the approval of the Church Point Plan of Management by Pittwater Council after a long debate, with Councillors voting 6 for and 1 against

In the grand scheme of things the Church Point issue means little, but as a local concern it has been particularly intractable, often described as the Pittwater equivalent of the stalemate in the Middle East.

This achievement is, of course, only the end of the beginning and after taking a moment to celebrate we must now move on to achieving at least the following three objectives:

1. To reduce the fees to a level that are acceptable to almost all Offshore residents.

Remember, even if the plan had been lost we would have been charged fees anyway by the owner of the reserve that forms the carpark, the Department of Lands. At least now we should get some improved amenity for our contributions and, with the Plan of Management now approved, we can approach State and even Federal Governments for financial contributions and grants.

2. To ensure that we are involved in the ongoing detailed design process.

As Ric LaPlastrier said at a previous meeting about the Church Point Plan “the god will be in the detail”.  In this we will endeavour to work collegially with Council staff, Peter Altona, Cathy Kubany and other skilled Offshore and Onshore community members

3. To ensure all or most aspects of the plan are implemented.

In particular, moving quickly to improve safety, increased parking and boat mooring, improvements to the centre of Church Point and, if possible, the expanded walkway along the front of the main carpark.

It will be important to keep our own community well informed. In the first instance, Council needs to ensure they will have sufficient funds to service loans that will be taken out to commence the project.  This means that the charging of fees will precede the implementation of works and we will be asked to pay a fee before much work is started. We will, of course, be extracting guarantees as to the nature, extent and timing of works to be carried out with these loan funds before we agree to support any fees proposal. 

I should take this moment to thank Michael Wiener, President, WPCA and the WPCA Committee – the two Offshore Associations working together is a powerful force. I would like to acknowledge Ian Souter who, over the past few years, has put much time and professional expertise into this project. Thanks also go to Jon Hazelwood whose wonderful plan now forms the basis of the POM. In addition, thanks to past Presidents of SIRA Shar Jones, Greg Roberts and Ron Barrelle who spent considerable time on this issue over many years, as well as Ric Leplastrier, Bob Anderson, Dermer Bennett and others from the Western Foreshores. Thanks to Cass whose detailed work in the background always goes on and Karin Krueger for her PR expertise and advice. Thanks also to the SIRA Committee and to the 80 or so residents who were at the Council Meeting last night in support and, despite the delay in starting and the seemingly interminable discussion, who stayed to the end and cheered. 

Above all it is the strength of a vibrant and co-operative community like ours that is the secret of our success in this and other matters. As Shane Withington was heard to say at a meeting about the Currawong victory “I’ve learned that if you want to get something done you involve the Offshore communities”.

Thank you everyone!

Bill Gye
President, SIRA
02 9979 5853
0418 800 161
PO Box 52
Church Point  2105 
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