IAHF Webmaster: Codex Emergency

IAHF List-

Several of you have been forwarding alerts that you've received on the Codex issue from Citizens for Health and from The Natural Solutions Foundation.

I regard both organizations to be dangerous controlled opposition groups which are advocating a course of action which sounds great on the surface but which I know from experience to be doomed to failure, and to be DISTRACTING people from the ONLY course of action which has a CHANCE to stop this evil agenda. If you have received these organizations alerts and have forwarded them, please forward THIS to counteract what you've just done, because you've just inadvertantly shot yourself in the foot. Here is how:

The Natural Solutions Foundation and also Citizens for Health are requesting people petition Dr.Ed Scarbrough, US Codex Chairman, and US Delegate to the 28th Session of Codex in Rome which meets July 4-9 to not ratify the global trade standard.

Both organizations are badly misleading the public on this issue and their advice is seriously flawed for the following reasons:

1: Even if Scarbrough were to listen to us, (and he won't for reasons explained below), it wouldn't MATTER- the USA will be outvoted in the consensus process at Codex REGARDLESS. Average attendance at the main Codex meeting has been about 95 countries. 130 could attend, but typically many do not. At present, only one country on earth (South Africa) has been consistently opposed to the Codex vitamin standard.

Like it or not, the USA doesn't have any more voting power at CODEX meetings (where things are done on a consensus basis) than any tiny country like say DENMARK or NORWAY in these corrupt proceedings. Its not reasonable to expect to stop anything by petitioning Scarbrough or any other unelected bureaucrat in the corrupt Codex process. Whether we like it or not, in July, they're going to ratify the Codex vitamin standard. We have no political leverage over unelected bureaucrats at Codex, but we DO have political leverage over our congressmen and senators and we CAN keep Codex from coming here.

2. Evidence that Scarbrough WON'T LISTEN ANYWAY: In 2000, Scarbrough kicked me off the US Codex Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses. I had petitioned him to remove Dr.Beth Yetley from the FDA as US Codex Delegate to the CCNFSDU, citing hard evidence that she'd violated US law at Codex meetings in '96 & '98 in Germany. I cited evidence that in '96 she illegally seconded a Canadian motion to shift herbs out of Codex and over to a WHO panel (where they'd be regarded as drugs).

The motion was made due to massive grass roots opposition in Canada to a negative list proposal for herbs that I'd called attention to via public speaking. The motion was made to shift herbs out of codex to a venue (WHO) where they'd be deliberated behind closed doors (through the non transparent so called "Risk Assessment" process being headed at WHO today by Christine Lewis Taylor of US FDA).

The motion was consistent with Canadian law where supplements are regulated as DRUGS but it was not consistent with US law where they're regulated as foods. Then in '98, Yetley violated US law AGAIN at Codex by illegally putting a paper on the table at Codex titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients". You can see the letters from Congress that she illegally ignored at http://iahf.com/codex/letter1.gif and http://iahf.com/codex/letter2.gif

She went directly against clearly expressed congressional intent shown via an amendment to the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 that Suzanne Harris, JD and I had worked very hard to spearhead passage of.

Instead of acting on my request and removing Yetley from the delegation, Scarbrough did HER bidding and removed ME from the delegation.

Then, when challenged to DEBATE me on the air by Gary Null, he refused.

Anyone who thinks this unelected bureaucrat who we have zero leverage over is going to listen to our concerns on this issue either has a very poor understanding of this issue, or they're trying to deliberately distract us from a more effective course of action.

Both Stubblebine and Laibow have strong connections within the intelligence community.
When Stubblebine was an Army General, he was the top man in Army intelligence, interfacing with the White House and the CIA.

He and his wife both have connections with people such as the Rockefellers who have a vested interest in steering the health freedom movement AWAY from any involvement with the anti globalization movement.

You can see their intelligence community connections by doing a search on a database called NAMEBASE- see http://www.namebase.org/cgi-bin/nb06?_LAIBOW_RIMA_


The more effective course of action is to oppose passage of CAFTA and FTAA as discussed in my last several alerts which can be seen at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive.php?jham The reason this is a far more effective course of action is that it has a CHANCE of success. We DO have leverage over members of congress, we DON'T have leverage over unelected bureacrats such as Scarbrough.

Even if he WOULD listen to us, and do what we wanted, we have no chance of stopping ratification of Codex this July in any case, but we CAN stop our laws from being harmonized to a finalized Codex standard- we CAN stop that if we can preserve our sovereignty by killing CAFTA/ FTAA. Unless we do that, we'll lose our whole COUNTRY. We'll find ourselves SUBSUMED into a hemispheric equivalent to the EU, and the mechanisms for harmonizing DSHEA to Codex standard are found in these trade agreements via the SPS language.

Please forward this alert.