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eFlightPlan - December 2014
Vol 2 Issue 12 December 2014

Happy Holidays from eFlightPlan!

eFlightPlan brings you snippets and snapshots from our various information platforms, including links to our full Flying Tips articles from our bimonthly Pilot Getaways Magazine — available in print and digital formats! We continue to expand with new product options.

We've always helped you have fun with your airplane at a plethora of pilot-friendly destinations, from unmarked backcountry strips to exclusive fly-in resorts! Pilot Getaways now offers multiple avenues to access this unparalleled travel resource for pilots and their flying companions—be they family, friends, or our non-human pals. And now...

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Bartlesville, Okla. — Never heard of Bartlesville, Okla.? Pilots unfamiliar with this Midwestern city will receive their first surprise inbound to the airport. This city of only 36,000 will appear on the horizon from many miles away, its skyscrapers rising above the prairie. The tall buildings are your first indication that Bartlesville is not your average small town.

Pilot Getaways Nov/Dec 2014

As author MeLinda Schnyder explains, the Bartlesville skyline, which includes the world's only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed high-rise, is a reflection of immense oil wealth that dates back to the turn of the 20th century.

Visit the home of Frank Phillips, co-founder of Phillips Petroleum Company, which was formed in 1917 and became one of America’s largest oil companies. The 26-room neoclassical mansion is now a State of Oklahoma historical site, and becomes specially decorated for the Christmas holidays. The six-car garage has been transformed into an interpretive center that showcases the Phillips family, their philanthropic endeavors, and the rise of Phillips Petroleum.


Visit a working replica of the state's first commercial derrick and cable tool rig; both sit on the exact spot of Oklahoma's first gusher.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Price tower is a must-see, and the epitome of mid-century modern architecture; you can even spend the night in this unique skyscraper. The Copper Bar, on the tower's 15th floor, offers views of the city and surrounding prairie from its two-story glassed space; it’s a great option for evening drinks.

A trip to Bartlesville is not complete without a visit to Woolaroc Ranch, Museum, and Wildlife Preserve, the 3,700-acre country estate of oil baron Frank Phillips. The estate is home to over 30 species of animals including bison, longhorn cattle, and zebra. Phillips' eight-bedroom lodge overlooks Clyde Lake. You’ll also find a petting barn, walking trails, a museum with a massive collection of art, and American Indian cultural items. From Nov. 28 through Dec. 21, the preserve hosts the Wonderland of Lights, with 750,000 lights across the grounds and buildings. Of particular interest to aviators is the Woolaroc Museum, which houses the famous Woolaroc Travel Air 5000 monoplane, accompanied by an extensive display on the Dole Air Race it won.

All this, plus shopping, seasonal festivals, and a variety of restaurants make Bartlesville a great place to visit for the holidays... Read the whole article in the current issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine!

Fly-In Golf

Colville, Wash.—The city of Colville has launched a new program to make fly-in golf both convenient and affordable for recreational pilots. Colville Municipal Airport (63S), in northeast Washington, is adjacent to the 6,743-yard Dominion Meadows Golf Course. Its front nine offer hills and trees, while the back nine is more of a links course interspersed with wetlands and ponds. Wildlife is abundant, and the wide valley is framed by distant rolling mountains.

Pilots who wish to golf at Dominion simply call ahead to arrange a tee time. When they land, the golf course will either have positioned the required number of golf carts at the airport, or will be ready to pick the fliers up at the airport ramp. The fly-in golfers can then come directly through the golf course gate, check in with course staff, and proceed to the first tee.


After their round, visitors can take an airport courtesy car to town for a small rental fee and stay for the afternoon, overnight, or even a weekend. Fuel is available at the airport as well.


Two 18-hole rounds, cart, and small warm-up bucket of balls costs $54. The course opens in April and closes around Nov 1. For more information, call Drew Hatch of the airport board at 850-865-0985. To book a tee time, call Andy Hite at 509-684-5508, www.ColvilleGolf.com.




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Deaf Pilots Association


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Flying Holding Patters
Just Visualize It
by Crista V. Worthy

Holds happen due to a temporary lack of airspace. For example, bad weather may cause too many aircraft to divert toward a certain airport, an inbound emergency flight suddenly needs priority handling, or another aircraft may be inbound to the uncontrolled field where you'd like to land. When was the last time you had to hold? For many pilots, the only holds they've ever flown have been at the request of their CFII or on a check ride or IPC.

Here's a good reason to always pay attention to the radio: If ATC starts dishing holds out to aircraft ahead of you, assume you're next and get ready for the hold. To avoid a hold, try asking ATC for an altitude change. Another option if you can maintain VMC to the airport is to cancel IFR, change to an appropriate VFR altitude, and continue on your way. Finally, you can ask ATC for delaying vectors. We did this once going into Las Vegas; too many airplanes were arriving at once and Las Vegas Approach wanted to park us over a mountain in a holding pattern. We asked for a delaying vector instead, and they sent us way out over Lake Mead east of Las Vegas. We slowed down and took a little side trip until we were vectored back in for landing. This may not work in crowded airspace though: ATC may not have room to send you on a vector, or other aircraft may be following you, so you cannot slow down. It also doesn't work when you're out of radar coverage or below mountains where ATC can't see you on radar.

The controller doesn't care how you enter the hold, so long as you are at the right altitude, turn the correct direction, and remain within the protected airspace of the hold. They won’t ask you what entry you plan to make. An examiner or CFII might ask you, and then, once you have answered, he or she will expect you to execute the hold in that manner...

(read the full article)

New Custom Electric Carts

Lakeland, Fla.—PilotMall, Inc., has introduced a line of aviation-themed custom electric carts designed for use by FBOs, airparks, and other airport users. Carts are available in styles ranging from California Custom Roadster, reminiscent of 1950s Hot Rods, to eight-seat versions modeled on the GM Hummer H-3 or Cadillac Escalade. All carts are street-legal and meet DOT and NHTSA standards as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

Aviation Custom Carts are painted in aviation themes by renowned airplane nose artist Gary Velasco and boast standard automotive head-lamps, brake lights, turn signals, horn, and conventional speedometers. They come standard with large wheels and tires, four-wheel braking, front disc brakes, and independent front suspension.

The vehicles are capable of a 2,000-pound Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. A 17.5-hp AC electric motor propels them to over 25 mph, a regenerative braking system saves energy, and a high-quality aluminum chassis saves weight. The 48-volt battery system and on-board DeltaQ charging system is monitored via an in-dash Vehicle Data Screen. A 12-volt power receptacle can be used to charge smart phones, GPSs, and other devices.

Optional upgrades include a Sony-Xplod audio system, integral DVD player with flip-down screen, leather seating, retractable seat belts, vehicle security system, sand/seed dispenser, removable roof, fold-down windshield, and custom paint, wheels, and tires.

A one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty plus a four-year, unlimited mileage powertrain warranty protect every cart, 863-226-1107, www.AviationCustomCarts.com.


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