Kristen Meghan, Ex Military Bio Environmental Engineer................................ John Hammell at Global March Against Chemtrails
IAHF List: Once in a while, someone with great courage comes along who really sticks their necks out for all of us. Former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer Kristen Meghan is such a person.
Please visit her website, and also see this interview of her discussing her experience at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma where she inventoried numerous mysterious drums of toxic chemicals including aluminum oxide, barium, and strontium that had come onto the base, but their purpose was never explained... Please take notice of her story. See what happened when she attempted to probe into this...more people must stand up the way she is!
I get calls all the time from people who feel disheartened at their attempts to awaken sleeping family members. People feel depressed, disheartened, sad that they can see this issue so clearly and have insight into ways people can protect themselves by detoxing, and they don't know what to do to wake up sleeping people.
Believe me. I understand. I have been BANNED from the only health food store near me, Wellspring Health in Tsawwassen, BC by the owners who steadfastly close their ears and eyes to the light of truth on this issue.
Ironically, I thought they DID understand because one of their employees posted a flyer I'd given them on the door of their shop about the Global March Against Geoengineering that took place in August. I was a speaker at the one in Vancouver, and you can see me in the photo above. I won't tell you all the details of how I came to be banned from these people's store. They don't matter. Suffice it to say that you can lead a horse to water....
Trust me, whatever PAIN you think you feel from not being able to awaken sleeping people, I am feeling many times over from this experience especially. The irony of leaving my own country, crossing the border to try to help these people.... and for what? To be ridiculed? Mocked?
Look, its ok! We're going to succeed, eventually, due to people like Kristen Meghan whose truth speaks so loudly that no one can turn away and stick their heads in the sand any more!
The owners of the aforementioned health food store are too worried about possibly "alienating" customers with information about chemtrails than they are about searching for truth or genuinely HELPING their customers with information about detoxification, but then, when I look at them, I shouldn't be surprised. They're not healthy. They own a health food store, but its just a business for them.
All I can do is hope that somehow, someday, something I tried to say might actually register with them. We plant seeds, and move on, but once in a while, it can be really hard. I know. Especially when the sleeping person is someone you thought was smarter or more discerning, but some people just shut down emotionally when confronted with information like this.
Friends, if you have any family members or close friends or associates who you haven't been able to awaken on the chemtrail issue, and you haven't been able to get them to look at strategies of detoxification such as sulfur, please show them this and urge them to watch the interview with Kristen.
Please tell them about the UN Agenda 21 Blueprint for Population Control, and please urge them to watch "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"   Watch this trailer for the upcoming documentary "Who in the World is Spraying?"  and help them produce this film by going here to preorder your copy.
If you can open their eyes enough to the reality of chemtrails to show them the NASA document discussed in this alert, please do.
We're NOT POWERLESS to defend ourselves from the ruling elite genocidal killers who seek to kill most of us off so they can steal this planet for themselves and their progeny! They've openly announced via the (leaked) NASA document discussed in the alert above that they intend to push for a "trans humanist future" of cyborgs and robots which are intended to replace us "useless eaters".
They're attempting to alter our DNA by spraying us with toxic heavy metals, mycoplasma, dessicated red blood cells, ethylene dibromide, etc, but we're not powerless to detox this crap!
Don't try RIGHT OFF THE BAT to tell someone who knows nothing about this what I said about the NASA document... lead them to that heavy, mind blowing info by DEGREES. First, show them Kristen's intervew, THEN show them the films, THEN tell them HOW they can protect themselves!
If you've got a group of 20 friends who you can alert this way, I will sell to you at wholesale cost for 20 lbs at the discounted rate of $22/ lb if you can demontrate to me that you've assembled a group the way one group near Seattle has that has widely disseminated my information amongst them. If you want me to speak to your group by speakerphone, contact me at or call me at 1-800-333-2553.
I really am striving to sell the world's best MSM, but its getting harder all the time because the market is being flooded with cheap sulfur that doesn't work well and many people can't tell the difference.Most of the MSM on the market is Optibrand. Its been damaged by overheating 4x to 486 degrees. (Gross overkill!) You can't grow crystals with it! On top of this, its been contaminated with silicon dioxide (ground up quartz) that should NEVER be put anywhere near sulfur because it combines with it and neutralizes it!
My sulfur grows crystals. You can prove this to yourself by putting some in a glass of hot water to get it to dissolve, pour off MOST fo the water leaving only a thin film in the bottom of your glass and let that evaporate overnight! Try that with Opti (often private labelled so you can't TELL what you're getting) and you'll get a scuzzy looking FILM, but no clearly defined CRYSTALS which are necessary to open up cell membranes so OXYGEN can FLOOD INTO the cells, pushing the TOXINS out!
So don't be fooled by all the CRAP out there that says stuff like "100% pure" etc, if you can't grow crystals with it, if it doesn't keep you awake at night if you drink it late in the evening, it HAS VERY LITTLE biological activity and its NOT protecting you from chemtrails!
If you want to protect yourself, buy the BEST! If you want a price break, either buy 10 lbs at the discounted price of $32/ lb ($320. plus FREE shipping via this link) or assemble a group of people as discussed above and I'll sell you $20 or more pounds at $22/ lb. If you want me to speak to your group by speakerphone, I'll be glad to, just contact me at or 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific.
As the caption from the Global March Against Chemtrails above says "GEOENGINEERING If YOU don't alert the MASSES, WHO WILL??"