IAHF List: "Property rights are not absolute and unchanging, but rather a complex, dynamic, and shifting relationship between two or more parties over space and time."
(From the UN's Global Biodiversity Assessment Report) 1996.
This shocking communist UN statement overturns the cornerstone of the US Constitution, destroying our private property rights as UN Agenda 21 is being finalized via the Rio Plus 20 Conference which is fast approaching in Brazil starting June 20th.
Please watch this well made video titled "UN Agenda 21- How it will Effect You"
In the name of "saving us from global warming" the Carnegie Institute (with its long ties to eugenics), now very openly vows to cut the available sunlight by 20% via "geoengineering" (chemtrails) through which we're all being sprayed with very toxic levels of heavy metals including arsenic, barium, strontium, aluminum oxide, zinc, iron and Morgellon's disease antibiotic resistant bacteria which contains nano fibers intended to alter our DNA in order to turn us into non reproducing mind controlled Androids, a whole different species from our would be rulers.
Respected climatologists know that there is no "global warming." They know that there has been cyclical periods of warming and cooling for centuries depending on greater or lesser solar activity and this has nothing to do with man. See this site and help IAHF wake up the masses to the scam of "global warming." The ruling elite are playing us for suckers. They're insulting our intelligence. They're mocking us, toying with us.
The UN considers all of us to be "unsustainable"..... "useless eaters"- so they're spraying us with toxic chemtrails while via Codex and related measures such as the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter they're trying to ban our access to high potency vitamins and minerals and to the most effective dietary supplements because they don't want us having strong immune systems.
As they make their move to put us under martial law by crashing Derivatives which are the ticking time bomb intended to bring down the world's financial system, more and more people are waking up and are making contingency plans for sheer survival!
More and more people are ordering sulfur to chelate all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails. More and more people are ordering sulfur to reduce stress levels by alkalinizing their gut to neutralize the acid caused by stress. More and more people are ordering sulfur to keep their sperm counts high so they can have children in the face of the toxic crap being sprayed on us which is intended to lower sperm counts and to kill our libidos.
A freak named Steve Zwick, writing for Forbes Magazine illustrates the Nazi like mentality and overzealous dogmatism of the global warming crowd which is rife with eco fascism. See even more extreme examples of eco fascism in this article to have an idea of what we're up against.
IAHF is closed until June 25th when I return from my trip to DC and Florida. I am back ordered on sulfur until my return when I'll have another 25 kilo drum. Slightly more than half of that has already been sold. With so many people awakening to the ruling elite's genocide agenda, their window of opportunity to enslave us is closing fast as they no longer have any element of surprise with so many people waking up!
All of us can expect more intense chemtrailing in the aftermath of the Rio + 20 Conference in Brazil where they will attempt to accelerate their plans to control us via UN Agenda 21. They're using zoning laws to force us out of rural areas by making it very difficult to run any sort of business in a rural area. They don't want us growing gardens and living on the land, they want to corral us into cities where we can be more easily controlled, but increasingly people are fighting back.
MORE STATES MUST FOLLOW--- ARIZONA, TENNESSEE, KANSAS Considering Similar Legislation to Protect Private Property Rights
Read this article
Stressed by all of this? Sulfur helps keep you grounded by alkalinizing your gut to neutralize acid. You can expect increased chemtrailing following the Rio Plus 20 Conference as we get closer to martial law. Do you have enough sulfur stockpiled to really protect yourself and your family?
You can order 10 lbs at wholesale pricing ($320. including shipping within the USA) via the IAHF paypal link. The more you get now, the more peace of mind you'll have when the whole sky is made white from chemtrails which have reduced sunlight by 20% since the 1960s.
We're not powerless to fight back! There is much we can do to prepare! This site has a wealth of valuable information about preparedness for martial law.
Is it really planned? Read this and draw your own conclusions.

Henry Kissinger who was speaking at a Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, on 21 May 1992 said this: "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil."
Got sulfur?
Most people don't see any of this. Please forward this alert widely and help them prepare! The more people who are prepared, the better off we'll all be, and the harder it will be for the UN to foist this scam off on us because we'll be better able to stay out of the government food lines, we'll be better able to avoid being microchipped, we'll be better able to stay out of the FEMA camps- we'll be better able to fight back on every level, and taking sulfur is a big part of being prepared for many reasons, not the least of which is that it simultaneously energizes us while also helping us to be calm and grounded. We could end war on planet earth if enough people took sulfur twice a day!

With your help, I'll sell out the next drum that's coming long before it even arrives, and I'll need to order another drum! Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, people at the gym, at church, in the grocery check out line...... shout it from the rooftops! Any time I am in the sauna or hottub at the pool where I swim I strike up spontaneous conversations with total strangers about all of this and direct them to the site  Please do the same, you'll be helping to create a better, healthier, calmer, more grounded, happier world despite the New World Order!