Eastern Pacific Chemtrail Spraying-   Lake Oroville, CA, Contrasting Water Levels Between 2011 and 2014
IAHF List: You'll see new information below on why you will want to stock up on sulfur. The unprecedented drought currently occuring in California (worst in 400 years) is being caused by geoengineering (chemtrails) which are being very heavily sprayed over the eastern Pacific as you can see from the satellite photo above.

This spraying is causing Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Morgellon's disease, asthma, allergies, depression and other illnesses. My organic sulfur is your best means of protection. It opens up the cell membranes causing a huge amount of oxygen to flood the cells, pushing toxins out, and combining with all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us to bind with them and pull them out of our bodies so they can't hurt us! As this spraying continues to intensify nationwide, and world wide, you can't afford to be out of enough sulfur for yourself and your family!

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Please read this well documented article: "California- A Geoengineered Dustbowl"  Chemtrail spraying in the eastern Pacific is being done to cause a massive draught that is destroying the largest agricultural region in the USA in the Central Valley of Calfornia. Climatologists are reporting that 2014 has been the dryest year on record in California in more than 400 years. This is already causing a huge increase if food prices, and is driving thosands of farmers out of business.

The ruling elite are clearly intending to use food as a weapon against the American people who they seek to totally control. The Rothschild banking family is now controlling all weather reporting so they can attempt to manipulate us into thinking of this draught as "normal". (Read the article above for a complete explanation.)

Will this lead to food rioting, and martial law nationwide? Have you been preparing to protect yourself and your family when we go into hyperinflation due to deliberate government overspending as our gay, communist,muslim, illegal alien, traitor of a "President" unleashes hell on our country for the purpose of detroying it?

As he moves to disarm us all, and to scuttle our second amendment, along with all the rest of the constitution, Obama has armed the Department of Homeland Security with 1.6 Billion Rounds of Hollow Point Ammo thats not even legal to be used in warfare under the Geneva Convention.

This means he intends to use it against all of us.

What is driving all of this is UN Agenda 21, the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control. We must each do our part to help combat this menace by joining forces with the bipartisan movement to oppose it.
Read this about how the California drought was engineered via chemtrails.
John Wesley Rawles is a survival expert, I recommend his site for anyone striving to prepare for the comining financial collapse and martial law.
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