The Bureau of EU prohibited the sculpture.
Now 'Fundamentalism' will be exhibited next to Copenhagen City Hall.

9 meters wide and 4½ meters tall the giant letters FUNDAMENTALISM will be standing in the centre of Copenhagen. Below each letter 600 of the darkest and brightest quotes from the Torah, Bible and Quran shows on 28 screens.
The president of the EU Martin Schulz put an end to a planned exhibition of the sculpture by the EU Parliament last fall. He did not believe that the integrity of the art piece could be guaranteed. See letter from Schulz & Der Spiegel article. By doing this he and the Bureau of EU overruled 30 elected EU parliamentarians’ request to exhibit the sculpture. It was the Danish Member of Parliament, Bendt Bendtsen (Christian Democrats), who gathered the support for the exhibition.
Artist Jens Galschiot states:
I am very surprised that the president of the EU is so scared to take the debate of religion that he rejects the exhibition. It seems hypocritical that the EU, which is supposed to stand for openness and democracy, overrules the elected Members of Parliament.
By rejecting the exhibition an open debate concerning religion is prevented. Maybe the Bureaus real concern is whether it would offend European Christians by comparing the religions and showing their 'dark' sides.
Now the controversial work from Jens Galschiot will be exhibited next to Copenhagen City Hall, from Tuesday April 26th till May 8th. It is the first time the sculpture is exhibited in public, and Galschiot is very excited to see the reactions.
I think that it is great that Heavenly Days (who has invited Galschiot to exhibit) chooses to exhibit the sculpture, and that the City of Copenhagen provides the location. By doing this they open up for a necessary debate. With the exhibition of 'Fundamentalism' in the heart of Copenhagen the Politicians, religious organisations, and the Medias will have to consider the statement of the sculpture. That central parts of the religions are virtually the same.
The sculpture Fundamentalism is a part of the art- and dialogue project 'the Children of Abraham', which seeks to create understanding and dialogue, and build a bridge between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In the art piece 600 of the ‘brightest’ and ‘darkest’ quotes from the three religions are presented and they show that the dogmas of the religions are virtually impossible to differentiate. You could make both regimes of terror and societies of kindness and humanity based on all three religions. Galschiot comments:
With this work of art I wish to show that all religions contain contradictive texts, and could be used both to justify the most bestial actions and lay ground to the most noble of actions. As I see it, the individual is responsible for their own actions, not the religion.
It is Heavenly Days (5th-8th May), who has asked Galschiot to exhibit the sculpture. By doing this they hope to start a dialogue concerning the monotheistic religions. In addition 60 of Galschiot’s refugee sculptures will be exhibited in churches all around Copenhagen in this period of time.  
An official exhibition opening takes place on tuesday April 26th from 5pm to 6pm, at Regnbuepladsen (next to City Hall in Copenhagen). There will be speeches and drinks and Galschiot will present the sculpture and his visions for the project.
Lots of greetings.
Lasse Markus Chief of communication
and all the people at Gallery Galschiøt
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