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8th September 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and Bring on the Trumpets

Stitch and Bride... Ravelympic Bling... Book Signing... Teaching the Children

Seasons change greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, that you aren’t too sad to see the summer pass us by for another year, and that instead you welcome the chilliness by pulling out your knitted creations and using the season change as a good reason to show them off.

This week we bring you a book signing, a chance to hand over your skills to the next generation of knitters, and a woolly podium for the Team S&B London Ravthletes of 2008. 

In other news one of our Stitchettes, Purl Princess (Laura) is off to get married, and another, Deadly Knitshade (Lauren) is off on her travels (again). To join in with the hen-night style celebrations and a few goodbyes, put the Stitch and Bride meeting in your diary now. As always, cake is especially welcome.

The past few meetings have seen us descend on the Crusting Pipe where we were papped by the Metro newspaper, a few newbies were introduced to their first stitches, and a variety of enthusiastic singers made our ears hurt a little.

We then had an unexpected change of venue and did not meet at The Old Star, but went back to one of our favourite spots, EV. We ate the scrumptious Mediterranean food we know and love, welcomed more newbies, ate some more food, and knitted to our heart’s content. 

We also dabbled in a moment of knitting fame as Stitchette Laura got ger 15 minutes of fame on Radio 6. You can listen to her woolly wisdom here if you manage to get the chance before it vanishes into the knitting ether on the 9th (it’s about an 1 hour 14 mins in).

Stitch and Some Culture Daaaaaaahling! 

Details of the next meeting: 

When you’re surrounded by the luvvies of the South Bank what better to do than a spot of stitching? Bop along to the live music early on, wait for the theatre goers to take their seats, and then steal the comfy chairs before they come back for the interval. 

From 6pm
Venue: National Theatre in the Long Bar (ground floor main foyer)
South Bank

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Superfoods

Details of the meeting after that:  

Venture out East to Spitalfields Market where Leon welcomes us with its long picnic tables and cosy armchairs. Before you get your needles out, grab some yummy superfood salad, which will ensure you stitch well into the night. Or you could just have cake instead! 

From 6pm
Venue: Leon at Spitalfields Market
3 Crispin Place
E1 6DW

Map Website Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street

Stitch and Bride

Details of the meeting after that: 

From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall
Address: South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Showing Off Ravelympic Bling

Seventeen days. Nineteen exhausted knitters. We had cramps, we had injuries, we dropped stitches, lost needles, some of us almost succumbed to the lure of steroids, and some of us ran out of yarn just in front of the finish tape. But, by gad, we knit like we meant it, and came home Ravelympics heroes. 

So to all the Team S&B London Ravelympians, we salute you. 

plays Maybe It’s because I’m an S&B Londoner as anthem 

Woolly congratulations to Ravelry’s Ninjaknitting, Knitnelly, Eleanor22, Craftbox, PurlPrincess81, Serife, Janaana, MulletMonitor, WickedlyWitchy, MissWolcott, DeadlyKnitshade, Startitis, and Madhouse. 

ticker tape descends 

Special mention goes to LadyKnitalot for losing a needle during the first three minutes of the opening ceremony, and to Saffi who is still going. Also to Liopleurodon, HannahSophia, MummyFrances, and Kiddanch (who have yet to announce their victory or almost victory). 

If you are lucky enough to be on Ravelry then you can ooo and ahh over the finished creations here. If you’re not on Ravelry yet then sign up here and love it.

Stitch and Signing

As some of you may know learning to knit from a book it can be very difficult indeed. Knitting teacher Aneeta Patel has decided that enough is enough and has used her years of knowledge, teaching the ways of the stitch, to dry your knitty tears.  

Her new book Knitty Gritty aims to be as clear as crystal knitting needles when it comes to teaching the basics. Contents include: Knitting Basics: Getting Started; Knitter's First Project: The Scarf; Workshops: Decreasing; Creating a Rib; Changing Colour; Increasing; Finishing; Making a Cable; Eyelets and so on... This would be the perfect gift for a friend who wants to learn but is too shy to come to a meeting or ask for help. 

Aneeta will be signing copies of Knitty Gritty at All The Fun Of the Fair on Tuesday 9th September from 3.30pm – 5.30pm 

As well as giving you 10% off on new products on 1st September All The Fun Of the Fair will also be offering this discount during the signing session, so there’s two reasons to get down there for a rummage.

Stitch and Teach

If you’ve ever taught someone to knit from scratch you will know the feeling of pride that sweeps over you when you see their first finished project. When it comes to teaching kids the reward is multiplied a million times. 

The Make Lounge seeks a friendly, enthusiastic knitting instructor to teach children aged 8-12 how to knit during the upcoming school half term. Sessions would be roughly an hour each morning from Monday 27th October through Friday 31st October. The aim is for each child to complete and take home a small project by the end of the week.  

If you believe the children are our future (karaoke classic) and are interested, please email Jennifer at with information about your experience, rates, and why you'd be the best person for this very rewarding job.

That’s all the stitches we can cram on this needle for another week. We hope that the Ravelympics has inspired you to persevere whatever you’re working on at the moment, a lot can be done in 17 days. And we hope to see you at a meeting soon. 

Keep Stitching!

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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