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March 2010
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This month: film, sifts and animations
Question of the month.
If we know the speed of light, what is the speed of dark?

FilmClub - This was sent to me recently and sounds fun!
The DCSF-backed network of after-school film clubs - is inviting teachers to introductory sessions currently taking place all over England. The scheme, which comes at no cost to the school or members, allows children and teachers to experience a world of inspiring, entertaining and potentially life-changing film together through after-school clubs. Teachers receive one-to-one support, and have access to thousands of DVDs available to order from an interactive website developed to lead clubs on adventurous film journeys.Imelda meets FlimClub members
Watching a vibrant mix of films helps to develop independent and imaginative thinking, broader cultural awareness and boosts self-confidence, meaning FILMCLUB is an effective Extended Schools activity which helps fulfill the Every Child Matters agenda. Plus, with members indicating that they enjoy school more as a direct result of joining the club, FILMCLUB really is making school a happier place for both teachers and students. Teachers interested in joining the scheme should visit
www.filmclub.org/fastregister , or call 020 7288 4520.

Wow!! Have you seen these? Siftables
I was amazed watching how this work. Basically they are blocks that are "aware" of each other and can be manipulated in many different ways. Definite uses for early years and beyond for video, maths and music. It's still in research stage but they have got some money to develop it further. Well worth a watch!
http://sifteo.com/ and click on the bloke on the right, David Merrell
Top 10 Surreal Animated Films
Someone sent me a link for these. Beautiful animations. The last one's a bit disturbing until the end!
Family News
John got invited to a gifted and talented visit to Cambridge Uni with other Y10's. How on earth are you supposed to pay for going to a place like that! I'm hoping he'll just stay here with us and go to a local uni if he goes at all that is. I'm not making anyone do anything. Lizzie continues to become more teenagery every day even though the teen bit is several months away and James is intrigued with all things scientifical. I took each of them out for half a day over half term holidays. Too much junk food and they all wanted to see a film!
Colleagues, never underestimate the work you do. Children will remember, think and talk about you until they grow old and tell their grand children about you as well. I salute you!