IAHF List- Tomorrow is Good Friday, and as Easter nears, I can't help but wonder what percentage of Catholics realize that Pope Francis, who fully backs geoengineering and the IPCCs lies about so called "global warming" in stark contrast to how he's being spun in the media, is actually a genocidal killer from hell, a satanist  (the video at the aforementioned link must be seen to fully appreciate how dangerous the Jesuit order really is- it is a MILITARY order interested only in POWER!)
Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis is directly involved with the Transhumanist Agenda to hijack our DNA, and to alter our natural biology in order to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs (!!)
Every time I go to mass, I hang out afterwards to chat with people about this because I've never seen a more robotic brainwashed group of people than most (not all) Catholics! One Catholic Organization that at least partially sees through Pope Francis is "From Rome" which wrote this article exposing "Team Bergoglio", the 7 heretical Cardinals who were instrumental in foisting this satanic imposter off on the people of the world.
Scroll up on this page to take a close look at that rather sinister barcoded eye graphic. Think thats a stretch? Look right under it at the microscope slide showing the roman numeral "brand" in that altered tissue thats been hijacked via nanotechnology via the weaponized parasites we're all inhaling into our bodies from the chemtrails!
Please watch this brief video lecture: "Morgellons, Hormones, Genetics, Monsanto & BioCrime" in it you will see microscope slides showing synthetic biology, weaponized parasites that we are breathing into our bodies which will alter our DNA and hijack our internal organs unless we detox! These weaponized parasites are laying eggs inside our bodies, but we can kill them and flush them out before they can hijack our DNA and weaken our internal organs by detoxing (scroll down to see how to FULLY PROTECT YOURSELF!)
I hope you can truly see from this that with every breath you take, you are breathing in weaponized parasites intended to hijack your natural biology and to alter it by turning it into synthetic biology so you will be turned into a non reproducing cyborg.
The ruling elite intend to force us via the "Smart Cities" program into hive like megacities such as the one depicted in the graphic above. I refuse to go there! Who the hell do these smarmy bastards think they are?
Please enhance your awareness of the danger we're all in by visiting this website of Magnus Olsson, a Swede who was microchipped during an operation turning him into a New World Order Slave!
He is trying hard to warn us all, and I know from talking with him that he believes that via geoengineering (chemtrails) they no longer need to implant us physically (although they do that too) because NOW they can chip us BIOLOGICALLY but only if we LET THEM!!!


Drinking sulfur water twice a day isn't enough! As good as sulfur is, for the sulfur to work optimally for oxygenating your body and for boosting your ph out of the acidic dangerzone, you need to take steps to systematically detox all your organs of elimination per the recommendations of herbalist Richard Schultz, starting with the bowel detox which blasts away the cement like mucoid plaque thats clogging your colon, putrifying and acidifying your body, wrecking your immune system, making it impossible to properly absorb the nutrients from your food, wrecking your immune system!
When I did Schulz's bowel detox my energy level shot up by 70%! It was well worth the effort! Most people take far better care of their cars by doing oil changes at Jiffy Lube than they do of their bodies, and that is really sad! If this doesn't change, a lot of people are going to be biologically chipped via Morgellons.
To do the bowel detox you will need Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus. You will need to read The 5 Day Bowel Detox, and The Quick Start Guide.
You will need to get the organic fruits, raw garlic, raw ginger, and extra virgin olive oil discussed in the Quick Start Guide, and you'll need a high speed blender such as a Vitamix.
There are three options for how to do this detox, beginner, intermediate and advanced. They're all explained in the information above. By jettisoning the thick mucoid plaque clogging your colon you will get so you can properly absorb the nutrients from the food you eat and any supplements you take!
It acts like a barrier, blocking proper absorption, weakening your immune system, putrifying inside your body to acidify it, wrecking your ph, putting you at risk of getting cancer, heart disease, and every other degenerative disease!
It puts you far more at risk of getting full blown Morgellons disease from the weaponized parasites we're all breathing in from the chemtrails, and if you get Morgellons disease you can be biologically microchipped, your DNA can be hijacked, your biology can be taken over by the weaponized parasites and synthesized. You can be turned into a non reproducing cyborg.
I recommend after detoxing your colon to go on to detox your other organs of elimination: your liver/gallbladder, kidneys, and blood. I can guide you though this. I have done it. I did it because I wanted to attain optimal health, I wanted to counteract the chemtrails, and I wanted to steer clear of all degenerative disease!
I also wanted to side step the ruling elite's evil plans to turn me into a non reproducing cyborg because I believe in living FREE in an UNFREE WORLD!
Please join me! Please awaken everyone around you to the immense danger we're all in from the chemtrails! None of this is hype! Check all of this information and you will be shocked!!
Here it is again :
The weaponized parasites (such as callembola shown in this brief youtube) that we are inhaling from the chemtrails were designed in a bioweapons lab using nanotechnology to target specific internal organs in order to weaken and kill us. They were designed to hijack our DNA and to replace our natural God given biology with a synthetic biology that they can control.

Sophia Smallstorm exposed this in this presentation
From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology.  
She starts discussing Morgellons at the 22 minute mark.
German Biologist Harald Kautz Vella also discusses the danger we're all in via this video lecture in which he shows us examples of the weaponized parasites as seen via photos taken through his microscope  
Questions? Please email me at jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time, toll free North America or at 1-360-945-0352 Pacific time. Together we can DEFEAT these evil bastards while attaining optimal health despite what they're trying to do to us!
For Freedom,
John Hammell