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There is so much going on that this is becoming very difficult to glean what should be written to my senator and congressman. Could someone in your organization draw up a template letter so all issues and whatever bills are to be voted on can be included in the template letter. I can donate some money, but who should it reallly go to?



We are dealing with an international issue. Writing to Senators and congressmen on the Codex issue is a complete waste of time. Congress whitewashed an oversight hearing on codex that I pushed for for 5 years on March 20, 2001. I wasn't allowed to testify and had death threats for pushing for oversight. A congressional staffer who tried to help got fired from his job and was replaced by a pharma shill.

My witnesses weren't allowed to testify. The only person allowed to testify was a cartel shill. In 2000 Congressman Paul attempted to get us out of the WTO via H J Res 90. He got slammed. It went nowhere. Our Congress of whores won't get us out of either the UN or the WTO although they should, but we have to face our political reality. Attempts on US soil to scuttle DSHEA are less of a threat than the offshore threat posed by the EU FSD and Codex due to how we've been set up for harmonization.

AHPA just issued a press release which totally exposes the NAS IOM report which calls for the repealment of DSHEA for numerous inaccuracies.
Attempts to scuttle DSHEA are DOA (Dead on Arrival) due to AHPAs expose, but pharma front groups will try to lure vitamin consumers via red herring "alerts" which will just divert people from where their attention should be placed.

We have been set up like bowling pins for International harmonization to emerging Codex vitamin standard and must kill ratification in Rome in July 2005.

First step to monkeywrenching the Cartel's agenda:
Support the UK based Alliance for Natural Health with a donation to help them pay their lawyers They'll be in the European Court of Justice on Tuesday, January 25th and need donations from vitamin consumers world wide.
As goes the EU, so goes the World. The EU is the dominant political force at CODEX. To scatter the chickens at CODEX, the first step is to blow the EU FSD to smithereens, which ANH will do on Tuesday, with all of our help. I will be in the courtoom to report on their anticipated victory for Life Extension Magazine. We're up against a Eugenics agenda here.

Second Step: Watch the Emergency Health Freedom DVD on streaming video at and get several copies to pass around to health food stores all over America and the world. Grasp that in America, the supplement industry is being led to the cliff from within. NNFA's pharma dominated legal counsel published a spin piece against my mssg that was published in the December issue of NNFA Today. Many vitamin companies and health food stores belong to NNFA and mindlessly trust them. NNFA's pharma dominated legal counsel (Sidley, Austin, Brown and Wood LLP) have numerous pharma clients. Its a total conflict of interest that NNFA ever hired them.

Third Step- Support IAHF via paypal at paypal button is on the top of the scrollbar on the interior of the site. IAHF needs funds for additional public speaking, traveling re this issue. IAHF was created as a catalytic entity in '96 specifically to address the Codex International threat to health freedom. I was kicked off the US Codex Delegation prior to the 2000 meeting in Berlin, and had serious death threats for my efforts to get Congressional ovesight on the issue which I've been walking point on since my article in Life Extension Mag was the first to call it to global attention.

I have a genetic need for the supplements I use, and I've been a grass roots health freedom organizor/ lobbyist since 1989. This is a true global grass roots battle, we're up against a eugenics agenda. The entitlement programs are all bankrupt (Social Security, etc) and the ruling elite are very concerned about the demographics inherent in a retiring baby boom. They simply do not want us to reach age 65. Their attitude is that they own us, and that they will tell us what we can and cannot ingest into bodies they regard to be their property.

I'm not saying any of this tongue in cheek, either. Our birth certificates have been monetized as collateral against an unpayable debt, and are literally being held by the International Monetary Fund. Our SS # is our Slave Number. For deeper insight read this free online book: Blueprint for a Prison Planet- The Plan to Microchip Humanity and Why You Won't Believe It

See An effort is afoot to destroy America by forcing us into the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) intended to be a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our Hemisphere. This is not "conspiracy theory" its conspiracy FACT.

Call me at 800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World...... note. I leave this weekend for Luxembourg to cover the ANH anticipated victory in the ECJ for Life Extension Magazine

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IAHF List: I am off to Luxembourg this weekend to cover that transpires in the European Court of Justice on January 25 when the UK based Alliance for Natural Health goes into the largest courtroom in the ECJ to blow the hated, anti consumer, EU Food Supplements Directive to SMITHEREENS.

If you are an American, to defend your health freedom, it is IMPERATIVE that you take the following two simple actions IMMEDIATELY:

1) Read the news article below from the American Herbal Products Assn which trashes the recent IOM Report, citing numerous gross and misleading inaccuracies in it that shows just how low these Pharma Lap Dogs will go in their zeal to scuttle the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Grasp fully the danger we are in: Members of Congress will accept what IOM is saying, taking it at FACE VALUE unless YOU take the trouble to EDUCATE THEM by calling them to tell them about AHPAs numerous quite valid criticisms. Tell them you will drive them out of office if they attempt to amend DSHEA in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

2) The UK Based Alliance for Natural Health had their legal fees jacked up by the law firm representing them, and need EMERGENCY DONATIONS over their secure server at as they head into court this coming Tuesday, January 25th.

3. To FULLY GRASP the danger dietary supplement consumers WORLD WIDE are in due to CODEX & the EU FSD, watch the DVD "Push Back From CODEX CLIFF" which you may view at NO CHARGE on streaming video at This DVD was shot of our EMERGENCY HEALTH FREEDOM MTG at ACAM in San Diego in November. Our program was MC ed by a health freedom ICON- Jonathan V. Wright, MD

4. Order copies of this DVD to pass out to health food store owners, especially the ones that are members of NNFA, so we can blow their pharma connected legal counsels spin against our message to SMITHEREENS just as ANH is going to do on TUESDAY to the EU FSD.

5. Pray for ANH, IAHF, and all allied organizations world wide, and work with us. We are a true grass roots movement, and we're only going to keep growing in size. Please snowball this URGENT ALERT!! To help IAHF on an emergency basis as well, please pump donations in to IAHF.COM You will see the paypal button on the top of the scrollbar on the interior of the site. Alternatively, please send donations to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA........ With YOUR HELP we WILL DESTROY the Pharma Cartel.... once and for ALL....... now please read the very important article below, and snowball this alert. Each one, teach 10, each 10 teach 10,000,000.
Flawed Report from IOM Calls for Amending DSHEA
2005-01-13 - American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

(Silver Spring, MD) -- In a report based on erroneous assumptions and discredited references, the Institutes of Medicine (IOM) has called for amenndments to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that, while largely redundant to the current law, will almost certainly be waved about and cited by critics of the dietary supplement industry for years to come.

"It is unfortunate that such an imminently qualified group of experts was presented with such flawed assumptions about the current regulatory scheme for dietary supplements," said Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). "The recommendations that resulted from all of the effort that went into this federally funded project have been wasted, and the very credibility of the IOM has been damaged."

The prepublication version of the report, Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) by the American Public, was made available on IOM's website today and a press conference was held in Washington DC to announce its publication. The report was purportedly prepared "to explore scientific, policy, and practice questions that arise from the significant and increasing use of CAM therapies by the American public." One chapter of the report was dedicated to dietary supplements, as was a significant portion of the press conference.

Errors in the report

Examples of errors included in the report include:

In discussing safety of dietary supplements, the report states, "Instead of premarketing testing, FDA must prove that a supplement is unsafe to remove it from the market." As all AHPA members who are familiar with the requirements for new dietary ingredients know, this is not true. The apparent reference in support of this misleading statement is a 1995 FDA document accessed on FDA's website & which AHPA has requested be removed!
In a table that summarized and compares FDA regulation of foods, drugs and dietary supplements, the burden on manufacturers to provide conclusive evidence of safety prior to marketing new ingredients is ignored, and the table states that FDA bears the burden of proof for "demonstrating safety or lack thereof" for all dietary supplements. And what was the reference for that oversight, which again ignores the law on new ingredients?: IOM's own publication from 2004 & which AHPA requested be corrected, prior to its final publication!
In discussing the ongoing process of awaiting FDA's final rule on good manufacturing practice specific to dietary supplements, the report states that GMP "will require standardsÂ… to reduce the risk of contamination with pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities." It is apparent that IOM was not aware that all supplement manufacturers are currently required to meet the same high standard of manufacturing practice that is required for all U.S. food producers & and so are already required to address all of the cited contamination issues.
The document cites a survey of public attitudes about dietary supplements: "Slightly more than half (53 percent) were aware that supplements are not regulated by the government."

"What is sad about this citation is that it makes it apparent that 100 percent of the panel was misinformed about the regulatory status of dietary supplements," commented McGuffin. "How can anyone propose amendments to a law that they do not understand?"
Recommended amendments to DSHEA

The report's chapter on dietary states concludes by stating that "Â… the committee recommends that the U.S. Congress and federal agencies, in consultation with industry, research scientists, consumers, and other stakeholders, amend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and the current regulatory scheme for dietary supplements, with emphasis on strengthening:

Seed-to-shelf quality control,
Accuracy and comprehensiveness in labeling and other disclosure
Enforcement efforts against inaccurate and misleading claims,
Research into how consumers use supplements,
Incentives for privately funded research into the efficacies of products and brands, and
Consumer protection against all potential hazards."

"DSHEA is a good law that already forbids misleading claims and requires accurate labeling, including label information that protects consumers," added McGuffin. "If FDA does a good job with the imminent GMP rules, the quality control issue will be addressed. Incentivizing research is a worthy conversation, but 'public domain' knowledge about herbs must be considered in any new scheme. So we are left with research on consumer use of supplements - is IOM proposing that the U.S. Congress pass a law to establish a statutory requirement that somebody conduct surveys?"

IOM's press release can be read at

The full IOM report is available online:, and the chapter on dietary supplements (Chapter 9) can be purchased there for $3.00 by following the prompts to "purchase PDF chapters."


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