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ISA Hamilton Section
August 2009 - Summer Updates

August - SummerIn This Issue:
1 - President's Message
2 - Executive Board for 2009/2010 Season

3 - Golf Tournament - August 14
4 - Our Past Presidents (We Need Your Help)
5 - Your Subscription & Privacy


A Message from our President

ISA HamiltonDear Members, Colleagues & Friends,

Does the second time around make things easier? This is the second time I have been elected President of the ISA Hamilton Section and while it may be a familiar position the challenges are always different. Our Hamilton membership still appears to be strong and supportive and I will aim to keep it that way in the upcoming year.

Unfortunately our recent economical chain of events has put pressure on all industries and organizations to adapt. The ISA society has reacted and put some fiscal changes into place to adapt and stay strong. Likewise, the Hamilton Section executive will adapt. We are holding a planning meeting for our executives in August to think outside the box and develop new ideas that will support our goal to remain the best section in ISA. I certainly hope our members think so.

One of the most recent significant changes in our organization in the last year was our new name International Society of Automation. This new title in itself is promoting the global challenge we are seeing. Our ISA society is farther reaching with new members just as I am sure local industry is looking further for new business.  We need to welcome any new ideas and opportunities that can help our ISA Hamilton section grow and be the main stay that it has been since 1962. There is a new addition to our ISA Hamilton web site with the honorable mention of Past Presidents. I say this, since our historical records have some blanks and we are asking for help from anyone who can provide the names of people who served in that position in the 60’s. We would like to add them to our web page of Honour.

We have had a lot of successes this year though. Our EXPO was a well attended event this year and our section hosted the annual District 13 Leadership Conference in May. We are looking forward to another successful golf tournament (8th annual) this week and we are planning to enhance our member meeting format to better serve our members.

I would like to welcome our new executive for this year and look forward to planning the member meetings, Mohawk College awards and the many other good things our section does in this local area.

If you have any questions or comments about the ISA Hamilton Section, please feel free to contact me by email at our Hamilton Section office info@isahamilotn.com or by fax at 905-319-7108. I look forward to meeting with our Hamilton members at the next meeting of the season.

Sincerely Yours,
  Bob Popek – President ISA Hamilton Section


Executive Board for 2009/2010

ISA HamiltonDuring our most recent Annual General Meeting (May 2009) we ratified our Executive Board for the 2009/2010 season.
Our Directors are: 
    President  -  Bob Popek,    Vice-President  -  Jerry Gelata,
    Secretary  -  Steve Sterczer,    Treasurer  -  Alice Kelly
Our Committee Chairs are: 
    Program  -  Ashok Saha,    Program Assistant  -  Jennifer Loeffler,
    Membership  -  Steve Sterczer,    Exhibition  -  Alice Kelly,   
    Education  -  Michael Bovenkamp,    Standards & Practices  - Glen Taylor,
    Honours & Awards  -  Jerry Gelata,    Parliamentarian  -  Kenneth Hamilton,
    Newsletter  -  Jennifer Loeffler,    Newsletter Assistants  -  Robert Plaschka & Kenneth Hamilton,
    Section Performance  -  Jerry Gelata,    Marketing & Advertising  -  Ashok Saha,
    Webmaster  -  Wally Nickel

Additional details and contact information for our Executive Board members is available on our web site - Executive Board page.      If you're interested in a more active role in ISA Hamilton Section,  please contact any one of our Executive Board members and we'll endeavor to address your preferences.

ISA connects you to...Your Industry; Colleagues; Standards Data; News; Advances; Opportunities.  Why not consider being part of our executive and get more out your membership.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming more involved in the organization that is “Setting the Standard for Automation”.


Golf Tournament - August 2009

8th Annual Golf Tournament
Golf Tournament

FRIDAY - August 14, 2009

(On Chippewa Road in Mount Hope)

Shotgun Start at: 12:00 noon
4-Person Team - Scramble Format
(Individual or Team entries accepted)

$ 95 per person
Includes golf cart, prize, steak dinner including salads & desserts
(Note: please specify if a vegetarian meal is required)

$475 Corporate Foursome Package*
*Includes Corporate Ad Package below

$125 Corporate Sponsor
Ad Package sold separately**
**includes your company logo/name on a sign posted at a designated tee and a 1-year ad with a link to your company/organization prominently displayed on our web site.

For More Information....
Visit our web site at  www.isahamilton.com/golf_tournament.html


Our Past Presidents - We Need Your Help

ISA HamiltonWe're  working to update some of our lost records and would ask for your help. 
The following is a listing of our ISA Hamilton Section presidents. 
You'll notice that we have a few gaps in our records.
We would certainly appreciate your input and any assistance that you might be able to provide in filling the gaps.

    2009 – present   Bob Popek
    2007 – 2009      Jack Vincent
    2005 – 2007      Jerry Gelata
    2003 - 2005       Mike Bovenkamp
    2002 - 2003       Alice Kelly
    1999 - 2002       Bob Popek
    1997 - 1999       Peter Dello
    1995 - 1997       Yves Rioux
    1993 - 1995       Ken Hamilton
    1991 - 1993       Wally Nickel
    1989 - 1991       Jack Brokenshire
    1987 - 1989       Gord Dugan 
    1985 - 1987       Tony Thacker
    1983 - 1985       Mike Kozary
    1981 - 1983       Cliff Grundy
    1979 - 1981       Bill Hudson
    1977 - 1979       Harry Coates

    1975 - 1977      
    1973 - 1975       Dave Jarman
    1971 - 1973       Dennis Tizard
    1969 - 1971       Pete McIntyre

    1967 - 1969       Bud ??
    1965 -
    1963 -
    1962 -
  Please Note:  

Any information with regard to Past ISA Hamilton Presidents history would be greatly appreciated.

To add or correct any information then please contact the ISA Hamilton Section Historian. (historian@isahamilton.com)


Your Subscription & Privacy

PrivacyWe value your personal privacy and your right to choose what email messages you receive. If you've received this message in error we apologize. If you would like to have your email address removed from the ISA Hamilton mailing list, please reply to this e-mail message and simply add "REMOVE" to the subject line of your reply message. Please allow 4 to 6 days for this change to take effect.

Visit our web site www.isahamilton.com for the latest news and updated information.


ISA Hamilton Section