2015 Spring Newsletter
Reinventing Recruiting
Last Fall, we introduced the concept of a rapidly evolving recruiting environment.
The notion that most companies are simply not evolving their talent acquisition techniques quickly enough to stay competitive and land enough great people to meet their business needs.  The idea that if you haven’t already radically revamped how you recruit, how you think about recruiting, you will very shortly.
Since posting that, our clients confirm, it’s getting more and more difficult to land ideal candidates.  We are finding a lot of success in an agile, rapid iteration process that puts the candidate in the forefront.
We’re shaking it up in terms of how we operate and are coaching our clients to make significant changes in their process.
When possible, we are asking senior execs including CEOs to get involved, pitch candidates early on the vision, and help close them.  One client is now leading the interviews with the CEO on key roles.
We’re coaching managers who hire recruiters to hunt talent, to let them do their job.  Success as a recruiter means either hunting for talent in ‘research mode’ or talking to talent in ‘pitch’ mode.  Too often recruiters are weighed down with meetings and reporting—consider hiring a full or part time recruiting coordinator to do that for everyone.
Control the time you spend posting your job everywhere--very few candidates apply for roles off job boards.  You know that service that posts your job to 50 job boards?  Counter-productive in most cases, you may be hammered with non-qualified candidates.
We’ve all noticed, the market has flipped---it’s a ‘candidate’s market’.  When someone talented is interested in you, it’s time to turn up the charm, open the kimono and work hard to both sell them on the opportunity as well as assess them.
And finally, keeping it positive is such an asset.  We’re finding candidates boomerang back into contention several months or quarters down the road.  It’s about relationships—indeed recruiting always has been.
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Here’s a sampler of what we’re working on now:
VP Customer Happiness – Join this explosive, contemporary  startup, architect and scale up a world class organization.
Head of Hardware – First hardware hire at this SF IOT play, build your team, product portfolio.  Did we mention it’s extremely well-funded?
VP Product Management – CE meets Medical Devices.  Early stage, well-funded play in San Francisco.
Director of R&D IOT – Come build a new team and category for one of the most admired brands.  San Francisco Bay Area.
Director of Retail Sales – Build and blow out this new channel for a well-funded CE play in San Francisco.
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