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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
May 28,  2012
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

From the Pink Water Taxis

As we slide inexorably into winter, the mornings are getting dark and drizzly and scary and horrible.

Sure enough, at 0500 on the morning that you REALLY NEED IT TO, the boat doesn't start ...or it's sitting on the sand!!
No Water Taxi until 0600. No ferry until 0620.
Options (1) Go home and cry (2) Annoy neighbour for lift (3) Sit and wait for someone else (Sod's Law applies).

Maybe we can help.  The Water Taxis have conducted a straw poll over the last couple of weeks and in précis, residents are much more concerned with getting to work in the mornings than they are with getting home at midnight (remember when we used to party? No? Too long ago?).  Accordingly, we have come up with a scheme to open at 0500 Monday to Friday.  We've run it past the Regulatory Authorities and obtained the OH&S stamp.

So here's the proposal:

Monday to Thursday      5am to 11pm
Friday                          5am to midnight
Saturday                        6am to midnight
Sunday                          6am to 9pm (happy to wait back for customers until midnight if they let us know)

As you can see, it's a little less uniform than we're used to but we can post it at the Point, in the ferry sheds and on the website. The normal weekday fares apply from 0500.  The $12 commuter special from Bell kicks in at 0600 for now but may be revisited.

So please pass comments to any of the Pink Water Taxi drivers or email rod@pinkwatertaxis.com.au

If the community wants it, we'll give it a go.

Yours aye - Rod, Alex and Geoff

Commencement and Proposed Staging of Works Church Point Commuter Wharf Reconstruction
Installation works are to commence on the construction of the new Commuter Wharf
Dates for the key installation stages are as follows:
May 27/28                   Begin site establishment
June 4 – 17                 Install northern piles
June 17 – 24               Install northern pontoon
June 24 – 27               Install temporary access to connect existing pontoon with the new pontoon
June 25 – July 2          Relocate existing southern wing of commuter wharf
June 25 – July 9          Install piles for southern end of new structure.
July 15 – 22                 Extend and attach approcal pontoon
July 22 – 29                 Relocation of existing pontoon
The proposed works will entail commuter wharf users to moor at existing available pontoon space, both new and old, as it becomes available.  There may be instances of double or even triple stacking of boats during key project stage changeovers
Council will utilise its web-site to provide updated notifications of impending works
Any queries during construction can be made directly to:
Mark Eriksson, Landscape Architect on 9970 1356; email mark_eriksson@pittwater.nsw.gov.au
John Berry, Building Services Manager on 9970 1370; email john_berry@pittwater.nsw.gov.au
Mark Eriksson

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