ANAR DANA Intro Weekends
Seattle, Sept. 19-20, 2015
San Francisco, Sept. 26-27, 2015
The new seasons of ANAR DANA in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area are about to begin!!! The introductory weekend for the ANAR DANA Seattle 2015/16 Training Project is September 19-20 and the introductory weekend for San Fracisco 2015/16  is September 26-27.  (For more information on the training programs please scroll down.)  Please register to secure your spot ASAP.

To kick off the season in Seattle there will be a Chaikhana (tea house) Cultural Evening on Fri, Sept 18th at my house in Ravenna.  This is a really evening with a potluck and videos of some of the material that I propose for our upcoming repertoire. Please join us!  It is a great way to support the activities of ANAR DANA even if you are not an active member. Please RSVP for directions to my house. 

I'm really really looking forward starting these new projects with you! 
Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!
Fri Sept. 18, 2015   USA/Washington   Seattle
"Chaikhana: an evening in an Oriental Coffee House"
Potluck and Cultural Evening in Casa Ravenna
Sat/Sun Sept 19-20, 2015 USA/Washington Seattle
ANAR DANA Seattle 2015/16 Intro Weekend
Sat/Sun Sept 26-27, 2015 USA/California San Francisco
ANAR DANA San Francisco 2015/16 Intro Weekend
Learn Technique, Choreography, Dance Notation, Yoga, Music Analysis, Staging, Costuming, Stage Make-up,Historical and Cultural backgrounds for 7 different styles of women's dance from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. 
On this weekend we will pick our repertoire together and you can become acquainted with my work before deciding to take part in the whole 9-weekend project and show.  Both projects will then begin in October.  Cost: $185 per weekend.

In addition to the weekend dates I will offer in-depth cultural evenings Fridays before each project weekend.  These evenings are designed to explore the cultures of our project’s dances in more depth, including costumes, films, music and more.  The cultural evenings are open to the public and cost $15 for general public.

Training weekend dates Seattle:
17-18 October, 2015
31 October - 1 November, 2015
21-22, November, 2015
6-7 February,  2016
20-21, February, 2015
5-6, March, 2016
23-24, April, 2016
14-15, May, 2016
4-5 June, 2016
Dress rehearsal: June 16, 2016 (6-10pm)
Recitals: 17 & 18, June, 2016
and most probably performances as NW Folklife, the Seattle Iranian Festival and Turkfest. 

Training weekend dates San Francisco:
24-25, October, 2015
14-15, November, 2015
13-14, February, 2016
27-28, February, 2016
16-17, April, 2016
21-22, May, 2016
25-26, June, 2016
2-3, October, 2016
5-6, November, 2016
Dress rehearsal Nov. 10, 2016 (6-10 pm)
Recitals 12 & 13 Nov, 2016
(Dress rehearsal and recital weekend is free of charge).
The introductory weekends in September are open to anyone who wants to come and acquaint themselves with my work and what I propose to do in the training program. We will try out many different dance styles, look at videos, see photos of previous training programs that I have led. You will have the chance to ask any and all questions about the work and together we will pick the 7 dance styles that we will work on over the following year. Yes! Whoever comes to the introductory weekend helps to choose the repertoire!  What we do is all up to you!

The project itself will then be a series of 9 intensive weekends of 12 hours each. We will have a repertoire of 7 dances...decided upon in the introductory weekend, after which one must decide to participate or not and commit by contract.
We will learn the techniques of each of the dance styles decided upon, do dance training and yoga, learn about the cultural and historical backgrounds for the different dance styles, learn about choreography, staging, stage make-up and costumes. We learn 7 different group choreographies...each student will be in aprox. 4 choreographies, but is expected to be able to stand in for the other 3 if necessary.  We will also make decisions about costuming at the introductory workshop...which will mostly come from my collection. At the end of the project we do a recital...I do solos in between the group choreographies so that we have a smooth running, full evening performance. There is a certificate of participation for all who complete the program.

To hear former ANAR DANA dancers talk about their experiences go to these links: