"Giving Your Soul a Rise...One Page at a Time"
September 2012
There’s an old saying, “Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it became a butterfly.”  I can’t help but smile every time I visualize that.  Life has a way of reminding us to never quit, never give in, and never limit our own possibilities and dreams.  What we see in ourselves and what we see in others is always a work in progress. The only difference is the material and integrity used to accomplish the task at hand.

Much like each of you, from time to time I have to take inventory of my life, my actions and the path on which I choose to sashay and stroll.  Not just in my literary journey, but in my walk as a Wo-man; a Hu-man. Self-reflection, while hard to do, is a much needed pill to swallow for us all.  Life is ever evolving; that which was old is made new again, but what is more important is the way we use the gifts we have been given in order to shine into that which we were created to become.  There is a place that lives within us all. It is a place of vision and clarity, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness. It’s important for us to recognize our blessings, but also to say thanks in a manner that gives credit where credit is due.  The trouble with “self-made” men is that they tend to worship their creator.  As we say goodbye to Summer and prepare to embrace Fall, let us remember that we are not “self-made” and as we spread our wings in the manner we were created to do, let’s do it in a manner according to God’s design and not our own.
Every road has its ups and downs; its smooth spots and its potholes.  Some travel that road by letting go of principle in search of glitz, glamour and gold.  I prefer the road of hard work, perseverance and excellence.  The smell of that is much sweeter to me. I guess that is why Peace In The Storm is my home.  We have a higher expectation of life here at Peace In The Storm Publishing than the caterpillar had because we know that the world is not over and we are just beginning; we also know a blessing when we see one, and we not only believe in miracles, but we rely on them because we know the best is yet to come. 
Peace, Love and Smooches
Lorraine Elzia
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Sharel E. Gordon-Love
September 11, 2012
St. John's Book Club
Plainfield, New Jersey



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