IAHF List:

If you try to watch the anti Codex anti CAFTA documentary "We Become Silent" on Kevin Miller's Website at http://www.welltv.com and get an error message when you try to load it, thats because he's being buried with traffic thats exceeding the bandwidth of the site.

The hosting company has threatened to shut his site down if this continues and hasn't even offered to let him purchase additional bandwidth. This is the only site where the documentary loads instantaneously, however.

But if you go to watch it and get an error mssg because its overloaded, IF YOU HAVE A HIGH SPEED CONNECTION you can now also try these additional sites to watch it:


http://www.alliance-natural-health.org and


Kevin has done yeoman's work to produce this video, and now he's stone broke & maxing out credit cards just to feed his family. Please place orders to receive a copy of the video with him to help him get the funds needed to be able to start making copies, he needs about $1500. just to produce a glass master and to get rolling- but we need to get this documentary out to every health food store in the world, and to every innovative vitamin company and alternative practitioner- PRONTO.

Please order your copy now for $24.95 (inc. Shipping) by sending a check made out to:
Natural Healing Intl.
2011 Bradley Rd.
W. Lake, OH 44145 USA

If you can place an order of 10 copies or more, you can get a price break by calling Kevin Miller at 440-871-9982 or by emailing him at kevinmiller@welltv.com If you can make a donation that would help him get into mass production quicker, please do as this is a true grass roots effort folks, the life you save could be your own or that of a loved one.

Those of us who are on the front lines in this battle know how hard Kevin has been working in all of our behalf to produce this superb documentary under enormous pressure and we all owe the guy a huge debt of gratitude because without his hard work, we wouldn't have a peg to hang our hats on.

We are getting word out to the Chair of the Codex meeting and to every delegate in an effort to get them to watch it, and we're working on putting together some Emergency Press Conferences with one or more celebrities to call more widespread attention to it prior to the Codex meeting which runs from July 4-9 in Rome. If we can get a high profile press conference, it could give Codex pause- the goal would be to get our would be masters to realize they're overreaching and to slow way down or run the risk of provoking a HUGE global BACKLASH against globalization in an overall sense.

Many have wondered why I don't urge communication with US Codex Delegate Ed Scarbrough. The reason is he's a cog in the executive branch of our government. We have a lame duck President in his final term who can't run for reelection and he's awash in Pharma PAC $$$ so we have no leverage over Scarbrough, an unelected bureaucrat who in 2000 threw me off the US Delegation while ignoring my requests that he remove Yetley of FDA who had clearly violated the law. We're going to try to get him and all delegates to watch "We Become Silent" but we have virtually no influence at CODEX, yet have FAR MORE influence at CONGRESS. We may not be ABLE to stop CODEX, but we CAN keep it from coming HERE, but ONLY if our message is not diverted and diluted by those groups who in OUR view are encouraging an ineffective course of action.

If we don't kill CAFTA/ FTAA we won't stop Codex from coming here. Washington Post indicates CAFTA vote will be very tight, could come down to just ONE VOTE in the House, so our voice can REALLY make a difference!!!

This is an EMERGENCY SITUATION folks- if you haven't yet made your calls and sent your emails in to the House Ways and Means Committee (CAFTA vote tomorrow at 10 am east coast time) and to the full House and Senate (if it makes it out of committee tomorrow will go to the floor sometime after Congress reconvenes July 11th or shortly thereafter) See previous alert at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+356 and please take action, also, use the TOLL FREE number to reach the Capital Switchboard unless it stops working- its 1-866-340-9281 but if it stops working its 202-224-3121.

IAHF needs emergency donations for a return lobbying trip to DC- Please Snowball This Alert:

556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281