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Voice of Country, a 24/7 web streaming country radio station, sends programs to its subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom, commercial free. You get the content from their web site.

They came to our Wade Hayes Friends' Fest in June to interview Wade, especially to talk about his new album. From the programs they've posted - 3 twenty minute segments - you can tell that they have a respect and admiration for Wade's work - his early work as well as his current project. You'll hear some of both, along with conversation with Wade. The first segment leads off with the clever, crowd-capturing "Every Time I Give the Devil a Ride," which has some amazing guitar work on it, too. The second song is the title cut from Wade's newest project, "Place to Turn Around." Then be prepared to be blown away by "What's a Broken Heart (for You)." It's hard to choose a favorite.

VOC has created a special page for a limited time for the readers of WOWW! so you can listen to these 3 segments without subscribing to their service (even though the name of the link might lead you to think you must subscribe now to hear these programs, that's not the case). Of course, they'd love for you to be one of their regular subscription listeners.


Voice of Country plans more future projects with Wade. This is an opportunity for Wade's work to be heard around the world.

This special page for non-subscribers will be available for the next week. You can't link to it from their main page, you'll have to use the link I've included.

For a small monthly fee, you can be a regular subscriber to the station. Check back later - they're working on setting it up to accept US dollars, not just British currency. I'll have more info on that later.



This is news we've eagerly waited for!! You can order Wade's new album NOW. Shipping is expected to begin after July 15th.

Here are the tracks to be included on " A Place to Turn Around"
* God Made Me to Love You
* So What's a Broken Heart For You
* I Want To (written by Emerick/Cook)
* Right Where I Want You
* Drinking Thing (Gary Stewart)
* The Best Part
* She Knows Me
* I Wouldn't Know
* When the Devil Takes a Ride
* Good Day to Go Crazy
* A Place to Turn Around

Nine of the tracks are written by Wade. He's followed the custom of including an older, traditional song as he did on his other albums. Wade did most of the guitar work - both acoustic and electric.



Wade will continue to personalize. Your personalization info should be entered on the check-out page. We are using PayPal to process orders - credit cards and e-checks. You do not have to be a PayPal member to order on the PayPal page. It's our way of making certain that your information is entered on a secure site.


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