Cryan's was hysterical, as some sucked for a buck, and we all drank like a skunk! More bachelorette parties, with a T-shirt full of lifesavers for the bride to be. A buck to suck, and twenty gets you plenty! Pics coming soon.

This weekend we've got two... (click)... two... (click)... two treats in one!

Also, don't forget to check back often, as we keep updating the site with new pics each week. Take a peek. See the awesome time you may have "missed" by doing those three extra jaeger bombs!


FRIDAY - JULY 22 - 10pm
The Rock Bottom
437 Main St, W Orange, NJ
This is our debut show here, so please join in droves to assist with the score! This place is a great little hangout, and ever so close to the NJ Devils' practice ice. And... there WILL be a hockey season once again!! Hmmm... Ladies..!!??

* * * * *

SATURDAY - JULY 23 - 10pm
The Bull
229 William St, Piscataway NJ
We ALWAYS rock this ol' house, and we'll treat ya' right, well past last blast! Come join us for beefy burgers, frosty 'frehsments, and tons o' tunes!

Upcoming Schedule
Friday - July 29 - The Junction - Newton
Thursday - Aug 4 - The Funky Monkey - Morristown
Saturday - Aug 6 - Cliffstock VII - Dunellen

Please join us all at the 2005 Cliffstock VII benefit in a couple weeks. It's a great outdoor, all ages, daytime event for some sadly missed young friends. The proceeds/ scholarships benefit other young folks who could really use the tuition cabbage. Bring all your peeps, young and old. Thanks in advance!

Also, don't forget, we'll play your private party, just talk to one of The WRECKS. Our regular price is $100,000 per event, however, we'll give YOU a special break! Just present this email/ coupon for a 99% discount (give or take ;-).

See you this weekend!

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