M2M Fenders Newsletter
January 2013
We did have a giggle at the London Boat Show. We sold 54 dinghies between us on the Excel-inflatables Stand. Pretty good I reckonMoney mouth
Best question all week? “Where’s the car show mate?” Funnily enough, he wouldn’t accept that a dinghy with a set of wheels on the transom would be a lot more fun – there’s no pleasing some peopleLaughing
So if you’re looking for a new dinghy or tender at a competitive price give us a shout. Sorry we’re clean out of carsWink

OK OK, so fenders aren’t the most exciting things in the world, but they do protect you from the little rascals who use your yacht for target practice when mooring.
If you need some new fenders this season, some tips for you:
8m yacht 18cm diameter fender
10m yacht 20cm diameter fender
12m yacht 23cm diameter fender
14m yacht 27cm diameter fender
16m yacht 30cm diameter fender
For cylinder fenders, if it looks like a cylinder when inflated, you’ve got it right. If it looks like Mr Blobby you’ve got carried awayLaughing

Fender covers
Love them or hate them, fender covers are designed to protect paintwork and gel coats. They are consumable items. Depending on where you are moored and how you look after them, they will last 1 season or up to 4 seasons.
Our fender covers are made to fit the size and make of your fenders. If you need some new covers for this season, tell us the make of fender, the measurements from top of eye to bottom of eye and the diameter. Oh yeah and don’t forget the colourSmile


I hope you have found this newsletter interesting – any thoughts and feedback always welcome. Many thanks for your continued support.
Dudley Pattison
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