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At 02:00 PM 12/15/2007, someone wrote in response to my last alert:

i just cant see them killing an elderly doctor who probably wont even get that much percentage in the primaries , and if they do  it would probably make matters worse for them as more people would want to know everything about him and he could even become an icon like mlk  they usually try to ignore people like him

They can't ignore him, his support base continues to grow exponentially- see for yourself at http://www.ronpaul2008.com/  As for being "an elderly doctor", don't kid yourself! He may be 72, but he swims, runs, and rides a bicycle every day. He's got more vitality than a lot of people a lot younger than he is. He is a former football player and track athlete who once held the Pennsylvania state record in both the 220, and 440 yard sprints. He was once offered a full track scholarship to a major university, but turned it down due to injuries. Instead, he became a collegiate swimmer when he was at Gettysburg. He's got a lot of years left in him yet and it wouldn't surprise me to see him exceed Jesse Helms in longevity if they don't kill him.

His goal was to raise 12 Million dollars by the end of December, and he's going to go very far PAST that because the Boston Tea Party Money Bomb happens tomorrow http://www.teaparty07.com/ and thats going to do what they don't want, which is to put him back in the news, which is only going to continue making it IMPOSSIBLE to ignore him. Even if he doesn't match or exceed the $4.2 Million he raised in a single day a while back, I bet he'll still raise over 2 Million tomorrow, and thats pretty amazing considering how close to Christmas we are right now! 

We got him a BLIMP and its off the ground, its flying right now toward Boston- the whole thing was paid for strictly via grass roots donations, and the effort to get it wasn't even coordinated by his campaign, it was all done by volunteers :
Although I see from this that it won't make it to Boston in time for the Tea Party on Sunday, it will be over South Carolina on Sunday and thats another Primary State. As you can see though, the Blimp is getting him ink in mainstream papers like the Boston Globe and its only going to KEEP getting him ink, something the elite don't like at all.

He's got people on the ground in New Hampshire right now, over 400 volunteers being coordinated by a brilliant guy, himself a volunteer, named Vijay Boyapati. Vijay quit his job at Google to volunteer his services to the campaign, and he organized the moneybomb that generated more than 50 Grand to house and feed the volunteers in New Hampshire. Tonight, volunteers all over the world are going to be putting RP signs and banners up everywhere. I'll be working with a crew in downtown vancouver BC canada to do it and all over the world and the country, RP Revolutionaries will be doing the same thing. This isn't a trend the ruling elite feel comfortable about.

This scene has been repeated in all the primary states and all over the country and the world. Thats not something they can ignore, and thats why the CIA is actively examining the situation with an intention to take him out. Consider Paul Wellstone. His plane was blown out of the sky for a lot less than the stuff RP is pissing them off over right now. Ditto for JFK Junior.

Don't kid yourself. These people are arrogant in the extreme, and RP is threatening to monkeywrench their next planned Presidential installation. Thats why they want to kill him. He's the only candidate who's not CFR aside from Kucinich and Hillary, but Kucinich poses no threat, and Hillary might as well be CFR because Bill is. Hell, Bill is a lot more than just CFR, he's a Bilderberger.---------------------------------------- 

NOW......... I'm off to Vancouver BC to plaster RP signs all over the downtown core..... you should be doing the same exact thing wherever you are. This is the only person who ever tried to help stop Codex on Capital Hill, he's the only one who isn't for sale. He's the only one who's not trying to sell us down the river. He's not a member of CFR...... He's a good man, the rarest sort of politician............

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