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~ Marching Into Spring ~

Some would say a 'garden is a garden'....but I would say....each garden has its own special signature. Whether formal or cottage style, there are many touches that can transform the simplest to splendor and the formal to ease and comfort.

Cottage gardens began in England and were more for growing food than for simple pleasure.

As more and more food became available in markets the cottage garden became more ornamental.

My first thought when Cottage gardening comes to mind is "overcrowded"" However, overcrowded can be beautiful if a little thought goes into the placement of the bulk of planting.

Fencing and hedges, paths and garden art can define areas of interest, leaving the rest for casual viewing and not so much close-up inspection.

If one is lucky enough to have plants from previous generations of family or friends...this can bring an element of meaning to be cherished and passed on to other family and friends who garden.

A Memory garden inside a garden is a special way to honor those who have gone from our lives.

Sage Hill Farms is named in memory of my mother....who thought she could not cook anything worthy of eating without “Sage”.

Don't forget the critter garden when remembrance spots are planned.....children especially have a hard time adjusting to losing a pet, understanding why baby birds get tossed from their nest and die...butterflies with broken wings that render them helpless....knowing they are in a safe place that can be cared for makes these rough moments a bit easier to accept.

Whatever plans you have for your spring garden...make it you own, name it, treat it with the same love and attention that you expect for yourself....the rewards will be more than you can imagine.

Oh...and don't forget to add herbs anywhere and everywhere. Garlic grows well among and is beneficial to roses. Basil is a lifeline for tomatoes.

I truly hope this is the year you embrace Heirloom seed into your gardens…

Heirloom is simply seed from generations back that have been carefully selected, saved, and passed down with information of who, what, when and how they came to be.

Many heirlooms have laugh out loud names - such as “Frizzy Headed” lettuce and Mortgage Saver. Some have profound names like “Cherokee Trail of Tears” beans” (these seeds were carried from the Smoky Mountains to Oklahoma during the winter death march (1838-1839). 4,000 graves were left along that trail. “Moon& Stars“ watermelon has a big gold moon and small stars on the rind. All have awesome colors and flavor beyond description.

Heirlooms have the ability to adapt naturally over time to their environment, soil and climate. Insects and disease tend to avoid heirlooms…

Something you may or may not know…the term “heirloom” related to seed did not exist before the early 1980’s…they were known only as old timey seed. Either is a good description.

All seed are under attack by powers who are seeking control over our food supply. ”He who controls the seed, controls the food supply - and controls the people.”

About ten companies own/control three quarters of the seed worldwide.

Major players in this seed war are large chemical companies with Monsanto at the head of the band.

Heirlooms are owned by no-one and everyone….we must work to keep it that way! Get to know heirlooms and do your part to preserve the honor they deserve.

A new spring is a perfect time to carve a path to better health, if you need a starting place… meet my good friend and mentor…Sandi Thompson…educated, qualified, certified, and just plain awesome at her job!

OK…a first for me…recommending a “cookbook.” I do not believe in dieting for the sake of losing a few pounds only to gain it back and then some…most diets are more harmful than good. Beware…

So, you have to know this is something to take a second look at: ”The Virgin Diet Cookbook”.

Written by JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS…designed to attack the hidden causes of over-weight, adopt a healthy way of eating and in the process lose the unwanted weight for good. Totally amazing recipes, from the best of all your favorite foods….minus all the wrongs….

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Need some personal gardening guidance, information on growing and using herbs for better health and tasty meals, want to understand the issues around GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and how they wreck our health? Contact me and let’s talk.

I’m also available for group classes or speaking engagements at your location.

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Thank you and wishing you a Mighty March~ In the garden and beyond