BBC News:  "The population of Tent City (Near Los Angeles) Has Grown Rapidly in Less Than a Year...."

IAHF List:

Here in Point Roberts we have a local group of citizens that meet periodically called "PREP" which stands for "Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group". PREP was created because at times in the winter here we've had episodes of flooding in low lying areas in which we've needed to band together as a community to rescue people whose homes have been flooded by high tides and winter storm surges.

PREP was also formed because we live in a region where there are sometimes earthquakes and forest fires, and where there could be a Tsunami. We also sometimes have winter power outages due to ice storms, so we've organized locally for the purpose of being able to help each other out more effectively.

Last weekend we had an Arts & Music Festival at which PREP had a booth. I struck up a conversation with them about the possibility of a huge economic collapse and martial law, and asked if they didn't think it would be good idea to have a community wide dialogue about these matters given the fact that 37 banks have failed, with more to come. I told them I'd email them additional information, and last night I did. I also emailed it to everyone on the Chamber of Commerce, and to several other local people.

I have no idea what sort of response (if any) I'll get to this, but I decided I had to at least TRY because I need to know who around here is connecting the dots on whats going on, and who isn't. It is possible that literally everyone I sent this to will just ignore it, and conclude that I must be a "raving lunatic", but somehow I don't think that will happen based on the sheer number of people I sent this to and the solidity of my information.

I encourage all of you on the IAHF list to take my letter and modify it to fit your local area, and send it to people in YOUR OWN community, to see what comes back. If NOTHING does, you better put a lot more thought into developing a personal contingency plan to get OUT of whereever you are to a more remote area.


To: Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group
and other interested people in Point Roberts & Elsewhere in US and Canada
who are concerned about unfolding hard economic times and what they could bring and the wisdom of preparing.....

I am a consultant to the dietary supplement industry on legislative issues and do my work all over the world.

From my work I routinely do deep geopolitical analysis in order to be in the best position to help clients make business decisions.

I am very concerned about what I see unfolding in our country and in the world on a number of fronts, and had some conversation about this yesterday at the PREP table at the Arts & Music Festival, but wanted to follow up what I was talking about with additional information for your perusal and consideration. My guess is that this topic probably has never come up in any of your meetings, and I was wondering what your thoughts are after reading this?

At the dinner table my father always used to tell us "I really hope you never have to go through anything like the Great Depression, but I have the feeling you probably will." He told us many stories of the hardships he and others had to endure during that period in our history, and his words are echoing in my mind right now as I ponder the
economic quagmire America is in right now because its apparent to any thinking person that its only going to be getting MUCH WORSE in the coming few months, and it COULD EASILY lead to the imposition of Martial Law.  It pays to "Be Prepared"..... for any old thing......

Following a proper group discussion in which input is gathered from a wide variety of people for the sake of building consensus:

I would like to see PREP issue an alert to the citizens of Point Roberts in which you advise people to take the following precautions in case we experience a huge economic collapse that could easily lead to food rioting and the imposition of martial law on a national scale.

You should advise people to either get their money out of the bank and close all accounts or that people only keep a bare minimum in the bank to be able to pay bills and use a debit card, but it would be very wise for people to withdraw as much as they can
now to put into gold, junk silver coins, food reserves, barterable items, seeds, gardening implements, canning supplies, crab traps, fishing tackle, solar panels, windmills, inverters, deep cycle batteries, 18% capsicum powder Bear Spray, axes, cross cut saws, peveys, oil and gas for chain saw, extra chains, dietary supplements and other medical supplies you might need, and other supplies that would be useful in the event that a financial collapse leads to the declaration of martial law and societal upheaval on a wide scale.

If a lot of people in Point Roberts were to prepare this way, we'd be in a much better position as a community to weather the storm and to help each other via such things as a community garden through which we could grow food via a locally organized division of labor. We'd be far better off if we did things ourselves, it would be a mistake to trust or to i
n any way rely on FEMA to assist us after examining how FEMA acted in New Orleans following Katrina. Everything the government touches turns to shit. They can not, and should not be trusted, by anyone, at any time, EVER.

The basis on which I think you should issue this community wide alert:

Look at this FDIC list of recent bank closings: The most recent of the 37 banks that have closed was August 1st.  Watch this video showing a Shanty Town/ Tent city of dispossessed homeless people who've lost their houses due to mortgage foreclosures in California:

This New York Times article indicates that
"we ain't seen nuthin' yet" That this is just the tip of the ICEBURG: August 4th NY Times: "Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults"

Think YOUR MONEY is safe in the bank??? GUESS AGAIN: The information below proves that the FDIC doesn't even REMOTELY have the funds necessary to insure the trillions of dollars on deposit in US banks. It proves that all it would take for the whole system to come crashing down would be for just one more bank the size of INDY MAC to fail, along with 10 mid sized regional banks- and the FDIC simply wouldn't have any more ability to insure ANYONE!

FDIC Severely Undercapitalized To Handle Coming Bank Failures

 Author: *Jim Sinclair*

              *Dear CIGAs,*

Because all of us here at JSMineset care, here is the FDIC and SIPC missive
from this weekend.

Have you protected yourself?

FDIC Insurance quoted by all banks to calm the fear of depositors is another
exercise in smoke and mirrors. This can be seen in the recent commentary
from FDIC on last week's takeover of the insolvent banks, First National and
First Heritage.

The FDIC notes that this bailout cost only $862 million dollars, or 0.30
percent of the $13.4 trillion dollars insured at approximately 8500 insured

We know the FDIC had net assets of $53 billion before IndyMac, which
according to the FDIC will cost them between $4 billion and $8 billion.
Taking the lower estimate and last week's double-header, the FDIC's
available assets would have been reduced from $53 billion to $48 billion. We
therefore have $48 billion in available funds guaranteeing $13.4 trillion in
By rounding out the total FDIC assets, they represent 0.35% of
what is insured.

This amounts to a vastly undercapitalized insurance company that makes
outrageous claims, guaranteeing all US depositors up to $100,000 through
8,500 institutions.

I estimate that with the failure of one more major bank and ten reasonably
sized regional banks the FDIC will be screaming for additional capital. That
is monetizing bankrupt banks. This is true because the funds will come from
public money.

Are you still in a freeze frame about protecting yourself?

Think about the other smoke and mirror game called SIPC that your broker
assures you will take care of any loss in client assets, which is
capitalized at $1.5 billion. Any of the big 6 has more than that in customer
assets. It is possible that just one account at one of the big six has that
amount alone.

You might consider all the calming brokers speaking about the additional
insurance they carry for their clients, written to the firm for the benefit
of their clients, even though your name is not on it. Now we all trust our
brokers to do right by us, don't we?

I wonder how long a bankruptcy judge would take to distribute the secondary
funds to clients. I am sure it would take at least a few years.

If such an event were to occur, I imagine the dollar would be confetti by
the time of distribution.

Respectfully yours,

How would people react if their bank closed its doors BEFORE they'd had a chance to get their money out and to invest it in precious metals, groceries, and barterable items? How would they react if the FDIC was not able to insure their deposits (and they won't be)?

Starving people will react just the way they did in the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans- they'll loot supermarkets whose shelves will be rapidly stripped of all food, and conditions could easily be so bad that the stores would not be resupplied. In the aftermath of Katrina, people in some parts of the Gulf Coast had to fend for themselves with no outside help for weeks, but a nationwide economic collapse and martial law could easily create a much more severe set of circumstances.  See this videofootage from martial law in the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans to get an idea of what could easily happen nationwide, (only for a MUCH longer period of time) in the event of an economic collapse:

MSNBC: Police and others all looting a Walmart

Elderly lady being STOMPED by police who broke into her home

ABC World News: National Guard Patrolling the City, Forcing People From Their Homes (including people on High Ground), Entering Houses with Guns Drawn, People being arrested for trying to protect their houses

CNN- Martial Law in New Orleans

Military Troops in New Orleans Note: Posse Commatatus had not been suspended at this time, but it has been since then by Bush, so now the troops have been totally unleashed on us without any restrictions. 

CNN: Killer Cops in New Orleans shot and killed an unarmed mentally retarded man

Keep in mind that Bush suspended the Posse Commatatus Act via the Defense Appropriations Act of 1996, so military troops can now be used to police civilians.

Keep in mind that Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root have been very busy in recent years building huge concentration camps all over the USA and theres a big one in eastern Washington (Okanogan County). See

Keep in mind that the world ruling elite have erected a huge granite monument in northern Georgia called The Georgia Guidestones which they've translated into 8 languages, and on this they flat out tell us that their intention is to reduce world population down to just 500 Million people (which means they intend to kill 9 out of 10 of us). Don't take my word for it, see this for yourself: Also see

Now, for those of you who think "this is crazy, this could NEVER happen in AMERICA" I'd like you to ponder this for a few minutes: Go to Scroll past the ads and examine the article about the Masonic street layout of Washington DC very carefully. I won't say anything about whats in this article, I'd just like you to ponder it very carefully for yourselves. Let it sink in. Really THINK about it. Then I want you to examine this article about the very interesting murals at the Denver airport which depict horrific scenes of genocide against all the races:

Still think you trust FEMA??? Read this:

Keep in mind that in New Orleans FEMA did a lot of very STRANGE things that were radically INCONSISTENT with what they would have done if they actually CARED about saving lives. For example, they TURNED BACK hundreds of volunteers who had boats who wanted to help save people during the flooding. Doing that killed people who were in dire need of emergency medical assistance and who were stuck on rooftops and in top story floors of houses without air conditioning, without food, without water, without sanitation facilities--- many had serious medical conditions. FEMA needed those volunteers, yet they wouldn't let them help. This is just one of many strange anomalies I could list as an example.

I'm not claiming I'm correct about everything I'm saying here, and frankly, I sincerely hope I'm DEAD WRONG about it all, but I honestly don't think I am wrong. The way runaway inflation has been going the past year it just feels to me like its leading up to something really nasty that none of us are going to like but which we should put our heads together to figure out how best to prepare for. I am curious to know what others living here think about these things after taking sufficient time to really ponder what it is I'm trying to call attention to. Almost seems to me as though a TRAP has been set for us, and it FEELS to me like its going to be SPRUNG on us very soon. 

The end of the government's fiscal year is September 30th. Will we experience some sort of sequel to 911 at around that time intended to trigger off martial law? Who knows, but no one can say it wouldn't happen, because theres just no way to know. But is it plausable considering that our government is clearly broke?

With one stroke of the pen Bush can sign just one Executive Order (EO 12919) which triggers off all the rest necessary to suspend the constitution and to put us under Martial Law. See

In such a scenario, the Government would have the right to order us out of our houses and they would have the right to force us to relocate to a concentration camp where they could legally make us work as slaves. How many of you LIKE that idea?

Don't you think this merits some serious discussion amongst the people in PREP and within our community on a whole? Please tell me your thoughts after you review the information I'm sending you here, because I have a lot more ADDITIONAL information I could send you but wanted to first see what your reaction is to this. Given the gravity of this situation, I think it bears keeping a very open mind. If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of what I'm saying here, please email me back or give me a call. If you miss me please leave a call back number and a good time to call.


John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom