John Hammell, 2nd from L, in Limo Campaigning for Ron Paul          Bankster Hijacking of America Can ONLY Be Stopped by RP

IAHF List: I'll get to a detailed analysis of Ron Paul's performance in yesterday's Iowa Caucus in a minute, but first please go here and take a minute to push for passage of S.2295 The Voter Confidence & Increased Accessability Act . This all important bill, which currently only has one Senate cosponsor, would require verifiable paper ballots be used in all elections to offset the enormous problem with riggable, hackable voting machines thats been so thoroughly identified by Bev Harris of in this documentary: Hacking Democracy:

Believe me, I can hear you groaning from here as you ponder the bleak implications of the situation at hand- however we CAN solve this thorny problem, IF we roll up our shirtsleeves and work as diligently as Bev Harris has been to address it.


You can do the same thing I did which was to call my County Auditor at the Court House to ask what kind of voting machines the County uses in the elections here. Upon learning that we use Sequoia machines, I reflected on information I just read on Bev Harris' site in which I learned that many problems have been identified with Sequoia machines, and in Colorado, two different models of Sequoia machines were just decertified after testing proved that they were easily hackable. (See:

I then generated an email about this to the Shirley Forslof, the County Auditor for Whatcom County, and I'm demanding answers to these questions 1) What model Sequoia voting machines is the county using? 2) What constitutes the Washington State certification process for voting machines? 3) How does Washington's voting machine certification process differ from that of Colorado where two different models of Sequoia machines were just banned following a review?

By copying my letter to Shirley to several prominent newspapers here in Washington, and by copying it to our local County Council, I created a paper trail of the sort needed to hold a bureaucrat's feet to the fire. When she didn't respond immediately to acknowledge receipt of my first email which was sent on January 1, I sent a followup email with additional info and today she did acknowledge receipt and promised to respond. I printed out that promise and saved it to the bulletin board in my office- and if I don't have a response by Wednesday of next week, I'm going to her office with a camcorder this coming Wednesday to demand answers by getting totally in her face because I will be holding a caucus at my house on Feb 9, and we have our State Primary shortly thereafter. I want to know for sure that people's VOTES here will be accurately counted.

You better do the same thing I'm doing where you live. Don't leave it to the proverbial "other guy"- do it yourself!! RIGHT NOW!!

If you don't make this effort in your own behalf, Ron Paul will have ZERO chance, and you will be able to absolutely COUNT on some Bilderberg/CFR/Globalist STOOGE being INSERTED on us CIA style- which would mean there would be ZERO chance to stop the ongoing total implosion of our economy, there would be ZERO chance to stop the North American Union, the intentional monetary collapse, the ushering in of, a formerly free country where we once enjoyed protection under the Constitution- to a TOTAL and ABSOLUTE Police State straight out of George Orwell's worst nightmares.

As things stand right now, although things do look admittedly bleak, there is at least still SOME hope. We're dangling by a thread, but that thread has not broken as evidenced by Ron Paul's impressive ongoing grass roots surge!

You will all be very happy to know that our collective anger toward Fox News for their refusal to allow Ron Paul to participate in the January 6 televised candidates forum has resulted in their stock being seriously HAMMERED:

See graph in this article: Fox News Corp Stock Takes a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul  I also contacted all of Foxes advertisers. Not all responded, but those who did, including LL Bean and a few others, attempted to absolve themselves of any responsability claiming they had "no control" over the content of Fox's news programs- that their sole criteria for purchasing advertising time was one of demographics- numbers of anticipated viewers in certain markets.

Even though I'm sure thats true, I sent them all very angry emails ANYWAY telling them we're out for BLOOD and that since Fox hasn't budged, we're extending our boycott to the advertisers. I urged them to look at the url above to see how much we'd hammered Fox's stock and urged them to DISTANCE themselves from Fox by cancelling their advertising or risk being heavily boycotted. I asked if they'd seen the movie "Gangs of New York"?

Lets hope they get the message and take action, (they will if enough pressure is put on them, and if that happens, Fox might YET relent and put RP on the air on January 6th!

Also, we need to do the same thing to CNN now because they failed to air an interview that Larry King did with RP the night before the Iowa Caucus. Seems like they just wanted to waste an hour of the good doctors time on the eve of the caucus, and maybe try to demoralize him somewhat. Either that, or perhaps the interview went "too well" for him so they decided not to air it-- judge for yourself though- please watch it on You Tube:  Notice how CNN interviewed Dr. Paul as he stood out in the freezing cold in Iowa for a whole damn hour. I don't know about you, but I'd say CNN has earned the same pole axing we just gave Fox. Lets dump their stock and nuke THEIR advertisers too? Anyone made a list of advertisers or put together a list of CNN contacts?



Ron Paul came in 5th in this caucus, just 3% behind Thompson and McCain who both finished with around 13%, so thats just 3% out of 3rd place. Dr. Paul finished with 10%, 7% ahead of Giuliani and 10% ahead of Duncan Hunter who will probably be dropping out soon, along with Tancredo. Not bad at all considering how little time and money Dr. Paul spent campaigning in Iowa. Here is a thorough analysis of the Iowa Caucus:

Iowa went fine guys. While the result was not quite as quite good as we would have liked today, there are plenty of positives to take out of Iowa and we are in a much better position than many of our competitors. Below are some positive messages we should be using when we talk about Iowa to friends, family, undecided voters and the media.

(1) Contrary to what some here believe, we did significantly outperform our polls, just as we had been saying we would do all along.

According to Real Clear Politics, we were polling at 7.3% in the last five polls taken before the caucus (on average) yet, as of writing this, we are at 9.8%, meaning that we performed more than 34% better than we polled. That is a substantial overperformance?about twice as good as anyone else in the field.

(2) Despite the fact that we put very little effort into Iowa until very late in the game and despite the fact that Ron Paul spent less time in Iowa than any other candidate (in a state where in-person campaigning is essential) and despite our shabby treatment by the mainstream media we still were just 3 points out of third place.

(3) We destroyed former front-runner Rudy Giuliani?absolutely destroyed him with almost triple his vote total?and don't be fooled?Rudy didn't compete here because he couldn't compete not because he didn't want to.

(4) The winner in Iowa, Mike Huckabee, is completely unacceptable to large portions of the Republican party from Rush Limbaugh to the National Review crowd. Iowa has a much higher percentage of evangelicals than will primaries coming forward. Huckabee ain't going to win New Hampshire and has little national organization.

(5) Meanwhile, of the other contenders, it was an unmitigated disaster for each of them. Despite spending tons of time and million of $ in Iowa Romney was crushed. And he's going to lose to McCain in New Hampshire. McCain meanwhile, did not get the bounce that he needed from this performance. He is still low on cash and though he is likely to win New Hampshire it's not obvious how he does well afterwards. Thompson's performance was likewise weak given his sole focus on Iowa and his one time front-runner status. He is going absolutely nowhere in New Hampshire. He is also totally out of money. He may drop out of the race soon. Meanwhile Giuliani was embarrassed in Iowa and is toast going forward.

(6) Exit polls suggest that we WON Independent Voters, who are the key crossover constituency that a Republican candidate is going to need to win in the gneral election.

So where does that leave us? We have a wide open race right now. We are likely to be top 3 in Wyoming and we should also do fairly well in South Carolina and Nevada, where we have spent time building our base while everyone else was in Iowa.

Virtually every other candidate is broke and with the exception of Huckabee, they won't pull in more money based on their Iowa performance. Meanwhile, we have millions in the bank and with our huge grassroots base, we can easily raise millions more. That money will matter a lot more in states that, unlike Iowa don't allow candidates to meet every voter. This is where we begin to use our finances to our advantage.

We're not going to have a clear winner going into Super Tuesday on Feb. 5th. Right now, we have a large funding base and the organization to get out our message and reach voters. Almost all our competition doesn't because they have spent all of their time and money in Iowa and New Hampshire. While it is still an uphill fight for the nomination (as it always was, eternal optimists on this forum aside) we are coming out of Iowa in a better position than we came in and we are well placed to do some real damage in the primaries going forward.

The Revolution Continues!

Where do we go from here: Ron Paul is on Bill Moyers Journal right now on PBS and I'm sure it will end up on You Tube if you missed it. We've got the New Hampshire Primary coming up in 4 days  Ron Paul has hundreds of volunteers in the Granite State including a few people from the IAHF list who've quit their jobs to go there to help canvass and man phone banks to help get out the vote. We can expect to do better in New Hampshire than we just did in Iowa. New Hampshire has the second highest percentage of citizens with broad band internet access in the nation, and that will help a lot! (Only parts of Iowa, by contrast, have Broad Band internet access, so many in Iowa haven't been able to do things like view all the You Tube videos that have been helping us grasp whats going on beyond the mainstream news spin!)

We've got a wide open field going into "Super Tuesday" (Feb 5th) when numerous States hold primaries. Here is the list of all primaries Wyoming's is tomorrow. New Hampshire's is the 8th, Michigan's is the 15th, South Carolina and Nevada are the 19th, Florida is the 29th. Maine is Feb 1, then you get to "Super Tuesday" where on Feb 5th:


Democratic primary
Democratic caucus
New Jersey
New Mexico
Democratic primary
New York
North Dakota


All hold theirs (!!) (WHEW!!!!!!) I hope you are all out there canvassing YOUR neighborhood, because your FUTURE is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!! Please go here: to order Slim Jims and other campaign materials. If you're not involved in your local Ron Paul Meetup group, PLEASE GET INVOLVED!!

Tomorrow I'm going down to Everett WA to hear talks by our local State Ron Paul campaign office about how to hold the caucus I'll be holding at my house next month, and get some tips on canvassing. They're going to give me hundreds of Slim Jims so I won't have to pay for 'em, and I and my crew are going to hold CANVASSING PARTIES in which we're going to work in SHIFTS going door to door using the list of registered voters we got from the County.

While we're not "on duty" we're going to grill up some buffalo burgers, play cards, listen to music, and otherwise ENJOY ourselves, because saving the country SHOULD be fun!

In fact, tomorrow in Everett, after attending some meetings, we're going to have a Ron Paul Concert at which several local bands will be playing and everyone will be socializing and its going to be a lot of fun!

People from across the political spectrum are lining up behind Ron Paul, recognizing that all the other candidates (Kucinich excepted) are controlled by the special interests, but Kucinich doesn't have a grass roots army behind him mainly because he doesn't have Ron Paul's grasp of economic issues, and with the dollar going into the DUMPER right now, that awareness is of paramount importance. Mike Adams of News Target is a lifelong Democrat who is voting for Ron Paul, and if you'd like to see HIS current analysis of the race- you'll find it here: Join the Ron Paul Revolution to Bring Health Freedom to America


Appreciate the time and work involved in providing you with this report? Please send IAHF a donation via paypal at or by sending a check to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281   Still waiting for me to send you that Pocket Constitution and other stuff from last year? My apologies, its on my "to do" list and I WILL get those materials out to you, I SWEAR I will, and THIS COMING WEEK too! Only reason I haven't so far is I've been snowed with no helper here.