Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make……

Nor Iron Bars…..a Cage……… Minds Innocent…….. and QUIET take……..THAT for an hermitage. (HD Thoreau)…… see EPICs warning below re RFID chips… Along With Easy Steps to MONKEYWRENCH our planned global enslavement and genocide via CODEX.

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Last night I finished reading Henry David Thoreau's book Canoeing in the Wilderness which was illustrated by my grandfather, Will Hammell. See It's a comforting book written, and illustrated by two men who both had a powerful conscious contact with our Creator and who each totally opposed the forces of darkness with every fiber of their beings. Although these men have passed on, their spirits live on the other side and they see and help us with our struggle for freedom against the Pharma Cartel and NWO today.

I urge all of you on the IAHF list to strive for balance in your lives so that you will be able to handle the psychological pressures of reading our e-alerts, and being able to ACT on our advice. Be sure to eat alkalinizing foods, and to get enough exercise so as to combat the stress of reading this information and to have the strength needed to ACT on it. This alert contains a TON of information to help you live free in an unfree world.

See this archive on the Electronic Privacy Information Center site alerting us all to the immense threat posed to our privacy by RFID chips
Under the REAL ID Act, RFID chips started being put into US passports in November 2005, and will be put into Drivers Licenses by 2008 unless we get the law amended- WHICH WE WILL!! This alert contains info on how to easily DISABLE RFID chips as well as implanted chips. We at IAHF encourage you to forward it widely.

(As you can see from the EPIC site, RFID will result in identity theft and the chips are connected to huge databases where the government intends to compile vast amounts of privacy destroying data on all of us which is why we're going to DESTROY their plans via massive acts of civil disobediance fully described below because the ruling elite KNOW RFID will result in identity theft, and they're trying to "manufacture consent" for forced injection of a microchip into our bodies- but Applied Digital Solution's VERICHIP has been HACKED, and its up to all of us to spread word of this in order to DESTROY this publicly traded company:

As you will learn, these RFID linked databases will be used to track such things as whether or not we have bent over and complied with Big Brother efforts to force vaccinations on us, whether or not we've been caught with "illegal dietary supplements" (which they're trying to ban via CODEX) and a myriad of other things intended to limit our mobility and lifespan in the planned prison planet as they seek to impose a genocide agenda on us via CODEX and related means.

Below you'll see ideas you can all use to start civil libertarian discussion groups in your area which include discussion of Codex and also related matters including the threat posed by the REAL ID Act, the North American Cooperative Security Act, etc. You'll benefit from my experience as I have already started a discussion group in my area to educate people on these matters and you can easily emulate what I'm doing by using the IAHF Education Kit (see below)

Along with the IAHF Education kit, an additional powerful tool which IAHF is using locally and which you can use in your area to AWAKEN sleeping people is Greg Sarwa's powerful new book THE CATTLE You won't be able to put this book down! It's a real page turner, and LOOK at the REAL LIFE section of Sarwa's website which his book calls attention to:

Here you will find links to freedom killing legislation which we can and must address: the (so called) "Patriot Act" to "Real ID Act" and others.

I am in touch with Sarwa, and will soon be selling his book to raise funds for IAHF to help us do our health freedom work- but go ahead and order a copy directly from him and please tell more people about it!

Lessons We Can Learn From Greased Watermelon Contests & IAHF's Civil Libertarian Discussion Group in Point Roberts to MONKEYWRENCH the planned global plantation

Right now all of us in America, Canada, and the world are canoeing in the wilderness. The complex expanse that we're seeking to traverse with its many mine fields, traps, and question marks is a planned "New World Order".

This planned total enslavement of the human population of our planet by the few- can and MUST be stopped, and together, as a group, we have been finding ways to slow as well as to stop it.

It gives me COMFORT to know that the RFID chips which the REAL ID Act started requiring US Passports to contain (and Drivers licenses by 2008) can be very EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY ZAPPED (TOTALLY DISABLED) using a simple $17 stun gun (Taser) which you can buy off the web: If you live in a state where its not legal to buy one of these (see list ) you can have it shipped to a friend or relative in another state and have it relayed to you, or if a neighboring state is legal, you can rent a "Mailboxes etc" mailbox and use that as a mail drop.


If you don't, it will connect to a huge database which the government is compiling on all of us for the purpose of creating no fly and no travel lists. They want to be able to tell if you've had your force vaccinations, they want to see if you've been checking out too many books on a "suspect" list from the library, they want to monitor you in every way imaginable and if we DON'T engage in MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE and put our feet down en masse and just say NO to this planned Orwellian intrusion, we will find ourselves living in a VERY different world from the one we WANT to live in where we'd still have PRIVACY.

Another good reason to disable these RFID chips is that unless we do so, the technology WILL result in identity theft. The ruling elite REALIZE this and WANT it to result in identity theft because that will manufacture consent for the microchipping of our bodies.

(If they ever do get to that point DESPITE our best efforts, you should get a Bob Beck Pulser NOW so as to be able to disable an implanted microchip:


I urge all of you to join Freedom Force International (I did over a year ago) and spend a few hours (or even days) perusing Ed Griffin's tremendous website.

Ed is a good friend of mine. I have immense respect for his skills as an investigative journalist and we share a similar libertarian anti regulatory philosophy. Ed has written numerous well written books including The Creature from Jekyll Island- Secrets of the Federal Reserve , A World Without Cancer (about the suppression of Laetrile) and many others.

By joining Freedom Force, you'll get Ed's e-alerts which have a collection of unfiltered news reports culled from a variety of sources that will help you to see past the mainstream news spin just as I do.

You'll have access to useful books which he sells such as RULES FOR RADICALS by Saul Alinsky which will help you become a better organizor so you can be more successful in holding the sort of civil libertarian discussion group that I am holding locally where I'm showing the film We Become Silent and am giving talks on civil libertarian issues so as to motivate those around me to help spread the word as to why we must kill the North American Cooperative Security Act and take other steps to monkeywrench the N-W-O's control mechanism.

GREASED WATERMELON CONTEST---- (What We're In Right Now on a Global Scale)

Let me digress from this true story for a moment to tell you about something called a Greased Watermelon Contest. You need to know what this is in order to fully see the game our would be overseers are playing, because its subtle, and easily misunderstood without a frame of reference that's easier to see.

If you can understand this analogy, you'll be better able to defend your access to dietary supplements which are in the crosshairs of CODEX, but you'll also be able to best defend all of our OTHER most cherished liberties as well.

In a greased watermelon contest, a watermelon is covered in slippery white lard. When you then toss the larded up watermelon into a pond, its more slippery than an EEL coated with Astroglide.

The watermelon is put in the middle of the pond, a whistle is blown, and a group of kids from either side of the pond, (shirts and skins to tell 'em apart) converge on the melon and try to get it to their side of the pond. Whoever wins, gets to eat the watermelon, and make the other kids their slaves for the rest of the day, forcing them to cook, clean, dig a new latrine, whatever is needed- kinda like the way the N-W-O is attempting to lord it over all of us right now.

Since its legal in a greased watermelon contest to jump on top of whoever has the watermelon and to drive him under threatening to drown him til he lets go of it, the way you WIN such a contest is when it pops up in a melee, you subtly push it down to your FEET and you HOLD it underwater with your feet while PRETENDING to be looking for it.

Everyone is trying to figure out where it went, and you ever so slowly INCH AWAY from the crowd til you have enough of a LEAD that you can safely let the melon pop to the surface, whereupon you push it ahead of yourself while you swim like crazy to try to get to shore before anyone can catch you, dunk you, and get it away from you!


The N-W-O is attempting to DESTROY all nations on earth in order to force us into a global totalitarian prison planet. They're holding the greased watermelon underwater while trying to inch away from us all….. but its not going to work because they won't get a big enough lead due to your forwarding this e-alert massively to everyone you know.

The EU Dictatorship is serving as their BLUEPRINT.

Via the NAFTA, CAFTA, NACSA (which we're going to drive a stake thru) the Trans Texas Corridor (which we're going to drive a stake thru), the Trilateral Cooperation Charter (which we're exposing), via the civil libertarian discussion groups which IAHF is catalyzing nation wide- we're going to assist Kevin Miller to make an updated, expanded version of the health freedom DVD film "We Become Silent" so as to alert the masses to these threats, so that our campaign will accelerate with WARP SPEED and catch our would be overseers with their pants down.

WHAT YOU CAN DO and how you CAN HELP !!!

1) IAHF needs donations to a) get to Expo West vitamin trade show in Anaheim CA March 23- 26, and b) to rent the 2 BR living room suite that we rented last year where we held pivotal meetings of activists and where Kevin Miller filmed most of "We Become Silent" Your donations have covered our travel costs, but we still need help raising the $1100. necessary to rent the suite. It is IMPERATIVE that you help us make the expanded, updated version of "We Become Silent" ( ) because:

A) We must alert people to the immense threat posed by NACSA (North American Cooperative Security Act) to destroy the USA and to force us into the planned North American Union with Canada and Mexico. This would obliterate DSHEA and force harmonization to CODEX. It would BLOCK our access to life giving nutrients: to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range and to the most innovative supplements on the market today.
B) We must alert people to the threat posed by the Trans Texas Corridor, the infrastructure project intended to link Canada, the US and Mexico much as the Chunnel links England with France. This mega highway/ rail system was corruptly shoved through the Texas legislature via unanimous vote by criminals who must and will be driven from office. This evil project isn't even being BUILT by American labor, the multinational corporate interests who are trying to force it on the American people have been importing laborors from SPAIN to build it. This is an OUTRAGE that must and WILL be stopped and you CAN HELP by donating to IAHF.
C) We must alert people to the FDA's evil Trilateral Cooperation Charter wherein we see the FLAGS of Canada, the US and Mexico displayed on the FDA's website as these genocidal killers are arrogantly acting as if the North American Union has already been forced on us as they move to harmonize their regulations with Canada and Mexico. We must catalyze Congressional oversight of FDA's illegal actions.


$50. Donation brings you:
A) We Become Silent- Hard hitting DVD documentary film narrated by Dame Judi Dench introduces the CODEX vitamin issue, and the need to stop regional harmonization in order to stop CODEX from coming here.

We have no power to stop Codex AT Codex- it's a totally rigged game, but we CAN stop if from coming here by defending Canadian and US Sovereignty to stop the planned North American Union.

B) One Hour Audio Cassette of John Hammell speaking before the Pennsylvania Natural Living Assn Conference on Codex and related issues last summer

C)Special Anti Codex Issue of the Crusador Magazine with interviews of John Hammell and key allies in this battle by Greg Ciola. (You can get extra copies of this magazine for just the price of postage from Greg Ciola to hand out at your meeting.)

D) Current Update Letter from IAHF re CODEX/ NACSA and related issues

John Hammell stands ready to assist anyone who organizes a meeting by speaking at your meeting via speakerphone, in person (with your help for traveling expenses) or by spending enough time with you on the phone to educate you so you can run the meeting completely on your own without our direct participation. Call me at 800-333-2553 N.America

Additional Donations beyond the $50 are obviously badly needed to assist with travel expenses to meetings across the USA and Canada and for travel to DC for lobbying purposes.

Donations can be sent to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
Or made via paypal at (paypal button located on the top of the scrollbar on the interior of the site, click on the white rectangle to enter the site)

If you need helping to alkalinize your body to improve your health (the better to fight the N-W-O and Codex, IAHF is also selling copies of Gary Tunsky's book "The Battle for Health is Over Ph" ($10.) and we get commission's of $120. for each water ionizer sold via Stanley Arcieri- for details scroll to the end of this mssg re the water ionizer:

Questions? Call 800-333-2553 (N.America) or 360-945-0352 World If you miss me please leave your phone # and best time to call back. TOGETHER we WILL DEFEAT the New World Order.

Please forward this message widely, and encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF list. Be sure to delete the unsub link from the bottom of the mssg before forwarding so that someone you send it to does not click on it which would unsub YOU!