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We did it! This morning we killed Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants by killing Bush's Senate Immigration bill by a vote of 53 opposed to just 46 for the measure, (they were14 votes short of the 60 necessary to end debate.)

This is VERY GOOD NEWS for everyone desiring to defend America from its planned deconstruction, and it will make it HARDER for the ruling elite to destroy our health freedom as the AWARENESS keeps building regarding the importance of defending our sovereignty in part to stop related measures such as the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico (via which FDA intends to usher restrictive Codex vitamin restrictions into the USA by first working to bring in a dictatorial North American Union. See Petition:

Due to massive grass roots pressure stemming from such web based pressure groups as NUMBERS USA, 18 Senators switched their votes from "yes" to "no" between tuesday and today, much to the chagrin of the Rockef_ckers and the other ruling elite pond scum who seek to enslave us by stripping us of the last vestiges of the freedoms enshrined in the American Bill of Rights.


There are no countries in the world that share a vast border that is more dissimilar than the US/ Mexico border. To have an open border between two countries with starkly different economies, languages, cultures and value systems is to invite chaos. Yes, there are 15-20 Million illegal Mexican aliens in the USA today, but that is merely a SYMPTOM of the root problem:

Mexico has a history of corruption in government. Its laws are under siege by powerful and well armed criminal gangs. Of the 4,890 soldiers assigned by the Federal Police to help combat drug traffickers in Mexico during the 2000-2006 Administration of Vicente Fox, all but 10 deserted due to fear, according to Idalia Gomez, an investigative journalist citing Defense Secretariat figures.

If we had not killed this legislation, the floodgates would have been opened for even MORE widespread illegal immigration which threatens as it is to destroy this country and to make it much easier to usher in the planned North American Union Dictatorship, but as things stand now, we have a CHANCE to build on this success to continue awakening people to what is going on so that in the end we can DERAIL the ENTIRE New World Order population control/ Societal control agenda- an agenda that goes FAR DEEPER than this issue of Immigration alone.

If we HAD NOT killed this legislation, the resulting rise in crime rates would have made it MUCH EASIER for the ruling elite to FORCE such liberty destroying police state measures as injected microchips through on us- an incremental progression of increased use of biometric identifiers has been in motion since the pondscum foisted off the 911 Psyop. (See 911 Mysteries  but for EVERY ACTION there is an EXACT AND OPPOSITE REACTION!  The long range goal of the ruling elite is to impose electronic mind control on the population via implanted chips and directed energy via microwave irradiation:


Ever since his acquittal at Chappaquiddick years ago Senator Ted Kennedy has been owned lock, stock and barrel by the Rocke_uckers and they use him to do a lot of their dirty work against us. CNN reports today that after being defeated, Kennedy had this to say: "You cannot stop the march for progress in the United States," he said. "And on this issue, I have every hope and every expectation that we'll be ultimately successful."

Well I have news for KENNEDY: He's WRONG, and here is WHY he'll ultimately be proved WRONG:

As the truth keeps coming on regarding the ruling elite's plans to enslave us, the 100th Monkey Syndrome keeps kicking in, and MORE AND MORE AMERICANS are WAKING UP to the ruling elite's plans for TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT. As people keep seeing how this JIGSAW PUZZLE is being put together behind our backs, MORE AND MORE are waking up and taking action intended to STOP it!

Last weekend there was a HUGE 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT CONFERENCE in Vancouver, BC Canada for example:  A huge number of highly acclaimed speakers from the USA and Canada shed the bright light of TRUTH on 911, and GLOBALIZATION which it was clearly intended to foster. The BRAKES have been put on the runaway train, and the HARDER the pondscum try to push us down this SLIPPERY SLOPE, the HARDER we're just going to keep APPLYING the brakes!


Iraq never posed any threat to America, but Mexico is waging a WAR against us right NOW! See

Under the euphuism 'Hispanic Homeland' and 'Nation of Aztlan,' activists from numerous organizations including Mexican American Legal Defense and La Raza (The Race) activists are attempting to annex large portions of SW United States to Mexico.  "Republica del Norte," the Republic of the North, which would include the present U.S. states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, plus southern Colorado, along with several current Mexican states, is "an inevitability" says Charles Truxillo, professor, University of New Mexico.  He further states the new "Hispanic Homeland" should be brought into being "by any means necessary."

The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), and the National Immigration Forum (NIF) whose names imply  grassroots organizations reflecting the will of American Hispanics, do not represent mainstream American Hispanic opinion.   Rather, they speak only in their own best interests, favoring the mass immigration that gives them more constituents they can then profess to represent.   Polls show that Hispanic-Americans, like all Americans, support stronger enforcement of our immigration laws.

A 'Hispanic Homeland' could be written off as the work of extremists were it not for wide-spread support by Mexicans.  A June 2002 Zogby poll of Mexicans found that a substantial majority of Mexican citizens believe that southwestern America is rightfully the territory of Mexico and that Mexicans do not need the permission of the U.S. to enter.  The poll found that 58 percent of Mexicans agree with the statement, "The territory of the United States' southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico." Zogby said 28 percent disagreed, while another 14 percent said they weren't sure.


1. Close the Border with Mexico,

2. Locate and Deport Illegal Aliens with Criminal Records and Deport them.

3. Vote all members of Congress Who Supported Amnesty for Illegal Aliens out of Office to Send a Strong Mssg to the Rockef_ckers.

4. Push with RENEWED VIGOR for Congressional Oversight regarding FDA's Illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico


We must ALSO rally against a


I'll be having a LOT more to say about this soon, but wanted to lead into it gently by first informing you of this VICTORY! We must SAVOR this victory, and keep our batteries charged up for ongoing BATTLES because we're not out of the woods yet!

FDA intends to destroy numerous small vitamin companies using newly written Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations that they were given the right to create by passage of DSHEA 14 years ago. They flat out declare their intentions in so many words within their 800 page new rule, but we've already got plans that we'll be outlining soon on how to fight back against his.

Also, soon we expect to have an amendment to S.1082 and its House Companion bill introduced, and we'll need help to get it put into the House bill which doesn't yet have a number. More on that soon too, so please stay tuned!