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IAHF List: I'll be on http://www.mysteriesofthemind.com/ tomorrow Tuesday May 24th from 6:30-8:30 PM (Pacific Time) as the guest of Alex Merklinger, whose show is listened to by people in more than 65 countries. I've listened to Alex, and he's a great host, very skilled at interviewing people on a host of complex issues. He'll be well prepared to interview me tomorrow on the Codex vitamin issue, so please forward this to your friends to urge them to tune in.

The show will be ARCHIVED at http://www.mysteriesofthemind.com/Archives/2005/archives200504.htm


6:30-8:30 Pacific Time
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9:30- 11:30 Eastern Time
2:30 am- 4:30 am UK Time
3:30 am- 5:30 am European Time

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When you go on his site, scroll all the way down to the link you will need to click on in order to listen live.

We'll be discussing the Codex vitamin issue to help Americans, Canadians, and people world wide to understand the issue clearly and to learn how to fight back.

I'd especially like to encourage network marketers to tune in who are working for either CRN member companies such as Mannatech, Shaklee, Herbalife, Nu Skin, GNLD and also Direct Selling Assn member companies that aren't members of CRN but are being influenced (negatively) by this Pharma Dominated vitamin trade association which is actively misleading them vis a vis the Codex vitamin issue.


Today I was confronted by a Mannatech distributor who objected to the mssg I sent out to the IAHF list yesterday (see https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+334

This distributor told me that "By attacking Mannatech, I am doing the same thing as Codex" etc, and that he was trying to help me to "tone it down" so that Mannatech distributors would be able to hear me" etc.

The problem is, this distributor had nothing to say about my substantive POINTS which were included in the Point by Point REBUTTAL I made to a statement of Mannatech CEO Sam Caster's as made on a recent Mannatech "Leadership Call".

I would like to make very clear that I am not attempting to hurt the business of any Mannatech or other MLM distributor, I am trying to HELP these people to TAKE ACTION against the FRONT OFFICES of their companies because people like CASTER are badly MISLEADING them on this codex vitamin issue. If you want to get ANGRY at someone, don't shoot me, I'm only the MESSENGER.

Its not MY fault that Mannatech and the other vitamin company members of CRN have made the collosal MISTAKE of trusting a trade association whose members include Bayer, BASF, Wyeth, Monsanto, Pfizer and Cargill, but I have no CHOICE but to EXPOSE this because CRN and all the OTHER vitamin trade associations are leading the entire supplement INDUSTRY to the cliff.

One point this person who contacted me today tried to make indicated to me that he is unable to make a distinction between the GMP issue, and the Codex issue, and that Sam Caster of Mannatech is skillfully attempting to BLUR these issues together so as to CON his distributors into accepting CRN's spin.

To paraphrase Caster:

"Yes, changes are coming, but they're welcome. The new GMP regs the FDA will be coming out with are going to drive a slew of bad actors under, leaving us still standing with far more business. The level playing field these new regs will usher in will help our business immeasurably."

This is undoubtedly a true statement as far as Mannatech is concerned, however the PROBLEM arises when Caster fails to DISTINGUISH between the purely DOMESTIC issue of new Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, and CODEX- which is an INTERNATIONAL issue with huge DOMESTIC implications.....

Once again- please read yesterdays' mssg-

And help get this ACTION ALERT around to more people.... IAHF needs donations for an upcoming lobbying trip to DC- Please help, address below....

US Dietary Supplement Laws Threatened By Globalization!!

Consumer access to dietary supplements in the USA is being threatened by illegal FDA actions at the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission where the FDA has been working hard to create a mindlessly restrictive global trade standard for vitamins and minerals.

At the 28th General Session of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission between July 4-9th 2005, barring a miracle, a very restrictive global trade standard for vitamins and minerals will be ratified. Codex standards can be imposed on the USA via membership in the WTO and via regional harmonization through an expansion of NAFTA via CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas).

These trade agreements threaten to force the USA into a hemispheric equivalent to the European Union.


In the UK, despite over a million signatures on petitions gathered in British health food stores opposing harmonization of UK vitamin law to a mindlessly restrictive EU Food Supplement Directive, the UK government told consumers "we don't care HOW MANY signatures you get on your petition, the UK is a member of the EU, and we're harmonizing to EU law, whether you like it or not!!!"

The SAME THING will happen in the US (and Canada) unless we KILL CAFTA which is scheduled for a FAST TRACK VOTE in MAY. CAFTA would plunge us down the slippery slope to the FTAA which threatens to harmonize (make the same) all laws from the Artic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego.

More than just our dietary supplement laws are being threatened here. CAFTA and FTAA threaten the destruction of thousands of American jobs as they'd be outsourced to the third world where there is much cheaper labor just as happened via NAFTA, only this would be MUCH WORSE.

CAFTA/FTAA threaten to totally DESTROY our country, this is a direct attack on our sovereignty, but we CAN STOP IT!!


Send the form letter against CAFTA to your Senators and Congressmen from these two websites:
http://www.stoptheftaa.org/ and http://www.citizen.org/trade/cafta/

You can learn much more about this threat at both of these sites, which between them cover the whole political spectrum. To learn more about the Codex vitamin issue per se, visit http://www.iahf.com where you can also sign up for the email distribution list to learn more about this issue and how to fight back.

Also see this article: Who Says Whatever Happens at Codex Doesn't Affect US Law and Why Do They Say It? http://www.thelawloft.com/Freedom/050125_us_law.htm

Info courtesy John C. Hammell, Legislative Advocate,
President, International Advocates for Health Freedom http://www.iahf.com
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