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Just when we thought things couldn't get any more insane or evil with the mindless regime of Dictator George W. Bush, we're now confronted with the shadow government that jerks his chain wanting us to turn over US Port Security to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates, a country that has protected terrorists and which has openly supported the Taliban. Please go here: to oppose this obvious insanity: http://www.nocrony.com/port_security.php


Yesterday I held a civil libertarian discussion group at which I showed our anti Codex documentary film "We Become Silent" as part of a meeting at which many civil libertarian issues were discussed by a group of us here who refuse to be enslaved or genocided by the New World Order.

One of the participants was a native american elder who has heavily practiced remote viewing and astral travel for years. Scoff if you want to, but many native americans have long held impressive psychic abilities- its been part of their culture to develop such skills for generations- its helped them in hunting game in the woods, with locating herbs for medicinal purposes, in sheer survival- and in the native Long Houses of the Pacific NW, this culture lives on today. This man who came to my meeting last night remote viewed 911 two years before it happened and supplied me with evidence that he'd done this.

He sincerely hopes he is incorrect, but he is currently predicting a sequel to 911 to come in the form of weapons grade anthrax sprayed on several major US cities within the coming year via attackers using unregistered ultra light aircraft that you don't even need a pilots license to fly. What he remote viewed was this weapons grade anthrax entering the country via ordinary shipping containers which are offloaded every day in US Ports from ships by the thousands.

This news of our Port facilities being handed over to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates causes me to feel concerned enough about this that I am writing this to you at 4 am because I can't sleep, and it takes a LOT to do that to me, so please forward this widely and please take the time to call your senators and congressmen after you send the form letter at http://www.nocrony.com/port_security.php


Your donations are helping IAHF with our plans to attend Expo West vitamin trade show in Anaheim CA at the end of March where we will be working with Kevin Miller to assist in the creation of an expanded, updated version of We Become Silent http://www.welltv.com We could still use additional donations for expenses for this trip and also to be better able to take our show on the road, and to Washington DC where we must lobby against the legislation intended to destroy America and to force us into a planned North American Union via which our dietary supplement laws would be harmonized to genocidal UN Codex "guidelines".

We have sent many Education Kits out to facilitate the holding of meetings JUST LIKE the ones which IAHF is holding here. We MUST hold these meetings to raise the consciousness of those around us so that they too can help spread our grass roots message. I am happy to speak at any meeting you organize via speakerphone, or alternatively to work with any of you via phone (800-333-2553) to assist you so that you can run these meetings yourselves. I have been helping a growing number of you to get up to speed sufficiently that you can educate others, so please don't hesitate to call me for this purpose and if you miss me, please call me back. The IAHF Education Kit contains the DVD "WE Become Silent", our hour long audio cassette of a talk I did last summer in Pennsylvania on Codex, this special anti Codex issue of the Crusador magazine http://www.healthliesexposed.com/pages/codex_news.shtml, an IAHF bumper sticker to get more traffic to the site so more people can get these alerts, and a 2 page up to date action alert to simplify what must be done NOW to fight back!!


Is the intention of the ruling elite to use Codex to block our access to dietary supplements so our immune systems won't be able to handle the onslaught of chemtrails they're spraying on us now, or biowar they could easily launch on us via the scenario described above?
Many alternative MDs on the IAHF list are certain that this is the reality we face right NOW, and I have had many of them call me feeling badly shaken by this realization. They call me asking what I think they should do, and I urge them to motivate their patients to join the IAHF list and to help us in our grass roots efforts to awaken still more people!!

Just last week, before I had to split for a couple days to clear my mind and to ponder what to tell you all someone on the IAHF list in Florida wrote to tell me the things he's doing to protect himself from the chemtrail assault they're under down there. He urged me to call all of your attention to this documentary film of Clifford Carnicom's about the Chemtrail assault we're all experiencing right now which has many suffering from severe upper respiratory infections and breathing problems that are challenging to treat: http://this-must-stop.com/aerosol_crimes_first_edition.wmv

Carnicom http://www.carnicom.com/ has documented huge and noteworthy governmental visitation to his website. In his documentary he has interviewed a Naturopath in New Mexico (which has been hit hard by chemtrails) named Gwen Scott who had a previous career as a journalist where she worked for all the TV networks at different times developing high level contacts at ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. Upon experiencing the chemtrails first hand and helping treat numerous patients for recurring upper respiratory infections, Scott developed a nutritional protocol to address the many serious health problems caused by exposure to these toxic sprays which include barium, aluminum oxide and mycoplasma (like what caused Gulf War illness). Scott tried VERY HARD to awaken all the networks in the hope they'd air this story, but despite some serious initial interest by high level executives, the story was KILLED.

My friend Dr. Len Horowitz wanted to publish a book about the Codex international threat to health freedom a few years ago that he wanted me to write, but I declined because I felt it was more important to remain on the front lines running IAHF and keeping you informed so you could take action to protect yourselves.

Horowitz has written several books that I urge you to read, but right now the most pertinent of these is his book DEATH IN THE AIR: GLOBALISM- TERRORISM & TOXIC WARFARE http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0923550305/104-8460526-1206342?v=glance&n=283155

While I realize all of this is quite horrific, we CAN and MUST continue to fight back, and right now, I want all of you to go to this SITE: http://www.nocrony.com/port_security.php to oppose handing our Port Security over to the control of a middle eastern country.

I also hope more of you will join me by holding your OWN civil libertarian discussion groups in YOUR TOWN!! Its not hard to do, and its FUN! You will feel better if you do this. You will sleep better. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you aren't just TAKING any of this genocide laying down. You will feel GOOD knowing that you're not just allowing yourself to be herded to the cliff by our would be overseers.

If you appreciate my efforts, please let me know it with a donation to IAHF which can help us do the travel needed to awaken more people on these issues. Donations can be made via http://www.iahf.com thru paypal. The paypal button is located on the top of the scrollbar once you enter the site which you do by clicking on the front page.

Donations can also be sent to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA Many thanks to those of you who have ordered the IAHF Education Kit. Now I need you to grab it off that shelf in your living room and call a bunch of neighbors and friends so you can get them involved too!

Please urge more people to sign on to the IAHF list at http://www.iahf.com and remember folks---- there is SAFETY in numbers. We CAN and WILL CONTINUE to fight this evil, and when HELL freezes over, we will fight on ICE. As a former hockey player I take pleasure in kicking ass, and by the time we're done with the NWO, they're gonna look like a jigsaw puzzle with more than just a couple pieces gone, so PLEASE do what you can to awaken more people and please call me if you need my help in any way. If you miss me at 800-333-2553 (N.America) I WILL call you back if you leave a number.