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On Second Thought -
Spring Is Official as of 1:14 AM-20th of March

I may stand guard and celebrate!

Paying very close attention to nature's workings today--this is what I concluded….the soil has plenty of moisture, plenty of earthworms, and is ready to spring forth and produce.

The garlic bed is 100% sprouted and growing very fast, some are 7” tall. It will mature in mid-summer and be ready for harvest within two weeks after.

Garlic is a Companion plant--it will keep insects off your eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and tomatoes. It also keeps aphids and Japanese beetles off your roses.

Tip…do not plant it near your beans and peas…it will inhibit their growth.

Baby Garlics

Do You Know The Benefits of Garlic?

Two fresh crushed cloves daily with bread and butter or in mashed potatoes-provides an effective antiviral during flu and cold season. It is also helpful in the diet to lower high blood pressure, and for cleaning up bad cholesterol and circulation issues.

(Now the law says I must tell you…if you’re suffering from any of these issues…please see your health care provider. Oh…and ask if this might be right for you. Sorry, I get a little ticked each time I type this.)

A Favorite Recipe

As many cloves as needed (garlic)
High grade olive oil for drizzling
Sage Hill Farms Cajun seasoning
Sea salt (not table salt)
½ cup coarsely chopped pine nuts

Clean and arrange the garlic on a greased oven-proof glass baking dish

Drizzle with olive oil
Sprinkle with Cajun seasoning and salt
Pine-nuts are optional…yummy!

Roast about 15 to 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 375* You want it just very lightly browned…too long and it will taste bitter

New Plants at Sage Hill Farms~

There are two I’ve been very interested in knowing more about…one is the Harlequin Glory Bower (also called a Chance tree) --the photo at the top of my Timeline Facebook page.!/bea.kunz

This little tree has such a history to be so little sought after.

Its native range is China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippine’s.
It’s on permanent display in the arboretum at the University/Copenhagen at Horsholm.

It was introduced into cultivation around 1800-it was described in the 1916 Danish book on trees and bushes and was sold by the famous Danish nurseryman Aksel Olsen as early as comes from the verbenaceae (verbena or vervain) family.

Flowers in August and September-attracts hundreds of butterflies, they seem to just live in the tree for months.

It does put forth a few new babies on a regular basis-coming from the root of the mother plant and contained very close in to the base of the tree. We have had no problem keeping them at bay…pull and share or simply cut them down.

Our tree is now 2 years old and is about 6 feet tall with at least the same spread.

The other new plant is a shrub….Pink Forsythia…most everyone is familiar with the yellow…of which we have many, the pink is totally new to us and I’m so anxious to see what it produces this season…it was planted last season.

White Sage is an herb plant we are still working to master, a well known and much used medicinal herb far back into the centuries of old.

Something new every day as spring unfolds.

Happy gardening from Sage Hill~

To my local readers…the spring onions and lettuces are looking great-stay tuned!

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